Exterior Lighting Options.

Snow is in the forecast later this week so I think my fiddling with the front of my house has come to an end until spring.  There’s just one more thing I’ve really been needing to address which is the lighting.

These are way past their life expectancy.
I’ve had a bit of a hard time finding some good exterior lighting options.
There just doesn’t seem to be as many cool exterior options as there are interior options.
There is the one exception which was love at first sight.  It’s called the Garrison from Pottery Barn.

It debuted several months ago and sold out within what seemed like a week.  They said it would be available again in the fall but fall is here and no one at Pottery Barn has any information. 
What’s a girl to do? 
Wait indefinitely crossing her fingers it will come back? 
Move on and settle?
C’mon PB, bring the Garrison back.
Here are some other options that may be possibilities…
1. 2. 3. 4.
Anyone have any good exterior lighting resources?



  1. I got my exterior lights pretty inexpensively through ATG Stores. But that PB light is amazing and I’d be inclined to wait for it (did you call them to see if they have a date for it to be in?) If you can’t wait, I’d go with No. 2 which is very similar to the PB ones. I think all of the options you’ve shown other than No. 4 would look great on your house.

  2. I have bought a lot of lights from Menards.com – the outdoor light I bought is called “Columbia – Lantern”. It now says that they are not available online, but that is how I just ordered them (maybe worth a phone call).

  3. I have this type of exterior light and LOVE it. Someone gave me a piece of advice as I moved in— go out right away and buy replacement glass for the fixtures- have it cut and ready to go in case of emergency. This has come in very handy with the 3 boys and all the sports!

  4. Menards – they usually good knock-offs of high-end brands and are waaay cheaper. Love your choices so far, my fave is no. 1 or 2.

  5. I’m a big fan of http://www.barnlightelectric.com/ though haven’t bought anything from them myself yet!

    Lowe’s/Home Depot sometimes have some decent ones as well. I got our outdoor light, the floor model, for 50% off at Home Depot!

  6. Pottery Barn, along with a few other stores we all know well, is owmed by Williams Sonoma. Williams Sonoma has, in the past, contracted with various sources to provide their offering. And unfortunately some of those sources have been in China. Obviously they do not have little elves in the back room building products… :) In November, 2011, Williams Sonoma purchased an Oregon company called Rejuvenation, Inc. They have an extremely interesting story of how they started by converting scrap into products and how they performed renovation on products for resale – it is a story close to Restoration Hardware (another place we all know well). Rejuvenation, Inc, are also a green company, and although now owned by Williams Sonoma, still retain their own website with a full collection of offering. For the most part, they will continue to operate as they have always done. But they will clearly be the go-to source for Pottery Barn designs in the future.

    I looked for the “Garrison” and did not find it – on their site as well as on other sites. Clearly, whoever created this design did so specifically for Williams Sonoma / Pottery Barn. I found a design that is somewhat close to this, but it fails to have the same presence – the simplicity of strength with the perfect balance of angle and shape.

    Call Pottery Barn – their main headquarters – not the catalog and not the local store. Get the buyer on the phone and ask them to scout down 2 more for you – or to provide you with the contact to get two more. Mention your blog and the fact that you are frequently invited onto TV for your home projects. Doing this is not pushy or inappropriate – you will be showcasing their products.

    And after you succeed at this – come back and share with us how you accomplished this! Good luck – God speed!

  7. Have you tried Amazon? It has a ton of choices and some with great prices.

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