DIY Nutcrackers.

Last year West Elm was selling a modern interpretation of the traditional nutcracker.
West Elm.
West Elm Price: $29. – $59.
Of course, the little wheels in my mind started running thinking I could duplicated the look for less.

Don’t forget the 20% off coupon for making a donation.

A coat ofspray primer and gold spray paint…

West Elm price: $29-$59. each.
My price: less than $5.00 each.

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  1. Stunning ! I love Nutcrackers in all shapes and colors ! These are beautiful.

  2. I’ve been obsessed with gold spray paint lately – love this!

  3. I’ve been obsessed with gold spray paint lately – I love this!

  4. Cute!! I saw white ones at Winners this year too if anyone is feeling too lazy for spraypaint. Love the gold tho!

  5. Brilliant Michelle! Why didn’t I think about that. I passed by three at Goodwill yesterday.

  6. Great idea to keep Christmas decor classy! I’m on my way to DI now!

    But really, we are all on pins and needles waiting for your new living room wall reveal! What’s that? Even YOU have to sleep and feed your family?

    (really great job on the stairs!)

  7. genius! since i sorta find regular ones kinda creepy. these are way less creepy and shiny!!

  8. Such a great idea! A great way to update a traditional item!

  9. Such a good idea.

  10. Love them!

  11. Those are gorgeous! I love nutcrackers, and I love that modern take on them even more!

  12. These are so stinkin cute Michelle!

  13. Such a good idea- I never thought about diying one!

  14. Did you de-beard?? If so, how, if you don’t mind sharing. I love them! Classy!

  15. Hi Lindsee,
    Yes, I de-bearded. I just ripped the fur right off the hat and beard. Then I lightly sanded off the glue. Took maybe 5 minutes.

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