DIY fort kit

I’m officially SICK of winter.
The cold, the smog, the kids couped up indoors…over it!
Maybe I need pull the plug on House Hunter’s International because that show has got me dreaming of nothing but tropical beaches in the Caribbean.

When the kids can’t go outside, we seem to have a permanent make-shift fort up somewhere in the house.  It’s proven to be the best thing yet to get the kids to step away from the video games and spark their imagination.  There’s a lot of talk about hot lava rivers that encircle the fort and dragons to boot.



Not saying I’m not grateful for all the Nerf guns they’ve received over the years at my kid’s birthday parties but I got to thinking…
a DIY fort would be a great and personal gift.
So I put a little kit together.


I found a metal box at a consignment store a while back that was perfect (but you could also use an old shoe box).  A headlight is a must for when it gets dark.  A few classic books would even make a great addition.  Little kiddos get hungry while playing make pretend so don’t forget the snacks.  An old sheet for the cover (and fabric markers would be a great way for kids to personalize their own fort).  Last, some clamps to hold the sheet in place.  I found these at Home Depot for $0.99 each.




Tie it up with twine and you’ve got a personalized gift that any boy or girl would adore.

Here’s a printable card I made to attach to the kit.


DIY fort kit card


DIY fort kit back

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  1. Jill Van Der Veur says:

    Michelle, you are amazing. Girlfriend you have talent oozing out of your fingertips! Thanks for the info tonight. We are lucky ladies to live next to you. Makes me proud:)

  2. Brilliant! My kids are constantly making forts, but I’ve never thought of getting clamps (I make them use piles of books or whatever else heavy they can find). I’m definitely making this for any birthday parties my four year old attends this year. Thanks!

  3. Don’t rule out fort kits for adults…they are lots of fun :)

  4. That’s such a good idea! My girls love making forts.

  5. that is an adorable idea michelle, and i’m in love with that box! i want 3 for my house!

  6. That is a great idea! So much better than a toy…we’re snowed in so I’m sure we’ll have our fair share of forts going on today!!

  7. This is so beyond adorable! I want to make this for every kid I know!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  8. Great idea! We even have a few of those clamps around already– just never thought to use them for fort-building.

  9. Super cute, Michelle! I’ve Pinned a few of these kits–haven’t remembered to make one yet though–gah! These others sewed strips to the corners of the sheet and included suction cups with hooks, which could add lots of possibilities for locating your fort! So fun.

  10. I’ve added a link to your BLOG from my BLOG ( I love reading about your design ideas and look forward to your posts.

    Thank You

  11. Last week I decided to try to make a blanket fort with my 18 month old to see if he would be interested at all. He went crazy with giddiness! Our only problem was that our biggest spare blanket we had was probably a twin size and I don’t keep spare sheets around (I’m a wash and put em right back on kinda gal) So our fort was way too small! I want to find an old set somehow to use just for forts. Please tell me, What size sheets do you use? Your sheets look wonderfully spacious!

    And thanks for the clamp idea! I tried with clothespins I had on hand and immediately realized they won’t work.

    • Hi Tam,
      So glad you’re little guy loved it. My little man loves it too. I use a king size sheet which offers more than enough space and coverage for a substantial fort. You can actually find a gazillion number of sheets at any thrift store. Just wash them in hot water and/or bleach and you’re set. Thanks for your comment!

  12. I love this idea! I’m so tired of plastic toys that fall apart within days of my son playing with them. We had some new kids move into the neighborhood and we did an home playdough kit. We did lemonade playdough! It was a big hit.


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