Glass jar lanterns.

Last week I revealed my front porch on Home Depot’s site here.
Today I’m sharing one of the elements I incorporated using glass jars.
I save any glass jar that has a unique shape to it.  Jelly jars, syrup jars, salsa jars, spaghetti jars, etc.  Plus I loved the diamond/star design on these thrift store jars which I picked up for $0.50.
Photo by Jenn Culley.
They make perfect candle lanterns.
Photo by Jenn Culley.
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  1. This is a gorgeous display! I collect jars too and then wait til I have a lot before trying to get all the labels off. Always a procrastinator 😉

  2. so i totally went out an made the chalkboard for our front porch, the best part was i had all the things on hand, so was free to do.. thank you so much for the great ideas!!!

  3. so gorgeous! i’d love to know where you got the moravian star pendant- i’m on the hunt for exterior lighting, much like yourself!

  4. gorgeous! i’d love to know where the moravian star is from. much like yourself, i’m on the hunt for exterior lighting :)

  5. Thanks Robyn,
    I found the star pendant at Pottery Barn. There are many out there that are similar. Try Googling star pendant? Best of luck!

  6. wow! amazing idea :) thanks! Good job. Kisses from Spain!

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