Homemade playdough.

We play with playdough a lot…
Like every-single-day lot.
It’s just one of the activities that never gets old.
After my one year old started making a habit of trying to eat the playdough I started making my own.

You’re gonna want to pin this one!


Mix dry ingredients then add water and oil in to a big pot. Stir constantly over medium heat.
You can also add food coloring to make it even more fun (but I hate it when I find red playdough in my carpet).




When it looks about like this take it out of the pot and begin to knead.  Don’t over cook or it will be too dry.


That’s it!  Pretty simple.


Playdough recipe

This recipe makes A LOT of playdough.  You could half the recipe and have more than enough.

Recipe found here.


  1. I have to try this! My boys and I love it:) THX for thi post!

  2. My mom used to make peanut butter play doh…I’m not sure what the recipe is, but it was also edible. :)

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