How to dry shoes in the dryer + for sale.

No matter how many times you tell them, kids just can’t resist walking in knee-deep snow.
Then it takes forever for shoes to dry once they’ve gotten wet.
Instead of putting them in the dryer to clunk around here’s what I do…
Thanks to everyone for helping me clean out my basement by buying my stuff! 
I had great success selling almost everything.  Still have a chandelier and a few school chairs left.
I was planning on keeping these vintage, green chairs but I’ve got momentum and decided to let them go (I am however, keeping two of them).
4 available, $25.00 each.
smhinckley at yahoo dot com.
I think they look fab as-is but you could reupholster them…



  1. Shoes dryer thing is pure genius. You are amazing.

  2. i loooooove these chairs!!! wish i didnt leave so far away!!!

  3. NEED.THOSE.CHAIRS. any chance you’re coming to Eastern Washington anytime soon? :)

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  7. Such a brilliant idea!!! I’m going to go home and wash a couple pair of shoes now!!!!

  8. I’m so sad I found your blog a few weeks to late!!! I WANT these chairs! I have totally been searching for a pair like this!

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