What color are your hallway stripes?
Unfortunately, I didn’t keep the paint chip with the name of the color. Here’s the formula for Eggshell by Behr at Home Depot. White is “Ultra White” in eggshell by Behr.

What is the name of the paint you used on your yellow dresser?

Behr: Dragon’s Lair.

What color is your living room paint?
It is actually a Glidden paint chip that I had color matched to Behr. Below is a picture of the formula.

What colors did you use in your master bedroom?
See here.

Where did you get your hardwood flooring from?

It is Virginia Mills Handscraped from Lumber Liquidators.

Where did you get your dining room chandelier?

Z Gallerie.

Where are your canvas pictures in your living room from?

They are custom pieces from photographer, Michelle Rasmussen. Check her out here. Size: 30X30.

What do you use to spray your furniture?

When I’m doing a small job I opt for spray paint in a can. When I’m doing a big job I use a spray gun that attaches to my air compressor. Initially I bought a Wagner all in one deal that was under $100.00. It splattered paint everywhere and almost ruined my furniture. I returned it and bought and don’t recommend it.

My spray gun is a Husky, gravity fed gun from Home Depot. I’ve been very pleased with the results.

Here is my Porter and Cable air compressor.

I bought both from Home Depot. Ask a sales associate when shopping, they are very helpful. I’m often asked for tips on getting a good spray. My best advice is read the owner’s manual and follow the directions. I tend to never read the directions and then pay for it later. YES, you do have to strain the paint with cheesecloth first. YES, do dilute your paint with water as per directions. YES, plan to play and practice for a good 10 minutes before starting a project. Once you get the feel of using your sprayer, it’s easy!

Do you sand before painting?

To be honest, 99% of the projects I’ve done I haven’t sanded. I’ve just primed and painted. Not because I didn’t think it needed it but mostly because I get too excited and want to get on with the painting. I think sanding it always a good idea and advocate it as a better surface for your paint to adhere to. In reality, none of my pieces have suffered as a result of me not doing it. But, I’m going to start sanding. Next time.
What is your wallpaper source?

It is by Blue Mountain: BC1582135