Foodie Friday – Easy turkey meatloaf.

Unfortunately our featured food guest post for today had a family emergency so won’t be sharing with us today but she promises she’ll be back with a fabulous recipe soon.  Instead, I get to share with you one of my family’s favorite dinner time meals that is easy, tastes delicious and is easy on the waste line.  I call it Easy Turkey Meatloaf.  I first came across a similar recipe in a magazine (either Real Simple or Food, Family, Fun?).  I made it so often that I stopped following the recipe and started throwing whatever I found in my fridge in it. It’s such a versatile dish that you can eat it by itself or slice it up and make a meatloaf sandwich.


In a large bowl mix up the following ingredients…
Sometimes I throw in a chopped up onion (because I love onions), mushrooms, minced garlic…like I said, whatever you have in your fridge.


Place in a baking dish and form in to a loaf.



Bake it in the oven and you’ve got a crowd pleasing, moist meatloaf!  Plus it will keep you on track with your New Year’s goals because it’s made with turkey, instead of ground beef and you can substitute low fat cheese instead of the the full fledged stuff.  Two birds, one stone.

Easy Turkey Meatloaf:
-1 pound ground turkey
-1 packet Lipton Onion Soup Mix
-1 cup chopped spinach
-1 cup ground crackers (I prefer Ritz but I’ve also used tortilla chips and even heard of using a box of Stove Top Stuffing…whatever you’ve got)
-2 eggs
-1/3 – 1/2 cup of water
-1 cup cheese (may substitute low fat cheese)
-Optional additions: Chopped onion, minced garlic, chopped mushrooms.

Mix with hands. Form in to a loaf and set in baking dish. Bake at 400 degrees for 35 minutes or when bubbly and cooked throughout. During the last 10 minutes, remove and cover top with a thin layer of ketchup.  Enjoy!

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  1. MMMMMMMMM ~ Yum! This looks DELISH! Thanks for sharing! Maybe I can get my Mister to make it for us! 😉

  2. Wow, I must try it!!! Looks yummy:)
    would you like to follow eachother?


  3. My husband and i love ground turkey(i.e. Turkey burgers with jalapenos and pepper jack cheese mixed in…mmm)! I tried this recipe tonight, but used cilantro instead of chopped spinach, it’s what i had on hand, its delicious! thank you for the yummy recipe:) I, also, pinned this on pinterest..

  4. Delicious! Made this for dinner tonight and it was a huge hit! Thank you for a great recipe, this will be in my regular rotation now!

  5. just wanted to say thank you for posting this recipe! i need more easy recipes like this in my life right now. my husband and children loved it!

  6. Coranita says:

    This meatloaf was the best I ever made! My husband has asked that I make this once a week.

  7. Trying this out as I write : ) I’ll let you know what my picky kids and hubby say!

  8. Courtney says:

    Hi! Quick question, is there a sauce that you put on top? Like a BBQ sauce or tomato sauce?? I am very much looking forward to making this!

  9. Carolyn Smith says:

    This was the best since my Aunt Alice’s …when I was a girl. I added shredded carrots …that was her little touch. Really was so delish…I will be sharing with my friends. Thanks for bringing back sweet memories and a great tasting meatloaf!!

  10. This meatloaf was delish!!! Such an easy recipe! I used Panko breadcrumbs instead of crackers and added 2 spoonfuls of BBQ sauce to ketchup, turned out great! BUT wanted to let everyone know that when I pulled the loaf out after 35 minutes the meat was still extremely raw!! I did some researching on other meatloaf recipes and they suggested 50-60 minutes at 400 degrees. I did about 55 minutes and it was finally cooked through!

  11. Courtney Fraser says:

    Making this for my one year old today… he is very into finger foods..I used oatmeal instead of crackers and added chopped apples!

  12. Made this last night and it was awesome!
    We used bread crumbs instead of crackers and added fresh garlic and subbed the cheese for fat free cheese. It was amazing. We also topped with turkey bacon instead of the ketchup because my boyfriend and I aren’t huge ketchup lovers. SO GOOD. Thanks for the recipe.

  13. This is one of our favorite meals at my house. I have been trying so many new recipes this year and this one is definitely a favorite! Thank you for an awesome recipe :) I always make two, cook one and put the other one in the freezer, almost no extra work and the second one tastes just as good coming out of the freezer. I also like using BBQ sauce in stead of ketchup since I don’t really like ketchup that much.

  14. Just made this tonight. I don’t use measuring cups very well except for liquids. I used a whole package ritz crackers, crushed them in the package they came in. I added a heaping tablespoon full of minced garlic and probably added a lot more spinach than a cup. I also cooked it for 45 mins because it was alittle too moist still after 35. But I must say this was a very very good version of turkey loaf!! Definitely will be sharing!!!

  15. I’ve made this three times, it’s fantastic! Instead of instant soup I add some dried onion and beef base. I always double the batch so we have some the following day. I also bake mine at 350 degrees for an hour and it’s always cooked through but still moist. I have two loaves in the oven now. Mmmmmmm

  16. I made your recipe with a few additions it is deliciously scrumptious!!! Thank you so much!! A must keep recipe!

  17. Can I use frozen spinch?

  18. I love this recipe and I’ve used it so many times with different variations, but the first time I made it, was exactly as your recipe instructed. I came back here tonight to revisit, actually, because I wanted to be sure I had everything on hand to make it again. Thanks for such a healthy version of a fantastically comforting dish!

  19. Made this last night and everybody loved it! However, I am trying to watch my weight and 1 serving used almost all my calories for the day :-(

    • Have to correct myself! am using a calorie counter app on my phone and it added it wrong! But like I said before everybody loved it!

  20. I made this for dinner tonight, it was amazing! It looked exactly like the picture! I did bake mine for a total of 50 minutes and it was perfectly done. I thought 35 minutes wasn’t long enough, so that’s when I added the ketchup and then baked it another 15 minutes. Thanks for this delicious recipe!

  21. Made this for dinner tonight….me and the boyfriend love it! Thanks for sharing!

  22. yum yum yum! I have made this now multiple times!!! My husband just loves it and hates when it’s gone. When I make it I put it into cupcake tins and make little mini meatloafs. Big hit! Thanks for sharing!

  23. Hi! This looks yummy! Just wondering what I could use to substitute the soup mix?!

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  25. anyone know the nutritional info? Trying to do my fitness pal! If you do please email me thank you!

  26. Heather e says:

    Amazing!! Added mushrooms and a little bit of BBQ sauce (just enough to lightly coat the top) for the last 10 mins. Very very good

  27. LOVE this recipe!! My 19 month old son loves it too!! Super easy to make and very delicious. I had to reconfigure a few ingredients that I was missing or low on: I couldn’t find the onion soup mix at the store, so I used some chicken granulated bouillon and onion powder..I also ran low on ritz I used 1/2c of crushed ritz and 1/2c of Italian bread crumbs. And had taco seasoned shredded cheese in the fridge..used that. Will absolutely make again. Thank you so much for this recipe!!!

  28. Jolene Statz says:

    This meatloaf recipe is a slam dunk and kid approved!! I’ve made this 4 or 5 times and get requests to make it from my 5 year old, which is pretty amazing! It’s nice that the nutrients of spinach is undetectable. I add 1 cup of fresh mushrooms to it as well. Simply delicious. My husband and I love it too. I highly recommend!

  29. This was absolutely delicious to me and also a huge win with my husband, and three kids (2, 2, and 4). This will be a weekly or at least biweekly healthy addition to our menu. Thank you so much. I liked it better than any beef or beef/pork meatloaf recipes I’ve ever tasted. (We used monterey jack cheese). Yay! 10 stars! Perfect score!

  30. This looks so good! Can’t wait to try it. I wonder how it would taste with feta cheese?

  31. I made this tonight.Delicious!

  32. Was looking for recupes using ground turkey and saw your meatloaf. It looks yummy and will definitely try it.


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