Craigslist dining table…before & after.

We’ve finished our dining table found on Craigslist and it’s actually in the house!
Here it is in it’s beginning state.

As I mentioned in mentioned in a previous post the original owners had it sitting in their garage for several years. The table was drier than dry and cracked in several places due to the desert heat but I could see it had good bones.

We first filled in the cracks with with wood filler.

Then gave it a good sanding.

Next, stained the table.

Then applied several (6 to be exact) coats of Verathane with a large paint brush.
Here it is AFTER

I love the rustic, farmhouse feel of the table. The more wear and tear it receives the better it will look. What I love even more is that it reminds me of something I might see in a Pottery Barn catalogue but I probably paid 1/10th of what their’s are priced at.
Bon Appetite!



  2. OMG! That table rocks. Can you give any insight into how you choose that table and knew it would look so good?? I’d love to do something similar!

  3. Beautiful! I love it.

  4. Wow! Wonderful job! I love it! Looking forward to seeing you on the Nate Berkus show today!

  5. Gorgeous! So, I was watching the Nate show today and I thought, I’ve seen that house before… now where? I couldn’t place it. But I found you! Beautiful & congrats on the recognition. You totally deserve it!

  6. It looks amazing! I love the modern chairs with it.

  7. Oh i love that table!
    Really beautiful!;)

  8. Love! I love that! Great job. I’ll watch Nate tonight to see you 😉

  9. wonderful job! looks incredible!

  10. So beautiful!

  11. Wow I love that, and the chairs. It looks so good. Jealous…..

  12. Wow, that looks incredible! Great job!

  13. Did you make the light fixture as well??? If so, we need the details :)

  14. Great job! And you’re totally right, first thing I thought was ‘Pottery Barn” :)

  15. Love it. Esp with the chairs and the chandelier. It looks fantastic.

  16. what an amazing job! love the accessories and chairs too!

  17. It looks fabulous.

    Saw your segment on the Nate show today. You are such a natural on camera!

  18. Gorgeous! You have a great eye for design. I love how you mix rustic with modern. It totally works. I’m loving that candlestick cluster too.

  19. Looks gorgeous and like a really expensive piece.

  20. This is just an incredible transformation. I wish I had your eye for knowing when something is salvageable. I’m new to your blog and I’m really trying to suck it all up like a sponge. Hopefully, I can learn a few things for when I decorate my newly purchased house.

  21. gorgeous! great job.

  22. so in love! i want it!

  23. Love it! I search my local Craigslist for a rustic farmhouse table. Hopefully I’ll find one and it will turn out as beautiful as yours!

  24. looks fabulous!!!

  25. Gorgeous! It looks amazing with your white chairs and the sparkly chandelier!

  26. Fabulous. Now we’re searching the same craigslist. You obviously just have a better eye and are more reliable in your searches. Off inspired to check craigslist.

  27. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. It does remind me of something right out of PB. I have table envy!

  28. that is insane. you’ve inspired me to go craigslisting!

  29. Wow, it looks fantastic! I have always been intimidated by staining furniture, but you made it look so easy! Thanks!

  30. You did an amazing job! You have such an eye for designing!!!It looks like it could have been purchased from pottery barn!

  31. House proud you are! congrats on making it on the nate berkus show!

  32. i’d call it a success, great job!

  33. Love it! I just bought some similar chairs and have hardwood floors as well.. what did you put on the bottom of the chairs so they don’t scratch your floor?

  34. I have a slight feeling that the original owner is totally kicking themselves in the butt!

  35. Love it!!!!

  36. Very very pretty!

  37. I featured this today on my blog post.(I hope that was OK?) I LOVE everything about your blog,home,design,etc… Keep the projects coming please:)

  38. Totally fabulous is all I have to say!!!!

  39. Whats not to love! Ridiculous.


  41. Just saw you on the Nate show!! Congrats!

  42. Looks great – especially with the contemporary chairs!

  43. You did an amazing job! You have such an eye for designing!!!It looks like it could have been purchased from pottery barn!

  44. Gorgeous! Loved your video on the Nate Berkus show……you rocked it!!

  45. I lurrrve it! Nice job. I am continually amazed at what you come up with on a small budget, you are truly talented, my friend!

    Whatcha got planned for that chandelier thingy in the first photo? I love it.

  46. That table is fantastic. It really brings a finishing touch to the room. It’s nice and chunky, solid, and is really pretty! Also nice job on Nate. Loved the segment!

  47. Wow. That table is reflecting all the love you put into it! I noticed that Nate didn’t mention your blog…he must want to keep you all to himself! :)

  48. um, hello! no joke as i am looking at your blog you appear on nate’s show! how cool!!

  49. I am having table envy. That table turned out gorgeous.

    Also found the clip of you on on Nate and you are seriously adorable!!!

  50. I love it! It looks amazing – I am in love with those legs!


  51. amazingly beautiful. seriously!

    was drawn to your blog cause mine is called ‘3 boys and a little lady’ :)

  52. That table looks great.

  53. seriously, that table looks amazing! you did a great job!!

  54. The legs on that table are awesome! Love the mix of the rustic and modern!

  55. Wow, that looks so beautiful. Be still my heart. Totally Pottery Barn!

  56. You are the queen of DIY! It looks gorgeous now and will be looking even better with some wear and tear.

  57. wow! it looks great! and I love your mix of chairs with it – so chic! :)

  58. I love old wooden tables, with their solid frames and carved legs.
    I have one sitting in my kitchen with a silly laminate top and scraped of all its lovely polish. Your blog has inspired me to restore it to its former glory.
    Wish me luck.

  59. Love this gorgeous…..


  60. Love the surprise of the traditional oldish table in your modern setting—-perfection!

  61. Amazing!! What a wonderful table you have now for your family to enjoy crafts, meals and so many other things that are done around the kitchen table. I LOVE this!!

  62. michelle, it looks awesome! i am always on the lookout for a great farm table. i hope i find one as good as yours! take care, elisabeth

  63. OMG! I just love the results!!

  64. What an awesome job! I have always wanted a table like this. Do you mind me asking how much you paid for it?

  65. It turned out beautiful! I agree, I love how rustic it is against the rest of the decor. Amazing!

  66. Gorgeous!!!! I wonder what the areas where the wood filler look like in the after? Plus, where’d you get that beautiful lighting fixture above the table?

  67. Anonymous says:

    I think that your dining table with those chairs looks plain weird. I like a lot of your other rooms, and you seem really talented, but I think you should give some more thought to seating around that table.

  68. Oh my gosh, it looks AMAZING!! You did such a fantastic job! :)

  69. Oh my gosh – this is absolutely stunning. I want this exact dining room in my house!!! GORGEOUS!

  70. Absolutely beautiful! I have my own table project waiting for me in my garage…I hope it turns out as well!

  71. Just found your blog for the first time today, amazing transformation on this table! I can’t wait to look through the rest of your projects!

  72. Love it, Michelle! Looks like you paid hundreds of dollars for it. Great transformation.

  73. Beautiful Table

  74. What kind of wood filler did you use? It’s so tough to find a good one that blends with the existing wood and takes the stain nicely.


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