Cutting Edge Stencil Giveaway.

Wallpaper is all the rage these days and I’m a huge fan. However, if you’re not ready to fully commit to the cost, the involved application and what it may do to your walls then you may want to give Cutting Edge Stencils your consideration. They’ve become wildly popular for the versatility, selection and easy use. Plus if you decide you’re ready for a change over time, you can just paint right over it.
You may remember I stenciled my Arizona guest bathroom ceiling with the “Trellis All Over” stencil with great results.
Photo by: Wondertime Photo
Here are more stunning examples from Cutting Edge Stencils:
Stencils can even be used on projects other than walls!
  Want to try your hand at stenciling?
It’s easier than you think…
Cutting Edge Stencils will give away one stencil up to $50.00 to one lucky winner.
-Go to Cutting Edge Stencil’s website here and let me know which stencil you’d pick if you were to win.
-For an extra entry “Like” them on Facebook here.
Leave a comment on this post. 
Giveaway will close Monday, 11/28/11 at midnight, MST, winner chose via
Want to get your own stencil or one as a gift?
You can get 10% off your next purchase by entering code: “4ML10”. 


  1. I have a coffee table that would amazing with the CASABLANCA ALLOVER STENCIL. alliferguson {at} me {dot} com. Thanks, Michelle!

  2. I also like Cutting Edge on Facebook. Cheers for an extra entry :)

  3. I have been dying to use their Casablanca All Over stencil in my new dining room. It’s gorgeous.

  4. that rabat stencil seems easy enough…i hope!

  5. i feel like the trellis trend might be done but I still want one!

  6. and i already like them on fb. thanks for offering this!

  7. Great giveaway, I’ve just painted my bathroom and would love to add some stencils! I love the Zinnia Grande Flower Stencil.

  8. I would choose the Nagoya Allover.

  9. Birch trees allover!

    I know it’s kinda overdone in the blogosphere, but I neeeeeeed a birch tree forest in the future nursury. We’ll ignore the fact that i’m not actually pregnant yet.

    Also liked on FB!

  10. I love the casablanca all over stencil! It’d look great in our mudroom!

  11. What a great product. We think the trellis all over is just the best. Your idea to use it on the ceiling is stunning.

  12. I want to do my bathroom with the Casablanca Allover Stencil.

  13. I’ve just done a bedroom wall with a damask stencil. If I find enough courage (and my finger nails grow back!), I would like to try the Birch forest allover stencil.

  14. Definitely the houndstooth stencil…it would be so classic in my daughter’s room!

  15. Kaitlin R. says:

    Love the Casablanca!!!

  16. I also liked them on facebook!

  17. I can’t decide between Birch Forest or Chain Link. Both beautiful.

  18. If I win i would like Zamira Allover Stencil, not sure if I will do iton my bedroom ceiling or bedroom wall, but either way, I am pumped!

  19. I also like cutting edge stencil on facebook:)
    Zamira Allover Stencil

  20. I love the birch forest allover.

  21. I like them on FB!

  22. I love the Nadya Damask stencil.

  23. I do love the Trellis all over stencil, but I also loving the large fruit tree stencil!

  24. I love the spring songbirds stencil ad all the damask designs!

  25. I already follow cutting edge on Facebook

  26. I love the Zagora stencil!

  27. And I follow them on Facebook!

  28. I would LOVE to have the Aspen stencil for my bedroom. Thanks!

  29. I love the Fuji allover stencil. Thanks for .

  30. I like Cutting Edge Stencil on Facebook

  31. I love the dandelion blowing in the breeze!

  32. I like Cutting Edge Stencils on fb.

  33. Casablanca fo sho’

  34. so want to try the stencil in my laundry room!!

  35. I like the flower power stencil

  36. I love the damask designs, especially the Gabi stencil

  37. I liked them on FB

  38. Very tough call! I love these stencils! I would have to go with the alladin allover stencil. But I’d likely change my mind if you asked me again in 5 minutes! I love them all!

  39. tough choice! But i do love the Marrakech Trellis Allover Stencil. Wish me luck!

  40. I love the Anna damask stencil.

  41. I love the trellis all over stencil (since I broke down and bought the Morrocan Dream for myself this Fall).

  42. I follow them on FB.

  43. LOVE that Casablanca stencil!

  44. Oh man, I can’t get the image of the Trellis All Over stenciled on the ceiling. Gorgeous!!

  45. I like them on FB!!

  46. Casablanca forever! thank you for this opportunity.

  47. I’d choose the dandelion stencil- I think it would look terrific by my front door. ( strange as I work so hard to weed dandelions out of my yard)-Dee

  48. I would pick something from the tree and branch section, but it’s so hard to pick just one!

  49. I like the Casablanca Allover Stencil or the Zamira Allover Stencil. They both are really great. Thank you for the giveaway.

  50. I am also friends with them on FB.

  51. love the casablanca allover stencil!

  52. I love the Casablanca allover stencil. Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. I liked them on FB.

  54. And I like Cutting Edge Stencils on FB. Thanks!

  55. Vintage paisley!!! Fo’ Sho!

    Love it!

  56. I love the Marrakech Trellis All Over Stencil!

  57. No kidding – I have been eyeing this stencil for six months and I would love to win this giveaway – it would give me the push I need. I want to do my living room wall in:
    Marrakech Trellis Allover Stencil.

    I also liked them on FB. 2 entries!! (can you tell I want to win?)

  58. So many beautiful designs to choose from. I would love the Birch Forest Allover. Have the perfect wall in mind for it.

  59. I really need the Houndstooth Allover Stencil! My favorite pattern!

  60. I need the houndstooth allover stencil to save my kitchen rug.

  61. I like them on facebook.

  62. Would love to try the Casablanca or Houndstooth patterns. There are so many great ones it is hard to choose.

  63. I liked them on Facebook too!

  64. I would love the Birch Forest Allover Stencil because I just can’t commit to the Cole & Sons Woods Wallpaper and this would be a great alternative. Otherwise the houndstooth is classic.

  65. I Love the Casablanca All over print! It’s gorgeous!

  66. I like the Casablanca or the Birch Forest. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  67. I love the birch forest! Thanks for the opportunity!

  68. I love this one:
    and the birch trees.
    So many great patterns that I’m sure if I spent a little more time looking, I’d find several more that love.

  69. What happens if I like them all?! LOL!

  70. I like ’em on FB. Hip, hip, hoorray for extra enteries!

  71. I like the chandelier stencil for my dining room.

  72. I really love the Hourglass all over stencil!

  73. I already like them on FB!

  74. I love the idea of stenciling, and even did my foyer/stair wall with a stencil I cut myself. I couldn’t bear the thought of shelling out big money for the very simple design I chose, but now would love to try out one of the geometric allover stencils like cross stitch or houndstooth in my bedroom.

  75. I gave them a like on FB too.

  76. I love the Rose Damask Stencil and the marrakesh all over designs

  77. I ‘like’ Cutting Edge on FB.

  78. I would love to give the Anna Damask stencil a try :). Here’s hoping!

  79. Hard to choose, but I I’ll go with the fish scale. Simple and great.

  80. This comment has been removed by the author.

  81. as much as i would LOVE to stencil an entire wall, i rent an apartment in queens, ny and would like to add a pop of personality and color with the “funky wheel” stencil. this way, when it comes time to move on i won’t be painting over hours and hours of hard stencil work…i’ll save the bigger projects for down the road.

  82. I would love the Casablanca Allover Stencil in our master’s bedroom.

  83. I really like the birch forest stencil. It is really fun seeming.

  84. I am LOVING the Marrakech Trellis Stencil

  85. I already liked Cutting Edge on FB! Thanks so much for offering this fab giveaway

  86. Nadya Damask

  87. Liked them on facebook!

  88. I’m been eyeing the casablanca stencil for my bathroom walls for awhile now. Maybe if I win it, I can take the plunge and do it!

  89. I absolutely love their Zinnia stencil. Can you imagine that in a nursery room? So pretty.

  90. I love so many! I think My favorite is the Spring songbirds wall stencil, I also really like the birch trees and so many others! It would be so hard to choose!

  91. I liked them on facebook!

  92. Nagoya Allover Stencil

  93. I also like Cutting Edge Stencils on facebook!

  94. I would love the Paisley allover stencil.

  95. so many beautiful choices but i would start simple with the Chandelier Stencil as i am doing a hogwarts bedroom for my girls and this would be perfect.

  96. I already follow them on Facebook!

  97. I love the Marrakech Trellis Allover stencil. I would love to use it to stencil some curtains for my family room. :)

  98. I like Cutting Edge Stencils on Facebook! :)

  99. No kidding… I was just looking at the garden birds, or the flying birds stencils LAST NIGHT! They’re both perfect for a little project I have going on in my walk in pantry. Would be very cool to win $50 toward my vision!

  100. Just liked them on Facebook! :)

  101. Kristin W. says:

    Hard choice! I think I’d choose the Athena or Houndstooth.

  102. i don’t know how i’d choose. but i love the nagoya, the outside the box, marrakech…

  103. i don’t know how i’d choose. but i love the nagoya, the outside the box, marrakech…

  104. i don’t know how i’d choose. but i love the nagoya, the outside the box, marrakech…

  105. i don’t know how i’d choose. but i love the nagoya, the outside the box, marrakech…

  106. i liked them on Facebook!

  107. i liked them on Facebook!

  108. i liked them on Facebook!

  109. i liked them on Facebook!

  110. I need the MARRAKECH TRELLIS ALLOVER stencil in my life!!!

  111. I have the perfect room for the Damask Gabrielle Stencil! I just love your products!

  112. I like the Zagora Allover Stencil.

  113. Oh I have always lusted over these! Pretty please let me be the winner.

  114. I would choose Hermitage Acanthus Coffer Stencil!

  115. Zamira Allover Stencil would look amazing as an accent wall.

  116. I NEED the “chain link” allover stencil on my entry wall. NEED it!

  117. I having been wanting the Casablanca to make some pillows!!!


  118. Lindsay S. says:

    The hand forged is by far my favorite!

  119. I liked them on FB!

  120. Oh I can’t decide!!! DEFINITELY one of the geometric stencils! They are all so fabulous. Exactly what I’ve been looking for.

  121. Love the dandellions stencil. It would be awesome for my girls room I am finishing for them for christmas!!

  122. I like Cutting Edge Stencil on Facebook!!

  123. oh, have been wanting to stencil a bedroom wall sooo badly, actually having a stencil would be good motivation!
    I am in love with the Hourglass Allover Stencil


  124. I would choose: HARLEQUIN TRELLIS ALLOVER STENCIL I love it

  125. i like them on facebook!

  126. I would love to try out the Nadya Damask Stencil in my hallway. So beautiful!

  127. any of the damask stencils would be my choice!!

  128. My laundry room needs the hand foraged all over stencil!!

    Also I liked them on facebook!

    Thanks for doing this!

  129. Would totally do my dining room in either the Turkish Tulip Allover Stencil or Ikat Samarkand Allover Stencil. Love them!

  130. I like the casablanca allover stencil

  131. I just did my master bedroom using the morocco stencil ad now I’m addicted. I’m dying to do my little girls room with the simple rhyme allover. Hopefully I win and can do it soon!

  132. I’d love to use the “Fuji Allover Stencil” in my home office!!! I love it!

  133. i like the “simple rhyme all over” stencil for my new baby girl’s nursery (due in march!).

  134. The birch forest is awesome!!

  135. I would choose the Fish Scale All Over stencil. I want to do my bathroom in it!

  136. I like most of them, but I’d probably go for something like the fern leaves.

  137. I love the “chain link allover.” Love it with the shiny gold in one of the pictures – in a powder room. Perfect!

  138. it would have to be the Zamira Allover Stencil for me! thanks!

  139. I also “liked” Cutting Edge on FB. thanks!

  140. I also liked Zamira Allover Stencil on FB.

  141. I like the Athena allover stencil

  142. Hard to pick, but I think I’d choose the Dahlia Allover stencil.

  143. Just liked them on FB!

  144. It’s almost impossible to choose just one but I loved the diamond damask!

  145. So many to choose from, but right now my favorite is the Chain Link Allover stencil!

  146. I am torn between so many but I love all of the damask designs.

  147. Liked them on FB.

  148. I would get the damask stencil and use it in my master bedroom

  149. I’d choose the Moroccan Dream Allover Stencil! Hope I win! I’d love to give this a try!

  150. definitely Moroccan dream!!!

  151. absolutely love the anna damask stencil!

  152. absolutely love the anna damask stencil!

  153. absolutely love the anna damask stencil!

  154. absolutely love the anna damask stencil!

  155. The Georgian Ceiling Medallion Stencil is the one I have been eyeing!

  156. I ‘liked’ them on FB!

  157. Love the hourglass stencil!

  158. i would love to get the birch stencil!

  159. i would love to get the birch stencil!

  160. i would love to get the birch stencil!

  161. i would love to get the birch stencil!

  162. i lik them on fb!

  163. i lik them on fb!

  164. i lik them on fb!

  165. i lik them on fb!

  166. I would love to do the morrocco stencil in my master bedroom! THey have so many great ones though!

  167. I would pick the Casablanca Allover Stencil to do my bathroom ceiling!

  168. birds on a branch is the one I would choose.

  169. rabat is my favorite…..

  170. Paisley. My daughter would die for the paisley. So cute

  171. I “like” them too. Let’s get to work!!

  172. I love the Paisley All Over stencil… it would look amazing in my bedroom!

  173. I’ve painted my entry way ceiling plum purple, but the HARLEQUIN TRELLIS ALLOVER STENCIL would look amazing over it in antique silver!!!

  174. Erin Marie says:

    Trellis or zagora. They are all pretty awesome!

  175. super tough choice

    id have to go with either moroccan or paisley or zinnia grande flower stencil!

  176. I love the Harlequin Stencil! I really want to redo my pantry and stencil it:)

  177. I really love the casablanca stencil!

  178. I would love the CASABLANCA ALLOVER STENCIL

  179. I just Like them on Facebook. :)

  180. My favorite is the Casablanca All Over. I’d use it on one wall in our powder room.

  181. Would love the birch tree all over stencil!

  182. Casablanca Allover Stencil

  183. We are building a new house and moving from VA to TEXAS! I am redecorating all of our just married stuff. My taste is much lighter, brighter, and my husband who grew up in Saudi, likes darker, more “worldly” style. I would love to win the Marakech Trellis, I think that would help add a little flair for him, it would be the bridge in our styles!!

  184. I love the Casablanca All Over. Thanks for the giveaway!

  185. The Houndstooth one is beautiful !!!
    Bethnay Sweet

  186. Trellis please!

  187. Just Liked on Facebook
    Bethany Sweet

  188. I Love the Cherry blossom stencils! These are amazing!


  190. I would love the Zamira allover!

  191. Pick me! Pick me! I’ve been wanting to try out stenciling for a while now!

  192. Love love love stencils but it’s so hard to choose. Stencil du jour? Hourglass!

  193. Loce this!

  194. I have my eye on the Makkaresh stencil! Fingers are crossed!

  195. They have been liked on Facebook by me for a while – hoping to win!!!

  196. LOVE that birch forest!

  197. I would totally get Casablanca Allover Stencil for my home office! It’s so classic I don’t think I would ever have to worry about it going out of style!

    I also Liked them over on Facebook!

  198. Gotta go with Casablanca. Because it’s AWESOME!

  199. These are FANTASTIC! Hard to pick just one, but my boring bedroom is screaming out for a little Zamina Allover love. Thanks for sharing their site!

  200. The Casablanca Allover Stencil is my favorite! I can already see it in my bathroom!

  201. I’d go with the Wise Owl Stencil. They have amazing stencils!

  202. Gosh, they’re all gorgeous! Probably though, I’d go with Floral Filligree, since I have the perfect spot in mind for it. Thanks for the opportunity, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  203. Already a FAN of Cutting Edge on FB @ kari.schmidt1 Thanks!!

  204. I love all their geometric shape stencils as well as their Damask ones, beautiful!!!!

  205. I would do my powder room ceiling with the Moroc-n-all over stencil!

  206. I would to try the Marrakech Trellis Longer Version Allover Stencil! michellejanko @

  207. April sykes says:

    I would love the Alessa allover stencil!

  208. I would love to have any of the Damaske stencils! They are all gorgeous!! :-)

  209. loving the aladdin!

  210. I am in love with Hand Forged! Really want to do this on my tray ceiling!

  211. I like the Nadya Damask stencil

  212. How do you choose? I like the CASABLANCA ALLOVER STENCIL. Such great options!

  213. Wow! There are so many beautiful choices! I love the Casablanca Allover Stencil. I could definitely see that in the sitting area of my bedroom.

    Myers Maison

  214. I would love to do a bedroom wall with outside of the box. LOVE that one!

  215. I love the boucle All over stencil.. great giveaway!

  216. I would definitely choose the Marrakech Trellis Allover Stencil!!!

  217. I’d choose Rabat Allover Stencil!

  218. My favorite is the Entwined Allover Stencil.

  219. Loving the missing link all over stencil!! It’s perfect!!

    Xx. Patience

  220. I liked on face book.

  221. Stalking them on fb now for an extra entry!! *fingers crossed*

    Xx. Patience

  222. Ooh! So many to love! Tree Peony Flower is my choice….. and so many others I could see making an impact in our home…

  223. I want their MARRAKECH TRELLIS ALLOVER STENCIL. I’ve been planning to stencil a bland wall in our entry for some statement.

  224. It was so hard to choose with so many awesome designs! If I have to choose one though it would be the Connection Allover Stencil.

  225. The damask designs are rockin’

  226. I hate when my comment doesn’t post…. anyway, I woulg go for one of the tree designs!

  227. I have a hallway I am dying to stencil, I think a damask would be fabulous :)

  228. My nursery would look fab with the hourglass allover stencil!

  229. The Zamira stencil is pretty cool. Like that one.

  230. Already a fan on Facebook!

  231. The “Zagora All Over” stencil!! :)

  232. Absolutely love all their stencils! I’m thinking something botanical.

  233. I liked on facebook!

  234. I love the vision all over one. So pretty. Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  235. “liked” them on fb for another entry!

  236. daisy crazy is what I would choose.

  237. It would be a tough decision – I’m loving all of the geometric stencils!

  238. Probably one of the ikats

  239. There are soo many great ones, but I love the Covington all over stencil! It is so cool! I would use it in my bathroom. And yay for an extra chance on facebook!

  240. I would love to win the anna damask stencil.

  241. I like cutting edge stencils on Facebook.

  242. Everything looks absolutely stunning


  243. Wow this is not an easy task! I love them all! I guess if I had to choose in a heart beat it’d be the Dahlia Grande Flower.

  244. I would love to do my Dining Room in the Morrocan Dream!

  245. I like Cutting Edge FB page!

  246. Rabat all over is awesome!

  247. Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  248. I love the Casablanca all over!

  249. I like them.

  250. I really like the vintage paisley stencil. Would be great in the playroom!

  251. Great giveaway! I’ve been itching to try stenciling for some time now. I think I’d start with Casablanca all over!

  252. I would love to win the designer series vine stencil!

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  253. I like them on facebook

    jessicarwarfield at gmail dot com

  254. I love the damask stencils! I would love to win!

  255. I have also liked cutting edge stencils on FB!

  256. Thanks for this great giveaway. I had already liked Cutting Edge Stencils cuz they have GREAT stencils that I’m drooling over. teehee

  257. If I was lucky enough to win this – I’d choose the Dandelion stencil! It’s so coooool! I NEEd it badly in my bedroom. Fingers crossed!

  258. The Japanese Maple stencil is just what we have needed to finish off a bedroom wall.

  259. I would love the Gabrielle Damask for my Master Bedroom! :) Thanks!

  260. I would choose the Marrakech Trellis all over stencil!


  261. There are so many to choose from!! I’d love the mnoroccan dream stencil!

  262. I’d pick the all over paisley.

  263. I’m a huge fan of all of their stencils. Right now I’m loving the Rabat allover stencil. I’m thinking of doing some curtains – pinterest has inspired me!

  264. Flower Power is super cute!

  265. I liked them on Facebook 😀

  266. how can i choose just one?! love the casablanca all over, gabrielle damask, anna damask….the list goes on and on!

  267. I would love to try Casablanca Allover Stencil!!!!!

  268. Id love to try casablanca allover stencil!

  269. I love the Casablanca & Oceana stencils! They would be fabulous for a couple of projects in my house. drjpharmd(at)cox(dot)net

  270. so hard to choose! BUT I do love the fish scale all over wall stencil!

  271. I would love to do my daughter’s room with the “Gabrielle Damask Stencil” as shown in the fuschia color. She loves PINK! please pick me, pick me 😛

  272. “Cutting Edge Stencil project and giveaway”

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