Holiday Dinner Party.

Yesterday I told you about the beautiful hydrangeas I received from Flower Muse (here)…
Well they inspired me to throw a holiday dinner party.


The legos got stashed, kids went out with grandparents, and the Mr. and I got dressed up in our finest duds.

Deck the table with white, gold and black.

And lots of candle light.

This was a party with adults,

and adult conversation (that still managed to center around kids),

Food was savored rather than inhaled.

There was no spilled milk at the table.

And the napkins actually went on laps rather than tucked in the collar of shirts.

Great food, great company, great evening.


  1. What great ideas. I never thought to use wrapping paper as a table runner. I love the ornaments, the party favors and the one decorating the table. Also, great color palette. There is nothing better then planning and hosting an adult dinner party once and awhile.

  2. So pretty Michelle! Black and gold have been my go to colors this holiday. So funny, I just bought those coasters to use on my bar cart! Merry Christmas! xo Kristin

  3. Beautiful table setting! My husband and I are due with our first in two weeks, so we still don’t appreciate the contrast between adult-only gatherings vs kid-adult gatherings… but I’m sure we’ll be longing for a dinner party like yours very soon :)

  4. Beautiful dinner party. Did I miss the do-over post on the wall in the background? I love the black gallery wall.

  5. Very nice, but not nice to tease us with that black gallery wall in the background! I’m guessing that is the stencil cover up – do over wall? Looks fab from this angle!

  6. Looks cozy! So pretty!

  7. A stunningly beautiful table setting! Absolutely the environment in which to celebrate and dine in the company of friends!

    When one is so deeply immersed in the practice of tending to children while still trying to effectively communicate with the Mr., we can only hope that when we unexpectedly find ourselves dining in polite company and conversing with adults, that we do not come to realize in mid-sentence that we are quite absentmindedly cutting our guest’s meat for him…

    Beautifully executed – I hope you had a lovely evening!

  8. Michelle, I am glad you had a fun dinner party. The table was beautiful!

    I have been waiting for the black wall post, now I got a glimpse of what you have done. It looks amazing!!! I will just have to be patient:)!

  9. Where did you find those coasters? They are gorgeous.

  10. Wow! Love it! Great job.

  11. Very glamorous and romantic too!

  12. A beautiful table! When you have children no matter their ages you always seem to bring them up. I’m happy you had a wonderful dinner.

  13. Show us your gallery wall! I have been dying to try one with mismatched frames, looks like you nailed it.

  14. Michelle that is a beautiful table. Glad you got to have a grown-up night!

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