Foodie Friday – How to prepare an artichoke.

I think more people decorate with artichokes than actually eat them.
When I was young my mom used to take me to this restaurant that served artichokes as an hors d’oeuvre.
They would bring it to your table and you’d eat the fleshy part of the leaves.  Once you were done they’d take it back to the kitchen, carve out the heart and bring it back for you to enjoy.  It was a special treat.
Have you ever seen these curious vegetables and wondered how on earth you prepare them?
There are actually a lot of ways to prepare them from grilling to broiling but here’s how I do it.
 First, cut off the stem, only for the fact that it will be able to sit upright.  Next slice off the top so the steam has better access to get all the way through.  Sometimes the tops of the leaves can have a little pricker and I’ve seen some chefs use kitchen shears to cut approx 1/4 inch of each leaf off.  Not really necessary just fancy.
My preferred method of cooking an artichoke is to steaming.
You can use a steaming basket in a pot on the stove.  I use my steamer (favorite kitchen appliance) which I use for everything…veggies, hard boiled eggs, steamed oatmeal…everything.
Steam for approx 30-40 minutes.
You can test it’s “done-ness” when you can easily pull a leaf off without a lot of resistance.
“Done” looks like this.
To eat, pluck a leaf and scrape off the white flesh of the bottom of the leaf between your teeth.
I tried to take a photo demonstrating but I looked liked a total doof.
Dip in melted butter or any dipping sauce of your choice.
Once all the leaves have been pulled off you’re left with this.
Grab the rest of the leaves with your fingers and pull them off.
You’ll expose the fuzzy part called the choke.
Remove it with a knife or spoon.
Next slice off the bottom part that is tough.  Don’t slice off too much or you’ll be slicing the best part.
What’s left is the pot of gold…the artichoke heart.  
I will say it’s not to prettiest “heart” you can imagine but it’s de-lish.  
Dip in sauce and enjoy.
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  1. Wow, this looks pretty delicious! I’ve never tasted an artichoke but I’m willing to try! Plus, that melted butter looks pretty yummy *YUM* I love visiting other blogs that offer free recipes!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love them. Are they in season?

  3. I love artichokes! And all the other green veggies! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the reminder! My Grandmother served hers with melted butter and mayo. I cringe at the mayo now, but the butter…yum!


  5. Thanks for this! I’ve always been scared to buy this at the grocery store b/c I’m not sure how to prepare them. I’ll definitely be referring to your post!

  6. I’m half Italian and stuffed artichokes are a staple of the major holiday meals (Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day – not eve that is the feast of 7 fish). Learning from my Nana how to make her artichokes and meatballs are one of those time honored family traditions.

  7. I have alllllwwwayyyssss wondered how to do this. THANK YOU. XOO your newest follower

  8. we love artichokes in our house! prepared this same way (but with mayo)!

  9. puedes hacer las alcachofas fritas en rodajas en aceite de oliva. Las puedes hervir y despues rellenar de carne y salsa bechamel. Las puedes hacer enteras en la barbacoa o en el horno. las hojas pequeñas del centro se comen enteras y el “corazon no necesitas limpiarlo, se come entero. No hace falta ponerles mantequilla, con un poco de sal, pimienta y una gotas de aceite de oliva son siempre sensacionales

  10. You can cut the artichokes in slices and fried them in olive oil, as potatoes. You can also boil them and after filling of meat and béchamel sauce and cheese grated on top and after gratin them in the oven. You can make them whole on the barbecue or oven. the small leaves of the Center are eaten whole and the “heart” don’t need to clean it, eats whole. You don’t need to put them butter with a little salt, pepper and a few drops of olive oil are always sensational

  11. I think artichokes are SO pretty! Can’t say I love to eat them, but I sure love the way they look!

  12. We’ve always taken scissors and cut the end and “thorn” off each leaf before cooking.

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