Coconut rolls.

The perfect addition to a long Sunday afternoon is a sweet treat.
My family’s favorite is a recipe that my mom has been making ever since I can remember.
It’s a Samoan treat called Pani-Popo (not to be mispronounced as Pan-0-PooPoo).
However you say it, it’s really just the most delicious coconut rolls you’ll ever taste and super simple to make!

1. 1/2 cup sugar.
2. 1/2 can of coconut milk approx 10 oz. (my favorite is Mae Ploy).
3. Rolls. (You can make your own from scratch or just use the frozen ready made ones).

Pour the coconut mixture over the rolls right before they go in the oven.

The tops will be golden brown with a coconut glaze and the bottoms will be ooey, gooey delicious.
Serve warm on a plate…however, we just stand around and eat them right out of the pan, double dipping all the way!



  1. those look delicious! I shouldn’t have read that right before eating breakfast… so hungry!

  2. Sounds yummy! Seeing your kitchen counters reminds me that I’ve been meaning to ask how you’re liking your marble. I love marble too but am wondering if my kids (who leave half-eaten fruit, among other things) and marble would be a frustrating mix. I’d love to hear your thoughts and upkeep techniques now that you’ve had them for a while. Thanks!

  3. Hubby is half Hawaiian. This recipe might be “Samoan”, but I have a feeling it’ll go over super well in our house! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Must try! Thanks for sharing!

  5. These look delicious! I’ll definitely be giving them a try..

  6. this looks and sounds delicious! clever idea! thx for sharing :)

  7. Finally made these last night – AMAZING! I took them out of the oven right before Survivor started (to get us in the island spirit, of course!) and half the pan was gone by tribal council!

    Great recipe – super easy!

  8. Sylvie,
    I’m so glad you tried them and they turned out. They ARE delicious aren’t they! Thanks for dropping a line!

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