My dream house plus $500. to use towards new windows.

*This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Integrity Windows and Doors . All opinions are 100% mine.*

The other day I was perusing one of my favorite neighborhoods and I ran smack in to my house soul mate.

 This house ticks all my boxes. It’s a modest house in an adorable neighborhood bursting with curb appeal (which probably costs a fortune due to the location).  It’s sort of mix of traditional with a hint of modern.  And that door…gah! The gray blue is not a typical front door color but it’s fabulous. None of the houses on the street are identical clones of each other which I adore. It’s on a tree lined street and it looks like the kind of neighborhood where people borrow sugar from their neighbors and probably don’t lock their front doors.

There’s lots of things that make this house special but one of the details I can’t stop admiring are the windows.  The don’t show up extremely well in the pictures but I think the black trim detail is stunning.  I’m pretty certain they were just replaced because the old ones are stacked and still leaning up against the other side of the house.  If I drive by this house one more time I’m pretty sure the owners will call the police and have me arrested for stalking.

When I approach a design project, windows are not normally the first thing I consider changing out.  It’s a frame and glass, right? How much impact can they make?  From an efficiency standpoint…good, quality windows can make all the difference in the world.  From a design standpoint…it can mean the difference between “meh” and “wow-zah”!

After having seen how beautiful my dream home’s windows are it inspired me to take a look at my own windows.  When we remodeled our home we replaced every single window except this one:

This window is off our garage and even though it doesn’t have huge importance it bugs me every time I look at it.  It’s such an eye sore and needs replacing.  I was recently introduced to Integrity’s Ultrex Fiberglass Windows and Doors.

From what I learned they are highly efficient and super durable.  In fact, on their website they showed a hockey team shooting pucks in the windows as evidence (perfect for a house full of men).

I’ve been thinking about replacing it with one of their Glider or Casement style windows.

If you have some windows in your home that need replacing this is your lucky day!

Integrity Windows is giving $500. that could be used towards replacing your old windows!

This giveaway is now closed.

All you have to do is visit Integrity Windows and find your local Integrity dealer.  Then leave a comment on this post with your closest location along with what windows or doors you would like if you were remodeling your home.  It’s that easy.

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Good luck!

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  1. Allegheny Millwork & Lumber in Pittsburgh is definitely the closest to me and I desperately need new windows!

  2. My store is Atlantic Architectural Millwork. Any windows would be a vast improvement over the old and unusable ones we have now. They never look clean and are impossible to raise and lower!

  3. Ellen K. says:

    My nearest store is Jones Paint and Glass in Provo, Utah. I’d love to replace the french doors that open to our deck.

  4. Martha Lopez says:

    DMI Inc of AZ, Mesa AZ. The Casement style my favorite, but The Glider would probably work better for my home. fingers crossed!! :)

  5. Doreen says:

    DMI of AZ in Mesa, AZ is closest to me. We’re looking at remodeling our living room window overlooking the pool and putting in, either french doors or a sliding door.

  6. Sherry says:

    Marvin Windows & Doors of British Columbia is fairly close to me. I would put in new gliders on the side of the house that doesn’t have any (and where the sun comes in!!). Three new windows upstairs would be perfect! OR a fancy new library door to replace the plain slab one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. All-Purpose Windows & Doors
    2708 South State Street
    Salt Lake City, UT 84115

    I would replace the windows from our dining room out to the deck we are replacing/enlarging this summer so we can open them for serving for parties/get togethers.

  8. Amanda says:

    My nearest is BMC in West Jordan, UT. At least it is the nearest to the house we are renovating…. I’ve always had a major thing for black framed windows.

  9. Nagel Lumber of Iowa City is the closest location and I would love a new patio slider to our screened in porch.

  10. Hillary says:

    KC Building Supply in Overland Park, KS is closes to me, we have five basement and 1 garage window left to replace and this type of window would be ideal for both.

  11. Century Lumber in Norfolk is my closets dealer. We just moved into a “new to us” old house that has lots of leaky windows, including a beautiful 5 panel bay window in the front that loves to let the winter roll in.

  12. Hall Window Center, Rancho Cordova. I would replace a cracked/broken window in my kitchen!

  13. Lindsay H says:

    Port Hadlock Building Supply is the closest dealer. I would definitely switch out our front door. It’s pretty boring!

  14. My closest location is RC Designs in Princeton WV.
    I couldnt believe how close they were…. 15 miles away!
    I gotta stick with the double hung windows…so much easier to clean..
    And those sliding french doors are perfection!
    I have faux french doors (only 1 of them opens) and they are in terrible shape. This would be a dream!

  15. there’s a few near me, so that’s good. one in yeadon and one in ardmore. i would love to replace our windows that have moisture getting in between the glass.

    this house is exactly what i love-from the front it is super cute, and from the side you can see how big it actually is. that’s why i don’t want to lose our dormers if we do the roof. i’d like to just heighten the back and keep the charm in the front.

  16. Rachel says:

    We just bought our first house (yay!) and oh man is it in need of new windows (boo).The J F Johnson Lumber Co
    3120 Solomons Island Rd in Edgewater is the closest to us, and I’d love to check out the options. Thanks for the chance!

  17. Meredith says:

    My nearest store is Priority Door and Window Products in San Diego… and I would go with Gliders due to our home style.

  18. Ashley N says:

    Creative Millwork in St. Charles is closest to us, love their windows! We need to replace our cracked living room window and we love the casement style. Great giveaway!!

  19. Sarah Y says:

    My closet store is Kinner Lumber in Greenup, KY. I need a new back door as well as new windows in my attic loft.

  20. Solar Window & Door Inc in SLC is my closest dealer, and I would LOVE to be able to replace the window in my bathroom. Its a tiny room we are remodeling and it needs better light in there! I also really need to replace the large windows in my kitchen. We replaced all the windows in the top floor of my house 5 years ago and it made such a difference!

  21. Mami2jcn says:

    My local dealer is Custom Home Exteriors in Raleigh, NC. I’d love one of their bay windows.

  22. Jennifer says:

    Doud Building Supply in Rural Hall, NC is closest to me. I would love a Glider window in my kitchen to replace the dingy one that doesn’t open! Or some new double-hungs for my kids’ bedrooms :)

  23. Marvin Design Gallery by NSWS
    239 South Main Street
    Middleton, MA 01949

    i love the casement windows! our antique could use new windows!

  24. ha! my favorite building supply, Hamilton Supply in Hamilton Township, NJ carries them. I have replaced 1/2 the windows in my house thus far. My house is from 1961 and the windows that aren’t replaced can’t really be opened. I would love to begin replacing the windows in my kids rooms so they can get some fresh air too. That would be soooo nice!!

  25. The Home Elements store in Alpin, TX is the closest store. We recently got new front and back doors for our house, but the windows are original to our 1950’s house….they are in desperate need of updating.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity,

  26. My closest store is in Springfield, MO! Fun. I love the glider windows, but I would definitely have to have a consult. Love this!

  27. nicole says:

    Marvin Design Gallery by Architectural Visions Inc
    3150 Piedmont Road NE
    Atlanta, GA 30305

    I would replace EVERY window. We just bought a 1968 ranch with the original windows throughout!

  28. Ard’s Glass in Paint, in Rexburg is my closes dealer. I love the Wood Ultrex gliders in pebble gray. Such beautiful windows!

  29. Maureen S says:

    All Purpose Window and Doors
    South Salt Lake City

    I would replace the window that my backside broke downstairs when I was trying to take off my hot tub cover. Not cool to break a window with your butt. So, the basement windows for sure, glider style.

  30. Suzette M. says:

    Closest Location:
    La Maison Complete
    3125 Old Forge Drive
    Baton Rouge, LA 70808

    The casement and awning windows would look beautiful with my acadian style house, plus my daughter’s bedroom window has a huge crack in it and desperately needs to be replaced.

  31. My nearest retailer is Western Reserve Farm Co-Op in Middlefield, OH.
    I NEED to replace the two windows in our master bathroom. They are both 30″ square windows and they have clear glass and DON’T OPEN. What good is that in a bathroom! Need to open or at the very least have privacy glass!

  32. Tricia says:

    I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to replace my windows with those gorg gliders, in black, from Lakeside Window Co!!

  33. My closest location is Architectural Window Design, Kansas City, MO!

    Our master bedroom windows are pretty sad. I think that would be an amazing place to upgrade!!

  34. Candace says:

    The closest dealer to us is Consolidated Builders Supply in Tulsa, OK.
    Great timing! We just bought a 1960s ranch with barred dungeon-looking patio doors. Replacing them is one of the first things on my to-do list. I’d love the Equal Lite horizontal french doors for a more modern look.

  35. My closest dealer is: G R Mitchell Design Center 2412 Eastern Blvd York, PA 17402. I have a few windows to replace, but would love a new kitchen window by my sink.

  36. Kelsey G. says:

    La Maison Complete in Baton Rouge, LA is the closest dealer to us- we desperately need new windows. Our house is almost 100 years old and I’m pretty sure the windows are original (if not close to it). Sounds great when they’re well-maintained, but ours weren’t- making our house VERY drafty. I would love the double-hung windows!

  37. The closest location to us is DMI Inc. of AZ in Mesa, AZ.

    We just bought a foreclosure that needs a lot of love…especially some of the old windows. I love the casement windows!

  38. Elizabeth Utley says:

    My closest retailer is Lyons Lumber in Frankfort, KY. We actually have a broken window that has not been repaired yet from when we bought our new house a year ago (I know it’s bad, but it’s a small crack and a local window man said it’d be $800 to replace since it has a fancy arch in it). We could really do with some help money wise in repairing that one! Thanks!

  39. Tilt and turn widows for our living room. Mesa, AZ is so close to us in Phoenix.

  40. Kansas City Building Supply is the closest retailer to me. I really need to replace all of my windows, and a sliding glass door. I love casement windows in kitchens. That might be my choice.

  41. Lisa Leigh says:

    Custom Builder Supply Co
    4556 John Tyler Hwy
    Williamsburg, VA 23187
    (757) 229-5150

    And I would love the Inswing French Door

  42. Melissa Mites says:

    The Insert double Hung replacement from Fischer Lumber Co, are the closest in look to my houses 100 yr old windows, I’m sure more efficient.

  43. C.S. Martin Door & Window Company in Fredericksburg, VA. We would replace our four family room windows as one no longer closes correctly and there is a draft. I would choose the All Ultrex Double-Hung Series. Thank you for this opportunity!

  44. saminder gumer says:

    the closest location is BMC (Building Materials and Construction Services), 16002 Hwy 249, Houston, TX 77269

    i would love to have All Ultrex Double Hung Windows in the house.

  45. Cassie says:

    Window Pro!

  46. Ladizzle says:

    So cool! I have house soul mates as well but most of them are disguised as shacks and shantys but for whatever reason I can see my family there bringing them to life again! I have a house tour route of all of my favorite houses that speak to me! 😉 Your house soul-mate is fantastic! I’d probably drive by one million times too! It might even be worth the stalker title. We have an integrity windows location just about 3 miles from here at Builders Wholesale In Prescott AZ! I would LOVE to get creative with my dinning room window….if it opened out to an eating area on the patio and created statement both inside and outside…that would be fantastic!

  47. christine lasko says:

    Marvin Design- Seaside, CA. I would switch out my kitchen windows!

  48. DESIREE H says:

    My local dealer is:
    Jones Paint & Glass
    6380 South Valley View Drive #306
    Las Vegas, NV 89118

    I would love to have new bay windows for my bedroom!! :)
    So beautiful! Thanks for the chance!!
    Faithrains2387 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  49. Richland Lumber Company:) I could sooo use this–our house is o.l.d. And we especially need a few new windows upstairs–my daughter’s room, in particular. Thanks for the chance!!

  50. Carter Lee Lumber Co in Indianapolis :)

    I’d love to add a pair of French Doors to our back porch!

  51. It’s in Missassauga, ON.

  52. My closet location is Abington Massachusetts. I would love the cottage double hung ultrex windows.

  53. Harper says:

    Harbrook Fine Windows, Doors & Hardware Design Gallery is the closest to me. And I dream of adding an exterior french door to the deck like the outswing french door from their website.

  54. Door Store & Windows in Louisville, KY

    We need to replace the window in the nursery/guest room. It doesn’t open anymore.

  55. Bibiana says:

    Wow, there is a location down the street from my house in VA and I didn’t even know it :-) I’d love to have my kitchen window replaced.

  56. Window and Door Showplace in McLean! A new sliding glass door would be awesome.

  57. Creative Millwork is the closest location. We want to replace a sliding door with a french door, so I really hope I’m lucky!

  58. I recently spoke with Gary at Old Town Windows and Doors (Alexandria, VA) about these Integrity windows! I would go with double-hung casement windows with the 2 x 2 grilles in the top portion only.

  59. Millisa says:

    Marvin Design Gallery SolarGlass Window & Door in Boulder is closest to me. We need to replace all the windows in our house (old builder grade) but I would probably start with our back door slider since it leaks when it rains!

  60. jessica fisher says:

    Cleaning. That’s my biggest issue when it comes to windows. That’s why I would love the Double Hung windows and I can use Cash Lumber & Hardware, the nearest Integrity dealer.

  61. Anna Pry says:

    There’s one in Zelienople PA, i need to replace our front and back doors on our house

  62. Melissa M says:

    Our house has the original 1950s windows and they are so drafty!! I would love to get new Double Hung Windows for the whole house. That would make for major savings in our heating and cooling bill,

  63. Meg Smith says:

    The nearest to us is Coastal Window and Door Center (Wilmington, NC). Definitely the double hung and we really need all new windows in this house! Also, I like the wood series for I think it would better suit our home!

  64. Heather M says:

    Ring’s End Lumber in Niantic, CT and I would def get a bay window for our dining room which looks out onto the water!

  65. Ewen Building Supply in Ewen MI is the closest supplier. I would love to get new double hung windows. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  66. My closest location is Tucson Window & Door.. Our front window is from the 50’s and the seal inside the double-pane broke and looks like there are huge smear marks across it. It desperately needs to go!!

  67. Julie B says:

    I like the All Ultra Double Hang windows for my front porch.
    The closest location to me is at the
    Social Circle Ace Home Center
    181 S Cherokee Rd
    Social Circle, GA 30025
    It is about 20 minutes away!~
    Thank you for the chance! This would be great, our front porch windows’ wood are starting to rot.
    julumichael (at) yahoo (dot) com

  68. angela says:

    My closest spot is the Cloquet Home Center. I’d love a new double hung ultrex window for my bedroom. We currently have wood frames and they get so moldy! I’d love the easy cleanability of the ultrex!

  69. Solar Window and Door Inc.
    SLC UT

    I’ve got a ginormous 9 ft wall of windows (and sliding door) that is currently single pane, aluminum. Sometimes I wonder if it is doing anything to keep the elements out. Seriously! The drapes flutter when it is windy and ice accumulates on the inside! The real eyesore are the super heavy circa 1970 drapes. My soul would rest so much easier if they were gone. But to be replaced by something lighter and more aesthetically pleasing, the windows/door needs upgrading first. Please save my aching soul;)

  70. Progressive Building Supply in Chagrin Falls is closest to me, and since my storm windows for my front casement window just shattered while they were out for cleaning/resealing, I would definitely use the $500 towards one of their Wood-Ultrex
    Bay/Bow Windows to replace the front window, which is in need of replacement anyway!

  71. O L Bolyard Lumber Co is our closest location. We desperately need to replace casement windows in each bedroom. Yikes!

  72. Ervin Architectural Products in Virginia Beach is the closest! And I’d totally get some casement windows. Those look awesome.

  73. Lauren E. says:

    Our local dealer is Affordable Windows & Doors Co., Inc. in Leicester MA. I love the double hung windows in white.

  74. Amy S. says:

    My local dealer is Home Elements in Alpine, Texas. I would love to have the out-swing French doors. Beautiful!!!

  75. Kacie Lundberg says:

    Johnson Brothers Inc
    223 Basalt St
    Idaho Falls, ID

    Johnson Brothers is our closet! We are replacing all the windows in our house, which is a combo of both kinds!

  76. Lora W. says:

    My closest location is Ervin Architectural Products, 1364 London Bridge Rd Suite 102, Virginia Beach, VA 23453. I like the wood-ultrex double hung replacement windows. They would be so much more energy saving than my 1962 windows.

  77. Sheila Modine says:

    1301 E Mead Ave
    Yakima, WA 98903
    I would replace a broken window in our master bedroom.

  78. Joy saunders says:

    Century Lumber
    506 Norfolk Ave
    Norfolk, NE 68702
    (402) 371-3620
    (402) 371-3622 (fax)
    I would like glider windows in my living room or a bay window.

  79. Colleen says:

    East Coast Lumber Building Supply in East Hampstead, NH
    I would definitely go with French doors. We are looking into renovating our home in the very near future and I would love to install French doors instead of a slider to give a more indoor/outdoor vibe to the space.

  80. Natalie Lyons says:

    I have a retailer in my hometown, Chambersburg, PA. I would love new double hung windows. The wood on our windows is becoming soft and I would love new windows for my boys room. :)

  81. My closest store is Apco Architectural Products in Columbus, Ohio. We replaced most of our windows recently, but one of the others just cracked. It would be so great to replace it without shelling out more money on windows!

  82. Emilia says:

    My closest retailer is Architectural Openings & Access, Grand Rapids, Michigan. I would love new windows. I would most likely start with replacing the large picture window in our living room. It’s quite old and very drafty.

  83. Window Classics West Palm Beach is my closest retailer. My townhouse doesn’t actually have any windows – it has 4 sliding glass doors instead. The sliding French doors would look AMAZING downstairs.

  84. my local dealer is 6.7 miles away, and the I love their french outswing exterior doors the best

  85. Midway Wholesale in Topeka, KS is my closest! I have some casement windows that are starting to leak in the southern sun..they really need to be replaced (I want to try something tinted because of the heat!)

  86. Harmony B says:

    My nearest dealer is Builders General in Toms River, NJ
    Would love to replace my sliding doors with the french doors

  87. Spencer says:

    My closest dealer is Southern Lumber Supply in Dothan, Alabama. Bay windows for our home would be great.

  88. The closest location to us is Global Home Improvements in Morristown and we run by there all the time and dream of having new windows on our 1867 victorian-style house! The double hung would work best for us… Dreamy!

  89. DMI of AZ in Mesa, AZ is closest to me. I would add more windows in the living areas. I think i would add French Doors.

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