How to refinish your cutting board.

If you have a cutting board it will eventually begin to show it’s age and wear over time.  Dings, cut marks and drying out are very common and it will become necessary to refinish and restore it.
The first thing to do is sand it.  If your board has deep cut marks you may want to use a stronger grit paper such as 50 or 100.  Then finish with a 250 grit to smooth it down.
Wipe it down with a clean microfiber rag.
I’ve used several different brands of cutting board oils in the past.  I like this one that doesn’t have any strong fumes or odor.  Make sure it is a food grade mineral oil.
I pour it directly on to my board then rub it in with a dry, soft cloth.  With this brand I can re-coat after 20 minutes and I usually apply 3-4 coats.  Read the directions of the product you are using for re-coating directions.
  Good as new and ready for use!

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  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of this… what a great idea. Checkout my winter weather playlist!

    A Pop of Style

  2. Great post! I’ve been thinking about getting a wooden cutting board, but I was unsure about upkeep. Thanks for sharing – I’ll be sure to refer to your post if I do get one!

  3. Love it! I just bought a wood cutting board from Ikea and was worried about it holding up!! This will come in handy!!!

  4. Great post, any tips on getting it straight again? My slab is bent like a ballerinas back!! lol

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