DIY paper chandelier.

 I’ve had this chandelier catalogued on my wish list for years.  
It’s called the Zettel’z 5 Chandelier and it retails for $1,220.00.
Not only do I think it’s really eye catching but it’s functional in more ways that one.
It provides light and is also a perfect place to hang love notes, reminders, kids pictures, photos…
just about anything.
Via Casa Sugar.
 I bought this light on months ago.  
Kind of serendipitous that I just hung it up AND it came up for sale again just a couple of days ago (a rarity to find something come up for sale twice on
 I decided to try and re-create the look on my own using some wire and clips.
 I picked up this whole spool of wire at Home Depot for just a few bucks.
Then I cut several pieces the same length.
I threaded them through the cage of the fixture making a hook with some wire-cutter-plier thingies.
 Once all the wires were attached I could gauge how long I wanted my wires and gave the spider looking thing a hair cut.  At this step I also bent the wire and shaped each piece.
 I found these Fotoclips at a consignment store for $1.00 per box!
They can also be found on Amazon here.
 Next, I printed a whole bunch of inspiring quotes in several different fonts and attached them to my clips.
I first tried vellum paper but it melted in my printer and jammed it up so I ended up just using plain old printing paper.
 The great thing about this is I can switch them out anytime with almost anything I want to display…
scribbled notes, pictures, photos, etc.
When all said and done it looks like this.  I think I’ll probably add a few more wires and notes.
If anything, we’ll never be for lack of conversation at the dinner table.


  1. Very cute. I love the original fixture too.

    I can’t believe they sell that original piece for so much when there are $12 photo mobiles that do the same thing! (

  2. Very creative! I love it!

  3. So fun I love it!

  4. I can’t even tell you how much I love this. Great knock off. Fun, cheap and creative. Well done!!!

  5. Very nice- such a great idea!!!

  6. How fun! I’ve loved that chandelier for awhile too, what a great way to recreate it!

  7. Very creative. I love the flexibility of it. You change it on a whim.


  8. I love this! And I think I like your version even better than the original!

  9. Very neat! You rock!

  10. This is super! Thanks for sharing. I love quotes of all kinds.

  11. I have seen this actual chandelier twice, once in Switzerland in my friend’s house, and once in Italy. It’s a SHOW STOPPER!! I love what you’ve done. The original uses a heavier plastic-ish sort of paper. Have you noticed any problem with regular paper? I LOVE WHAT YOU DID!! It’s amazing. AMAZING!!

    • Yes, I’d love to be able to purchase the “real McCoy”. No problem with using real paper. I just make sure it doesn’t come in to contact with the light bulb. Thank you!

  12. Love this fixture…I went to but could not find the fixture you used. Do you remember the name of the light to make the search a little easier? Hopefully they still have the light available. Thanks for the step-by-step instructions too.

    • Darn, unfortunately it was purchased so long ago my order no longer comes up under my account. I’ve seen it featured a couple times on so maybe follow them (they said daily – weekly notifications out as to what they are selling).

  13. I did another remake of the Zettel’z last month….
    see it on my website…..


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