DIY Tomato Cage Pot Planter.

My hacker friend has struck again.
Although I really do think it’s a sophisticated computer program doing a nasty little number and giving technology a bad reputation.
Oh how I love and hate computers.
Not to worry, I’ve got my brainy-act peeps on it.
If you see a few questionable things coming from me…forgive me, ignore it then send me a heads up if you can.
Good will prevail! (That’s not meant as a challenge hackers).

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen we’ve been up to our necks putting together an IKEA kitchen this past weekend for a condo project.
There was a lot bleeping when we installed a few things upside down then waited on hold with the Ikea help desk forever only to be disconnected.
The Mr. and I are still on silent treatment terms with each other but that will blow over as soon as we’ve settled down from the IKEA-rage
(which is very similar to road rage minus the road).

In the meantime, I wanted to give you another little Home Depot Patio Style Challenge teaser. There are several awesome bloggers participating and we’re all making our outdoor spaces look dope. Reveals begin today on the Home Depot Blog. You can also follow their Pinterest board to see highlights.
Onto the sneak peak…

You’ve seen tomato cages, yes?
But have you seen tomato cages that look like this?


This is just a few but they have them in almost every color of the rainbow!
I thought I was in Home

Your made. A Depot Heaven when I came across these.
A little snipity-jibit off the top…



Instant Terracotta pot holder.

Head on over to the Home Depot blog to see some more Patio Style Challenge reveals!


  1. You’re brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

    We’re moving soon and I need to spruce up our front porch. I needed a large scale planter beside the door that had color but I didn’t want to spend 40 on a planter I wouldnt use for long. This is perfect! I’ll paint my terracotta planter though [I hope they take color well]. THank you!

  2. brilliant! totally trying this.

  3. That is such a great idea! How sturdy is it though, can it hold a really heavy pot?
    Definitely going to remember this idea to add a touch of colour!

  4. sAILINI KING says:

    OH Yesss, for sure going to use this inexpensive but awesome pot holder. I totally love this.

  5. My husband sells those! I’ve got a few in my basement as we speak waiting for tomatoes…

  6. Kirsten Ritter says:

    Heeeeeeeeelp! I saw your ridiculously cute and brilliant DIY tomato cage planter post and want to try one. But, now for the life of me I can’t find the bottom half of your post with all the instructions. And the Home Depot Style Challenge blog only links me back here? I NEED that planter. Can you help? ):

    • Oh no! That’s not good. I’ll have to look in to what is going on. In the meantime, Home Depot has tomato cages in every color of the rainbow. Just cut off the top wires and set your terra cotta pot in. Hope that helps! :)

      • Kirsten Ritter says:

        Thank you! I see that the pictures are back, which does help. Can’t wait to try it! You are so clever!!

  7. Is that a flat weave rug hanging on the wall? Do you have a post or any more info about it? Absolutely loving your patio!!

  8. girlfromwva says:

    i love your tomato cage pot planter. going to pick up a tomato cage tomorrow and do it!!! thanks for a great idea!

  9. Awesome idea,THANKYOU.I need another planter but don’t have the$$ 2 spend@I I have a tomato.cage already!


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