DIY Wood Veneer Paper Chain.

Anu from Nalle’s House is back to share with us a modern twist on the classic Christmas paper chain which I’m totally crushin’ on! Take it away Anu!
I’m glad to be back here to share a simple Christmas DIY – a paper chain made from wood veneer.  When I told my husband that I wanted to make a paper chain from wood veneer, he told me that he remembered seeing something like this in a Finnish home when he was younger.  I’m not sure where I got the idea from, but I know that growing up in Finland, many of the decorations were made from natural materials and I can definitely picture this wood veneer chain fitting right in.
I decided to rest the chain on our dining room’s long, DIY floating sideboard and added some twinkle lights to use it as a modern garland.  Please don’t mind the Christmas balls on the airplane print.  It was a fun little Christmas activity/decorating project I let my three year-old help with. :)
I chose birch veneer for my chain and left it natural although I may go back and seal it with a little wax.  I love how the wood veneer elevates a simple paper chain decoration.  I think it could go well both with a more modern interior such as my dining room as well as a more rustic interior/decor.
Here’s how to make your own wood veneer paper chain.

Wood Veneer Paper Chain

wood veneer:  I chose a 6″ x 99″ piece of birch veneer
hot glue
rotary cutter/exacto knife, ruler and cutting mat
warm water
How To:
1.  Cut your veneer into 6″ x 11″ pieces
2.  Wet your veneer piece by holding it under warm running water.  This will help both to cut the piece into strips and to bend it.
3.  Cut your pieces from step 1 into four 1.5″ x 11″ pieces.
4.  Bend your strips into circles and clip to secure using paper clips.  Let dry.
5. & 6.  Carefully remove your clips and hot glue your first ring closed using hot glue.  For the remaining strips, weave them through the previous ring before glueing (just like a regular paper chain).

I hope you are inspired to get in just a little more Christmas DIY/crafting.  There’s still time!  Thanks again Michelle for having me here.  I wish you all a very merry Christmas from Nalle’s House.  Please feel free to come check out some of my other Scandinavian inspired Christmas projects like this Danish Wooden Dowel Tree (filigree tree).



  1. Beautiful! I’m not sure I could do the string letters as well as you did but would love to try!

  2. Where did you get your veneer? I love it!


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