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Minimalism is an artistic movement which strives to strip the object of it’s non-essential forms, enhancing and exposing the essence or identity of an object. Minimalism attempts to negate items of their garish natures, and unnecessary design features. In interior design this means stripping furniture and rooms of all lavishness and instead designing a room to suit purpose. Fashion For Home is a company that specializes in stylish minimalist décor at great affordable prices.
Minimalist inspiration hails from the East, with countries like Japan and their Zen Buddhist ideology being a massive influence. Minimalism isn’t a purely aesthetic movement, in Japan design is used to promote a notion of truth. For example, this Geppetto Coffee Chair from Studio Copenhagen, a leading company in minimalist design, is a prime example of this. In essence, this is a chair. Its purpose is to provide a frame to sit on.
 Geppetto Coffee Chair at breakfast table
Rather than covering it in lavish design patterns and fancy materials, this chair features four legs, a back and two arm rests. This design has been heavily influenced by the Chinese Ming Dynasty, another culture where minimalism and Buddhism have also made their mark. This chair is made from Polycarbonate to ensure that is sturdy, without using nails and screws. The chair is just one form, with no assembly required.


Geppetto Coffee Chair in brown
Another great example is this Caroline Walnut Bench. Designed by Red Living, this is a perfect example of minimalist furniture at its most functional. Simple, with a great walnut veneer finish, this is perfect for dinner parties, where you have to squeeze as many people as possible at the table.


Caroline Walnut Bench
Fashion for Home runs a manufacture to order scheme. This enables them to rid themselves of storage warehouses where stock just mounts up. This is an excellent business model as it saves money on expenses from travel and storage as well reducing their carbon footprint.
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  2. I love mid century modern – and zen inspired decor.
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