Flower Muse Hydrangeas.

A couple of weeks ago I was asked if I’d like to do a review on some hydrangeas by Flower Muse.  Uhhh, that’s a no brainer.  So last Thursday, 2 boxes of the most GORGEOUS hydrangeas came to my door.

I’ll be honest, I’m always nervous about flowers being shipped from out of state.  I get scared that they’re going to arrive wilted, dried out and ruined.  But when I opened them they were perfectly garden to table fresh.

These hydrangeas were the largest I’ve ever seen.
Seriously, one flowered stem was as big as my whole face.
Being as large and as heavy as they were I used my trusty Frog Tape to make a grid on my vase and hold the stems in place.
These large white hydrangeas are so versatile and would be perfect for a dinner party, wedding or just to sit pretty on the table.

20 large white stemmed hydrangeas come in one box.

Which is more than enough for several arrangements.

My whole house is dripping with hydrangeas.

In another vase I put the Green Antique Hydrangeas in.
Some of the green ones had a hint of blush to them which I think is so pretty.

My home looks like a flower shop.
If you’re looking for beautiful flowers you must check out Flower Muse.
I couldn’t let these flowers go to waste so I was inspired to throw an impromptu holiday dinner party.
Pics tomorrow!

I was given flowers by Flower Muse to review.


  1. Great idea. I’m totally using this tape idea!

  2. LUCKY!!! I wish someone would send me a box of beautiful flowers!!!

  3. LUCKY!!! I wish someone would send me a box of beautiful flowers!!!

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