DIY wall shelves and a giveaway!

I’ve decided to actually put some real thought and effort in to decorating this holiday.
This year’s theme at my house is “It’s a white Christmas” (would you expect any other color from me?).
One of the questions I ALWAYS get is, “How can you have so much white in your house with kids?”
My reply is always, “White keeps you honest”.
When there’s dirt somewhere, I see it and I clean it up (or just leave it). I don’t like dirt to be camouflaged so I never know it’s there.
On the flip side, did you know that really dark colors keep you honest as well?


A while back I painted this wall black.  While I love the deep, bold drama it adds to the room it shows EVERY SINGLE SPECK of dust.
You can’t tell in this picture because of bad lighting but if you got up close you’d see it’s covered with a layer of dust and kids hand prints.
Since this was going to be my holiday focus wall I needed to clean it up.
This year I got a little help from P&G products: Bounty Paper Towels, Dawn soap, Swiffer Duster, Febreze and the Home Depot.

Home Depot 4men1lady

First things first…clean this wall.  I first started off by dusting the wall with a Swiffer Duster.
I’ve never been pleased with the results of dusters but I was surprised how well the Swiffer actually trapped and removed dust.
Next I used a few drops of Dawn soap and water and wiped the wall down with some Bounty paper towels.
To freshen up the heavy smell of boys I used Febreze…ah!
Amazing how just cleaning up can make a huge difference.

Next, I measured my wall and went back to Home Depot to collect my supplies.
Any guesses yet as to what I’m constructing?

Home Depot Supplies

I banged the shizzle out of my shin on my pile of boards sticking out the bottom of my cart.  I tried to act all tough in  front of Mr. Home Depot guy but dang did it sting somethin’ fierce!  He furrowed his brow at me when I squatted down and took a picture of my boo-boo.  I’m sure he thought I was collecting evidence to sue or something.

2013-11-12 18.37.43

(Yes, I airbrushed the heck out of my leg. It’s winter…give a girl a break).

Ikea actually sells the Ribba Wall Shelf which is what I wanted but it was only half the size I needed.


When you can’t find what you’re looking for…make it yourself!
I bought 2, 1x4x6 white primed boards for $6.34 each.
I then bought 1, 1x2x8 board for $3.07 for a grand total of $15.75 per shelf!
After they were constructed I filled the wholes with a little putty, sanded them down and gave them a once-over with spray paint.


Next…filling up the shelves with holiday hoopla.

I LOVE the cull pile at Home Depot.  If you ever need any sort of lumber, check there first because you’ll never pay full price.

2013-11-13 17.45.43

When people need a piece of lumber cut down the part they didn’t need will go on to this cart and sold for a fraction.  I found all the lumber for this next project here for under $3.00.

String art

I knew I wanted something big, bold and graphic on the top shelf so I decided to spell out “JOY” using nails and twine.
I first traced out my letter on the board, then hammered nails in to each curve or angle.
The neighborhood stray cat came by to inspect my work.


For the “O” I simply hot glued my fingers together as well as jingle bells on the a piece of foam.


Christmas has come to our house a little early!

Christmas wall collage

Myself, P&G and the Home Depot want to help you get your house holiday ready as well.

We’re giving away all the products I used which include a Swiffer 360 Duster Kit, a can of Febreze, Bounty Paper Towels, Dawn Soap and a $200. gift card to the Home Depot!


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  1. elizabeth says:

    Looks great!

  2. A. Legler says:

    Ah, Home Depot. What WOULDN’T I spend money on there? We currently have plans to build a table, acquire some new tools, get some supplies to make our home more efficient, as well as lots of other fun plans. :) Love all of your tutorials!

  3. Goodness $200 smackers at HD would be great… our basement hasn’t been painted in 8 years!!! With four monkeys you should see the amount of little holes/dings down there!!! I would love to do a wood wall treatment part way up the walls and then paint paint paint. IT IS TIME. Good luck to everyone.

  4. I just painted a black wall in my house – the dust is yet to settle! I’d spend the cash on a new light fixture for our new nursery :) Great shelves!

  5. this project turned out great! thanks so much for sharing :)

  6. Love the cute JOY sign. I want one!

  7. Jennifer B says:

    I would put the $200 towards some new flooring! Yeah new floors for Christmas! :)

  8. Oh my $200 from Home Depot?!?!? I think with that we would build shelves and organize our garage! Not as fun as some other projects but man would I relax with an organized garage!

  9. Chesley Combs says:

    Love the shelves…and most of all, they’re DIY’ed instead of buying new ones. Stupid question. How did you hang them?

  10. I would love to when! And I’m totally going to use this idea.

  11. Shannon Rode says:

    I LOVE that bell wreath that you made. Your home is beautiful!

    • Shannon Rode says:

      Sorry, I forgot to comment also and say if I won the gift card I would be buying major paint, and supplies to re-do my daughters closet. Think shelves, organization, storage, etc

  12. We have been looking at a few power tools for some home projects and I would use the $200 for that!

  13. love the creative joy sign!

  14. Super cute! I’m totally inspired by all of the fantastic holiday decorations I’ve been seeing lately.

  15. Dee in BC says:

    I use all of these products & would love to have more. &I we even have a Home Depot in my little town.

  16. paint, paint, and more paint. oh and maybe some dang curtain rods.
    yeah…so exciting, but it adds up!

  17. I have my eye on several fab light fixtures at HD, and $200 would go far in making them happen!

  18. I love the string letters. They are something I’ve always wanted to try but seem to forget about. Thanks for the reminder of a fun project.

  19. Lakitia A. says:

    I really love the black wall. I’m trying to find a design for my focal wall. Everything turned out great!

    Happy Holidays.

  20. If I won, I would put the $200 to new flooring for my house!

  21. I LOVE your joy sign! Its SO awesome!!!

  22. The DIY shelves look fabulous! I also love the way you styled your Christmas items on that wall! Well done!


  23. I would love to be able to give my husband a kreg jig from home depot!

  24. If I win the $200 Home Depot gift card, I would spend it on lighting!


  25. Looks great, I love high contrast design!

  26. I love that silver bell wreath, so cute! I would definitely buy new door handles and electrical outlets and switches….boring, but oh-so-necessary.

  27. I would love to make both the floating shelves AND your Joy letters! So creative!

  28. Love the wall! Your JOY art is so creative.

  29. What an awesome contest! I would love to get a new ceiling fan for my bedroom. I live in Fort Lauderdale and it is HOT! :)

  30. We need a saw. Like bad.

  31. The shelves look great, and easy! I have an empty wall that needs somthing, and I think this just might work. Thanks!

  32. I have a black front door and I have never been able to get it clean. You gave me some good suggestions. Thanks!

  33. I would buy stuff to redo our master bedroom, it’s seriously lacking.

  34. So may projects I could do with a Home Depot GC. I just ran out of febreze too.

  35. If I win, I would spend the $200 gift card on building a front porch/re-landscaping our front yard! :)

  36. I’ll be spending the gift card on materials for a new closet. We have a 3rd baby coming in March and a serious lack of organized storage for clothes so I need to build a new closet or two so I can get my clothes out of our 2 year old’s room.

  37. I want to make these exact shelves so that’s how I’d use the card!

  38. Angela white says:

    That Home Depot gift card is calling my name… A mini master bath make over is in my future…

  39. Heather Miller says:


  40. Catherine says:

    I am actually moving cross country during the holidays so this gift card would be perfect to help me out!

  41. Will totally spend that on paint. And lumber. And a paint sprayer!

  42. We just moved so my projects are endless at this point. I think I would start with my daughters room, as she still has not felt at home just yet. Thank you for this opportunity!

  43. Oooooh – I love these shelves! We have a similar wall in our house, and I’ve been trying to figure out which kind of shelves to put on it. I love the little lip on yours – keeps everything corralled! Once the holidays are over, I’m totally doing this! Thanks for the great idea, and the generous giveaway.

  44. The shelves look great! I’m going to go check out the cull bin-thanks for the tip.

  45. Meghan Kemphaus says:

    I love the shelves!

  46. I’m not sure what I would do with the money yet. I don’t think I would have a problem finding something however ;)

  47. These are all some of my favorite cleaning supplies! I would love a gift card from Home Depot!

  48. Fingers crossed! :-)

  49. Stacy Gerdes says:

    Love the JOY art you made. Fabulous.

  50. Beautiful shelves! I have a large blank wall space in my apartment that I’ve been meaning to fill – shelves would be perfect. And a $200 gift card would be just the push I need to get started.

  51. I love, love, love this!!! You’re amazing!

  52. Love those shelves, they turned out amazing!

  53. I like it a lot, especially the added greenery.

  54. Yeowch! That’s a nasty cut on your shin. But it was worth it because your shelves turned out great! I love how you’ve styled it.

  55. I’ve been saving, saving and re-saving for-ev-er for a kitchen spruce up. This would be so helpful! Love the JOY and laughed about your hotglue comment.

  56. This guy needs some new light fixtures!

  57. Love the dark wall and Christmas decorations!!

  58. I would spend it on stuff to finish our basement!

  59. I love the shelves and everything on them!

  60. Great giveaway!

  61. I’d fix the ceiling in my bathroom. And clean up the mess with the other products when i’m done.

  62. I would use the money to install backsplash in the kitchen.

  63. Wow!! Great projects! Everything turned out beautifully!

  64. Decorating our due in April baby boy’s room!

  65. An air compressor!

  66. Brianne Sheppard says:

    I would put it towards a new dishwasher! Bee Sheppardo

  67. So Pretty!

  68. Looks amazing! Love the simple elegance. Fingers crossed for the gift card. My ancient outdoor lighting could stand to be replaced.

  69. Wow! I loooooove this look!

  70. We always buy our Christmas tree at Home Depot, so I’d spend money on that. Plus some shelves for above my desk. I was going to buy some pre-made, but now am inspired to try to build my own. I’d probably buy some supplies for my gourd art, as well (sanding papers, stains, sealants, etc.)

  71. If I were to win, I would buy tile for my entry way. It is dieting for a facelift. : )

  72. Oh the list for Home Depot is long! I’d start with a little copy cat JOY holiday project and them move to paint and a light fixture :) muc joy to you and yours :)

  73. Love, love, love the black wall and the decorations.

  74. I would spend the gift card on paint or outdoor lighting fixtures.

  75. oh gosh this would come so in handy right now. we need new appliances!

  76. My house sure needs a good cleaning about now. With the furnace running all the time, dust abounds!

  77. risia bradshaw says:

    Oh WOW!! Home Depot, my favorite store, I will be trying to repaint my basement so I’d love to use it to pay for paint and supplies!
    happy holidays to all!!!

  78. The look great. I need a new light on my porch and in my kitchen.

  79. I`d buy some new light fixtures and lot of paint!

  80. Lynn Yeung says:

    Loveee this!! the boo boo tho painful was worth the final result! Great job! what is the wall/paint color behind your new shelf?

  81. New tiles for the bathroom, shelves for the garage.

  82. I would get some paint and paint supplies!

  83. Knobs for my new mudroom!

  84. It looks amazing!

    I’d use the gift card to make myself a desk!

  85. Mary Happymommy says:

    I will buy new bathroom faucets.

  86. The wall looks amazing! I haven’t really started my holiday decorating yet… the shame!

  87. I love it!

  88. I’d spend it on a lawnmower, ours gave out this year :+)

  89. I would buy new dryer

  90. Gorgeous! I love your creativity and style

  91. I’d love to purchase new lighting at Home Depot!

    The shelves look great! :)

  92. love the impact! we could really use some closet organizers in our home, so i’d be using that gift card for those.

  93. Love the shelves. They look great!

    I would buy supplies to give my sons room a makeover!

  94. I would spend it on building supplies

  95. Lisa Leigh says:

    Makes me smile! Looks great!

  96. I’d probably spend it on paint to freshen things up

  97. I’m asking my husband for Christmas to redo our laundry room floor! Love Home Depot!

  98. Carol Roberts clark says:

    actually i love ur project and if i won i would duplicate it and see if it looks as good as yours that is just amazing

  99. I love the homemade shelves. I think I’m going to make my own.

  100. I’d probably buy some paint and some plants…and, after seeing this, some supplies to make some giant yarn letters. :)

  101. Andrea Anderson says:

    I would put it towards a new front door!

  102. I would invest in new carpet!!! Definitely love your shelving ideas too! :)

  103. My husband and I just built a new bed but ran out of money to make the side tables. So that is what I would use it for plus some other little projects that we would love to do but never seem to have the extra money to do them.

  104. Looks fantastic! Hubby would love this! He really want an air compressor!

  105. wow, this looks lovely.. very stylish

  106. $200 towards supplies to making over my laundry room.

    I love your JOY sign!

  107. Julie Wood says:

    I’d buy window coverings!

  108. We’ve been thinking about building our kids a bunk beds and this money will help get the supplies!

  109. Tough decision… I would get new tile for our fireplace!

  110. carol chew says:

    i would spend it on new tools!

  111. Spend it on plants and paint for the house.

  112. I would use the $200 HD card to buy my husband materials to install wainscoting in our living room.

  113. A new vacuum. My 5 year old Dyson just bit the dust. I can’t believe it. I thought Dyson would be my last vacuum purchase ever.

  114. Thank you for the giveaway! Your blog is an inspiration!

  115. Gorgeous!! I would use the gift card towards a new kitchen sink!!

  116. I’d buy a new weedeater and some flowers if I win.

  117. I actually think I’d save mine til spring and splurge on plants for my garden! Your wall looks great! I’m jealous of your carpentry skills!!

  118. Love the wall and all the creative ideas! I would buy paint and probably a new light fixture for my office.

  119. wood to build new tables!

  120. Accessories for my basement!

  121. Ooohhh, some new lights for the master bedroom and some wood to frame out my last bathroom mirror.

  122. Love the JOY, great idea!

  123. such a versatile decorating tool…just big enough to make the perfect sized display and rotate each season. love them!

  124. Jennifer G says:

    I love those shelves, just what I need above my couch!! But how did you hang them to the wall? Just a drywall anchor and screw in a few places along the shelf? I really want to make them!

  125. Love those shelves! It really makes the wall pop even more!

  126. If I won I would definitely put the winnings towards a new washer and dryer. We just closed on our first house yesterday (EEK!!) and are saving our pennies for some fancy front loaders.

  127. I’d unfortunately buy a dehumidifier or something boring, but I’d love to buy something fun!!

  128. looks great! i’d use the gift card to get a snow blower!

  129. Love Home Depot! Thanks for the opportunity at this great giveaway.

  130. Awesome ideas and I am in serious need of paint.

  131. Insulation for our back porch so we can use it all year!

  132. Love your shelves. I’m going to use my 200 dollar gift card to make shelves and of course buy me some spray paint.

  133. I would use it towards a small reno on my bathroom that is in great need! Thanks.
    Also love the star. What did you use?

  134. I need a new light fixture in my dining room – that’s what I’d pick up at home depot!

  135. $200 bucks at Home Depot – A DIY Girl’s dream! Need to get supplies for a new outdoor patio!

  136. Looks great! I would love some extra DIY cash right about now!

  137. Anita Murdock says:

    Home Depot rocks! I’d love to win this gift card and get a tile cutting saw so I can finally start the bathroom floors here in our first house. White linoleum, your days are numbered!

  138. I’d use it to buy my husband more of the tools he needs for woodworking. He loves to build furniture from reclaimed wood, etc. but the tools are so pricey, this would be a huge help!

  139. Crystal Still says:

    I found you via Debbie at Tattered Butterfly & I’m so happy! What a great Blog & love this project! $200 at HD! Wow, I would use it for supplies to update my little kitchen & paint! Oh how I need to paint evey wall in my house!!! Best-Crystal

  140. I have been wanting to make a custom bookshelf for a narrow space and my husband is finishing up a bench with storage for our entry way that will need to be stained so I would be getting supplies for those projects!

  141. Steph Nelson says:

    I would purchase some wood trim for a project I want to do and some ORB.

    Love your wall, turned out beautiful~

  142. We really need new lighting in our living room so I’d use it on that!

  143. hmm, $200 bucks at home depot… i’d spend it on an air compressor for my husband, he’s been drooling over a big 60 gallon one so he can use air tools for all my projects

  144. Probably more paint! I seem to be painting everything that doesn’t move lately!

  145. Betty Baez says:

    Would love to use it on wood to make a hall tree!

  146. How do you come up with this stuff?

  147. Dede Jackson says:

    Something to clean my wood floors in our new house!

  148. We would use it to continue to upgrade our house- new bathroom sink I swooned at today would be nice.

  149. I live in a white house too! I can’t imagine it any other way. Contrary to what many believe, I think white is really easy to live with. That said, I’m always open to trying new cleaning products.

  150. I need new lighting in my kitchen.

  151. Christy Bynum says:

    I would love to win this! Great projects, above!

  152. Ellen Casper says:

    A new pressure washer would be great!

  153. I’ve been wanting to build an island for my kitchen since we moved into our current apartment over a year ago. It’s a supre cute apartment but we have about 6sq ft of counter space :-/ I’d use a $200 gift card to buy lumber and tools to get ‘er done!

  154. Building something cool for my home is what I would use the money for =)

  155. I love these, I have a wall of Shelves an never woulda thought of this!!!!
    Thank you

  156. A new dishwasher! Mine is making some really strange sounds right now….

  157. I would get a new Bathroom sink

  158. a new pedistal sink for my bathroom

  159. Paint (our kitchen is in dire need)!

  160. You have the best ideas for blanks spaces!!

  161. Victoria C says:

    I would love to retile the kitchen with some plain subway tiles. And extra cleaning products would assist my ocd’s.

  162. I’d spend it on landscaping – my yard is in desperate need of some love!

    I love your project! It looks amazing.

  163. LOVE LOVE LOVE those shelves! Why didn’t I ever think about that! Those dang shins hurt something fierce when they get hit!

  164. Staci Torgerson says:

    I’m soooo needing to build storage in our play/craft room. We moved to a new/older home in June and Hime Depot is our go-to resource center. Love them.

  165. You’re amazing — so creative! Love the wall, esp the JOY letters.

    We need a backsplash — the HD card would buy us some nice tile! Hoping….

  166. Adorable! I love the bells for the “o”.

  167. I would use the gift card towards our kitchen redo

  168. Katie Renaud says:

    What a beautiful display! I can’t wait to make the “JOY” sign.

  169. Michelle,
    This is gorgeous. I have the word “JOY” also over my fireplace this year, but not as Grandiose as yours. Wonderful Job.
    If I were to win I’d fix some closets (need Shelves) and buy paint for the bathroom & stairwell.

  170. New light fixture(s) in the kitchen! The 80s are calling and what their lights back.

  171. love what you did with the wall and shelves!!

  172. 200 smackaroos?? That would really help with our built in shelving project!! Love love love your blog and your style! So. Much. Inspiration!

  173. I would love to get some new tile for my bathroom!

  174. Fun! I would buy some new lighting for my hallway!

  175. I’d finally get around to painting my house!

  176. I would spend it on paint. Much needed for our renovations on our new-to-us home!

  177. Kitchen cabinet hardware!

  178. New shelves for the garage and some paint! Thanks for the giveaway!

  179. Sandpaper and polyurethane! We’re going to tear out the carpet and refinish our hardwoods this coming year.

  180. Home Depot! We are always updating our 1950s house so where to start — either wood, paint, or electrical tools.

  181. Your shelves and christmas decor is absolutely awesome!! I love it all. I would use the gift card for a medicine cabinet and wood paneling for a long hallway.

  182. I’d fix my back deck.

  183. I would buy new lighting and paint for the kitchen.

  184. I will put that money towards a new vacuum.

  185. Love Home Depot! I would use the gift card to put a new ceiling in our living room….ours is cracked and falling down. Thanks for the chance!

  186. Wow those shelves look amazing, way better than the ikea version!

  187. If I win, I will be able to start my kitchen makeover project! I bought my house a little over a year ago and every time I seem to save up some money for the project something comes up and it just gets pushed back. It would be nice to finally get to start it and make this house more my home!

  188. we need new lighting!!

  189. I would put the money towards replacing all of our “builder’s choice” light fixtures.

  190. I would buy some lumber to build some much needed shelving in our garage!

  191. $200 dollars would go towards wood to make this shelf and some buying some new tools.

  192. Love the look!

  193. I would stock up on Christmas decor from their after Christmas specials!!

  194. Sarah Jane says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! I think we’d spend the money on light fixtures for a future addition we are planning.

  195. Kristin Goodson says:

    Probably buy some new flooring!!

  196. We’ve been wanting to build a headboard for our bed *fingers crossed*

  197. I would use the $200 toward supplies to build my kids new age appropriate play tables & display shelves. We’ve gone from toddler/ knee/floor play to bigger kid needs. LOVE your joy sign! As always your stuff is about the best things since scones, honey & butter!

  198. I would use the gift card for either a new window to replace the broken on in the guest room or replacing the drop down attic door and ladder that droop and have cracks.

  199. Amazing! I love your blog. You have such creative ideas!

  200. If I win, I would use this money to keep my home stocked in household supplies for the next few months. I am currently unemployed (or funemployed as my family has been calling it in order to keep things positive), so $200 would go a long way :)

  201. Your wall looks so fresh and festive!

  202. I have no clue what I’d buy with my gift card. Isn’t that the beauty of gift cards? :)

  203. Lisa Brown says:

    my husband will by a new battery for his cordless drill.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  204. Eric Risner says:

    We need to decorate our home, so I would give some awesome curtains and rods!

  205. Christi Boyd says:

    Looks great!

  206. What would I get if I win? An exterior light fixture for the barn. Swiffer duster refills (love them). New bathroom vanity. The list could go on and on.

  207. Houa Utech says:

    Plans to redo laundry room!

  208. Nataly Carbonell says:

    I’d buy paint for a living room makeover!

  209. Melissa L. says:

    I won I’d spend the gift card towards a new freezer. Definitely help for stocking up for the holidays! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  210. We’re starting a remodel on our small master bathroom so a Home Depot gift card would definitely help. I’m loving the book ornaments!

  211. Reprint those kitchen cabinets and splurge on a little hardware.

  212. I would spend it on a new sink (mine’s rusty) and a new faucet. It would transform my bathroom:)

  213. If I win I will be able to finish my bedroom :)

  214. I would get a new sink!!! Goodbye ugly chippy sink

  215. Sonya Morris says:

    I would give it to my husband so he could buy something nice for himself!

  216. amy pugmire says:

    we need some new blinds.

  217. Lisa Brown says:

    i would buy paint to repaint my horribly dark bathroom

  218. Hmmm, $200 at Home Depot. I am in the middle of making my dinning room beautiful! I would spend it on stain ( for my massive dinning room table that I just spent 3 days sanding down) paint for the walls, some really pretty curtains…. the possibilities are endless!! I love Home Depot!!

  219. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    We need work done in our big bathroom, we haven’t done anything to it and we’ve been here 6 years.

  220. I love the DIY JOY sign it looks fantastic!

  221. Paint, paint, paint!

  222. David Holder says:

    I would use it to fix up our deck or master bathroom.

  223. gardening supplies. Here in CA it’s already time to plant!

  224. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I use it to buy a rug for our living room and some supplies to get our back porch finished!

  225. Katrina Buening says:

    I would use it on stuff to fix up my house. Maybe some new counter tops! Thanks so much for the chance to win! XOXO

  226. terry maigi says:

    I would use the gift card to put new trim in my house. We ripped it out FIVE years ago with the intentions of replacing it but life happened and we just have had the finances to fix it!

  227. I would give it to my dad


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