Diamond in the rough…

Browsing my Tucson Craigslist today and came across this stainless steel and leather trunk. I just love it. Such an interesting and unusual find. I love the traditional and modern elements together. Wouldn’t this look great as a coffee table? If only I had a place to put it. Not too bad for $100.00!


  1. I love that! don’t you love craigslist?. My friends and family think I have a serious problem. Good eye.

  2. That is a steal and such a unique piece! I really need to give Craigslist a chance.

  3. Nice piece but glad you passed on it. There will be more to come. See you August 20th – Can’t wait.

  4. very unique love it!

  5. That is such a steal! I want to say Pottery Barn recently had something very similar for over $1,000.

  6. They are at Pier 1 right now! At least in Oklahoma! :)

  7. my hubby bought me a brass trunk at an antique shop for my birthday that i love…100.00 was a steal for that trunk girl…

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