Horn tootin’.

Ever seen this show?Steven and Chris have a talk show in Canada that focuses on design, style, health, celebrities, etc. I wish they still had some sort of tv presence in the states. Years ago I was completely taken by this crazy duo when they first debuted their show, “Designer Guys” which is sadly no longer.

Yesterday I received a personal invite to a live taping of the Steven and Chris show in Canada as well as luncheon to follow. Can you say, “YIPEE”?! I’ve already got a vacation planned so I’m still trying to see if I can swing it. BOO. I’m working on it Steven and Chris!


  1. I recall seeing a few episodes of that series, didn’t they often disagree, strongly, on design choices for a redo? If I remember correctly…was actually one of the best parts of this show, which was certainly fun! Janell

  2. This show is on everyday in Canada! Its pretty popular..I watch it when I’m home sick. If only they didn’t put all the good shows on during the workday!

  3. I love these two and am proud that they are Canadian! They are hilarious and I catch their show whenever I can. My aunt worked with their production company and for a wedding gift Chris and Steven sent me an autographed photo and book! So sweet!

  4. You lucky duck! And if you end up coming over, let me know!

  5. How fun! As a audience member or do they want to feature something in your house?

  6. I got one too , I am going …so excited

  7. I love them! They’re awesome and funny :) I’m extremely jealous of you!

  8. Yes… we Canadian girls love Steven & Chris! That’s so great! I want to go too!!!

  9. oh wow congrats! hope you can make it!

  10. That is going to be a fun time! How exciting for you. I have never seen the show, does it run in the US?

  11. Loved them as the Designer Guys and So Chic (fashion makeover show they did as well). Steven is from right down the highway from me, I have loved watching his career blossom. I don’t see their new show as much as I’d like but I miss their disagreements on camera….too funny. Have a great time if you can squeeze it in!

  12. wow that is super awesome! go you!! :) Hope something works out because I am sure that would be amazing!!

  13. I’m a Canadian girl who LOVES Steven and Chris and tries to catch it everyday! Congrats on the invite would love to see you on the show, hopefully it all works out!

  14. Hope I will see you there :) Steven & Chris are so fun and friendly. Its going to be a great show.

  15. Wow, that’s so exciting! I hope you can make it!

  16. Shut UP!!!! I LOVED them. I would try and be home for the Designer Guys (before DVR) way back when. Hmmm…I miss them. Canada has soooo many design gems.

  17. Awesome for you! : )

  18. Oh I hope you get to go!

  19. I do recall this show. Congratulations Michelle. I’m still waiting for you to announce that you’re getting your own show or a segment on one of your local morning show.

  20. That’s awesome Michelle! I’m excited for you. Such a famous lady you are becoming!

  21. I remember! That is so exciting! Lucky girl! Have a fun trip! Hope you can swing it – I can’t wait to hear about it!


  22. Anonymous says:

    I also love their show & the fact that their from Canada… Hope to see you on my TV soon!

  23. Lots of cable providers have a BC channel, they are one there! Check your ODD/off channels, you might have it! I found them on just a couple of weeks ago.

  24. How fun for you!! I have never seen it but have heard great things. Hope all is well with you!!

  25. I vaguely remember a show called Designer Guys in the USA, but I don’t think it was these guys. I do remember that I liked the show though. Hope you get to get there in person.

    Also, congrats on the new addition.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Weren’t they on Design Rivals not Designer Guys? I think Designer Guys was three men not two.

  27. I loved that show. When I was laid off the first time, I watched their show every day and based several DIY projects on their recommendations. And it didn’t help that I thought the taller of the two was a cutie!

    Matter of fact, speaking of DIY, I just finally took down and recycled one of their DIY projects.

  28. I’m from Canada and I love this show. Yes-sad that Designer Guys is no longer!
    PS-LOVE this blog!!

  29. To Anonymous on Oct. 7 – Steven and Chris were the original Designer Guys(and the best). After that it became the show with 3 guys.

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