DIY time.

Estate sale frame:

Peg board from hardware store cut to size:

Can you guess where this is going yet?

Coat of white spray paint on frame:

Assortment of peg board hooks.

I didn’t like the chrome finish on these hooks and wanted to spray paint them a metallic bronze. I poked them in to the top of a shoe box lid for easy access when spraying.

I attached the peg board to the back of my frame then sprayed everything white.
Next, the hooks were inserted.

A new home for my jewelry.

Found these aged, antique looking hooks at Urban Outfitters.


  1. Lovely! Great idea and I absolutely love the addition of the hooks from Urban Outfitters – love it.


  2. Love it, such a great idea!

  3. Wow! That is amazing! What a great idea. Thank you for sharing.

  4. great idea michelle! i think it’s fun to have jewelry on display. it’s a shame to keep it hidden in a drawer.

  5. My jewelry is so stinking jealous!

  6. TOTALLY going to copy this. Do you mind if I link this post to my blog???

  7. Ahhh…. I always look forward to seeing what you’ve done!! Great job!

  8. You’re so good!!

  9. That is too cute ! Love the hooks and the frame !

  10. Cute idea.

  11. Such a great idea.

  12. How cool is THAT!
    Love it.

  13. I have no shame in admitting Michelle that I literally am on the phone right now to several friends telling them all they need to check out todays post! Big problem though…I’ll need to make sure I get up bright and early to find an old mirror or frame at the Thrift Stores or else they may get there before me! haha Love this idea and once again…BRILLIANT!! Keep it up, I’m countin on ya! hehe

  14. Cah-uute!

  15. Love it!! I am going to have to make this!!

    Smiles~ Michelle

  16. Um, amazing. I want to make one right this second. Or offer you an obscene amount of money for that one!

  17. Wow! this is my favorite jewelry I’ve seen so far! Wonderful idea, those hooks!

    You provided me with lots of inspiration for the one I want to make for my MIL, thanks for sharing!!

  18. Gorgeous!! I love the white, it really sets off your jewelry. Great vision.

  19. Love the board and LOVE your jewelry! Dana

  20. Love that chunky frame – it looks fantastic. Keep them coming.

  21. umm wow cool! way to go!

  22. i was just saying to myself… “i wish i could find a cute jewelry holder idea.”

    found it!

    so glad i found your cute blog too!

  23. I am 100% copying this idea. I’ve been messing with jewelry holder ideas and yours takes the cake.

    Nicely played.

  24. i am jelly..i cant find one of these for anything…

  25. Fabulous idea! In my spare 5 minutes of time every now and again, I create my own necklaces and have run out of space to store them. This is such an amazing idea to have them on display.

  26. I don’t know where you get your creativity, but could you sell me some? I love this idea.

  27. You amaze me with your creativity! I would have never thought to do that! I wish you lived closer, haha.

  28. Great idea! I am redoing a room to be my dressing room and this would be very cute in there. Going to have to try to find a bargain frame.

  29. What a wonderful idea! I love it to pieces.

  30. I recently wrote a post about diy jewelry display ideas. This one is great. Wish I would’ve seen it earlier!

  31. So crazy…must be my day! I was literally envisioning this exact (kind of;) ) project early this morning for my entryway, I need to make a coat/backpack/key rack that I want to look somewhat nice since I don’t have a real ‘mudroom’, and I just happened to find your site on Better After and you show exactly how to do it!! Heading to the thrift store after kids go to school looking for a large frame. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  32. Very nice. What a great idea.

  33. Love it! I’ve been dying to get my hands on an antique frame and make a jewelry display, or a chalkboard..still undecided. But your little creation makes me want to make a jewelry board!

  34. I love this! The hooks from Urban Outfitters totally make it.

  35. Nice! The best I’ve seen of these things. You’re the greatest.

  36. Very, very cute! I know a certain daughter who would LOVE that!

  37. The hooks were the perfect touch~ it looks great!

  38. I’m totally stealing this idea!

  39. So I must be the only gal left on the planet who hasn’t read your blog before……..just found you from the wonderful makeover post on Better After. I think I’ve found my “design twin” love your style and will definitely add you to my list of “must reads”.

    PS: Great mirror..I DIY’ed one just like it for my dining room (although I kept mine as a mirror it may end up like yours someday when I want a change).

  40. This project is fantastic. I especially love the hardware find from Urban Outfitters. Love your blog!!

  41. Dang Girl, that is so cute. I didn’t expect it to turn out so great! I’m sure your pleased.

  42. I’m in love! How do you come up with these things?

  43. I love it! Wow, what a great idea!! I just hung all of my jewellery on one of those cheap over the door hangers. This is beautiful. I must try it!

  44. I saw this hiding in your closet when I toured your home. Such a creative idea! I wish I had a jewelery collection like that!

  45. Just want to let you know this is a wonderful frame. FYI: You can get these exact frames with the little ribbon thingy from…our favorite place…Hobby Lobby! They have them in all sizes. Yessiirrr…

    In my city the biggest frame is $50. I can seriously see redoing a wall gallery with these frames.

  46. Beautiful frame and I loved how you transformed it! I might have to do something like this for necklaces. I made one for earrings but this is a notch better!! Thanks for sharing!!

  47. Just brilliant. I was browsing Houzz to collect ideas for our new apartment and then realised quite a few photos are actually from you. Well done, you do have a great talent! Keep it coming!

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