DIY Terrarium.

For some people, the mountains speak to them.
Others are at home by the water.
Me, I love the desert.
So I decided to bring a little desert in to my home with a DIY terrarium.


A terrarium is really just a mini green house. The environment inside the container is supposed to be the ideal growing conditions for many plants.
It needs very little watering because the closed environment and plant circulates the water.
With the exception of the jar (Target) and the charcoal (local gardening store) I found everything you see here at Home Depot.
Here’s how to put together a terrarium…

Blank Doc for Picmonkey

Couple tips…
Tip #1. Rinse your rocks before you put them in the jar. Sometimes they will have a chemical on them that could negatively affect your plants.
Tip #2. Don’t skip the charcoal step. It will help keep your soil fresh.

PicMonkey Collage2Tip #3: Make sure your plants don’t touch the edge of the jar.
Also, remove any wilting leaves or petals as soon as they fall off the stem as this could cause them to decay while in the jar.


Tip #4. Condensation forming on the inside of the jar means there’s too much moisture in the jar.  Take the lid off for about 15 minutes at a time to air out.


Spring came and teased us with some really warm temps over the last few weeks.
Then winter had to come back for one last hoorah.


No matter, I have my lovely desert to bring me comfort.
I also made another terrarium with basil, mint and parsley which you see next to my desert cactus. Fresh herbs whenever I need them.
(I followed the same exact process for the herb garden terrarium).


I have the lid on my jar here but after doing a little research I learned that desert plants are not the most ideal for a closed terrarium because they thrive in arid conditions so I’m now keeping the lid off.

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  1. What a good idea using a jar like that! I may have to try it, but I am not a very good indoor gardener…xo Kristin

  2. Would love to know if you followed the exact same process for the herb terrarium. Thanks!

  3. Any recommendations on where to buy the herbs in SLC? Are the grocery store varieties as likely to thrive as tracking them down at a nursery? This would be my first attempt at an herb garden.

    • After asking around I found that many times the same vendor sells to their plants to the nurseries, grocery stores and home improvement stores…so I think they’re just as good at the grocery stores. :) Happy planting.

  4. Ha brings me back to my childhood. Everything old is new again. My never layed forever but fun while they do!

  5. Love this idea! I must try it.

  6. Cool! Sometimes I forget about cacti and how cool they can be and how low maintenance they are and how they last foreverrr!

  7. I love the idea and I want to start make it tomorrow but do you know if they need a lot of sunshine? I live in a basement and I just have a little window.

  8. I love your little desert. I just recently brought a Jade plant :) and leave it at my office. Unfortunately, there isn’t much sunlight near my desk. The leaves are getting leggy and I don’t know what to do besides bring it home. Any suggestion for that?
    Where can I buy this big see through jar?

    • I’m learning that plants really need sun. I try and put mine right by the window and even give it outside time. I wish they were more a fix it and forget it type thing but unfortunately not.

  9. What kinds of plants are these?

  10. No where do you say to put any water, am I to assume that no water at all is used?

    • It depends on what you’ve planted and how big the container is. Usually just a few drops to start out. When covered, you technically don’t need to add water. But keep an eye on it. If it’s looking dry then give it a little water. Good luck!

  11. Thanks for the inspiration!
    The kids and I enjoyed making our own terrariums from treasures we found around our property.

  12. JLYNN Sizemore says:

    I am a school aged teacher at a daycare, I am wanting to create an Herb Terrarium with the kids. Thank you so much for your great blog. Any suggestions?

  13. This is an amazing post. Just one quick question, where did you get your charcoal. I was looking at Homedepot for gardening charcoal and could not find any. I wasn’t sure if it had to be a specific type or brand.
    Can I just use the charcoal for burning?


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