For our viewing pleasure – Staples review.

Do you have a tv in your bedroom?
We do.
I know, I know…a tv in the bedroom is supposed to be a big NO, NO. I partly agree, especially if the tv is in a child’s room.
But here’s the deal…we don’t watch a whole lot of tv but when we do there’s nothing better than snuggling in bed with my 4 men and some toons on the tube.
How can you argue with that?

If you have boys, you know snuggle time turns in to Wrestle Mania during commercials.
I don’t get it.


I’m slightly embarrassed to reveal but up until now we’ve been watching tv on an older than dirt, 12- inch tv/vcr combo.


Believe it or not, we’ve had that thing in our bedroom, straining our eyes for over 7 years now. I have a really hard time forking out money for electronics. Now the furniture the electronics sit on…that’s another story.

Recently, Staples asked if we’d like to review an item from their website. Um, ye-ah. So our itty-bitty 12-incher got replaced with a 26- inch Magnavox LCD and it’s like the world turned from black and white to color…literally!


Plus the picture and clarity are AH-MAZING! I can’t believe I’ve waiting so long to make the switch and there’s no going back now. Our bedroom has been in need of a major makeover in “project home remodel”. The tv was going to be last piece of the makeover puzzle but now that it’s here I’m more motivated than ever to get a move on.


To my surprise Staples site has a pretty extensive amount of inventory. They even had a large selection of items that I wouldn’t normally consider office products.

The beauty of online shopping is that if you find something you like it’s just a click away from having delivered right to your front door. No heavy lifting and trying to stuff it in to your car, which is ideal for something like a tv. The cute UPS man just rings your doorbell and it’s Christmas. My other concern about ordering online was what if I didn’t like it or it came broken? I read and re-read their return policy. Then I called the Staples 1-800 number (which didn’t connect me to another country) and three different stores just to make sure I was clear (all of which were very professional, friendly and helpful). What is great is that if you aren’t satisfied with your item you can either send it back or return it to a Staples store even if you ordered it online. That, I like. My only minor complaint is that they had a handful of things that were advertised on the website but were only available in the store.

I’m totally pleased with their friendly customer service and ease of ordering and would order from them again. That’s saying something because there is one office store out there that I will not step foot in to because their customer service is so bad. Thumbs up Staples (and thank you for saving our eyes from squinting any longer).


  1. Isn’t it great to move up with electronics? I just upgraded to a flat screen myself, so i completely understand where you’re coming from.

    Also, you guys made some adorable little men!!!!

  2. I am just like you about electronics. They look so much nicer when they’re up to date but it’s a hard thing to spend money on. Many years ago when flat screens came out and everyone was replacing them, I said that I was sure some day I’d move in with a man and all men come with at least one free flat screen. It definitely worked out that way! I got another freebie when my dad accidentally got three flat screens for christmas one year, and we ended up with a third in some charity raffle. haha!

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