Exciting news…

  When you come to my blog later this evening we will be offline.
But I’m sure you’ll be doing much more interesting things than sitting at your computer blog surfing on New Year’s eve.
While we’re all ringing in the new year, Erin with Designer Blogs will be working through the night to bring you my new blog.  I’m finally making the switch from Blogger to WordPress.  For the past month we’ve been collaborating on a new design and she’ll be revealing it tomorrow.    I can’t say enough great things about Erin and the job she’s done.
So come back tomorrow for the reveal!
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  1. I guess I beat the reveal, but it looks great! 😀

  2. love the new look!

  3. Michelle – It looks great!! nice work! Love the little splashes of colors that pop up when you move your cursor over certain buttons! And the fonts are awesome too! YaY!

  4. It looks great! Hoping this format suits your requirements and helps keep it all organized for you. Congrats on the change!

  5. Really good post!

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