Charging station options.

This is becoming a problem…


I realize this picture looks like a plea for an electronics intervention.  I feel a real need to explain myself but it’s really not what you think.  Two of those I-pod clunkers have been deemed for use on long vacation car rides only and the other phone is being phased out since I got my new Windows phone.  The other two phones…are…um…well…  all right, ALL RIGHT, bring on the intervention!

In the meantime, I’m searching for a way to tame the cords.

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Do you have a charging station that you care to share? I’m shopping.

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  1. I know the feeling! I have two phones, 2 different ipods with different connectors, an ipad, 2 cameras, a video camera, etc etc!! so many cords! I keep them in a basket by an outlet on my counter but I am on the hunt for something nicer, especially for the bulk camera battery chargers

  2. I’ve got #1 on my wishlist. We have the same problem with 2 phones, 2 ipods and 2 tablets. I think #1 is the most versatile!

  3. My husband is building me a charging station for our kitchen right now!! I’m so excited :)

  4. We have the same problem! 2 iphones, 2 ipads, 2 MacBooks, then, I’m a photographer so you can just imagine that mess. I haven’t gotten it figured out yet, but what I do have and what I love is my Phillips dock for an iPhone and iPad. It’s on my nightstand, it’s where I charge my phone every night and my ipad when it’s dying – it doesn’t require me to actually use the cords that came with the devices which I think is the BEST part! That way I can leave those in my duffel or bag for trips.

  5. I asked our electrician to put an outlet in the back of a drawer, so we keep all the cord plugged in (inside the drawer) and then just plug in devices and shut the drawer. It also helps us with the ‘we don’t need electronics all the time in the house’ rule . . . email me if you want a picture !

  6. Studio One says:

    My ‘docking station’ will have you laughing – I have a power cord sitting on a rectangular shaped white tray (the kind you use to organize a drawer) – this is sitting on a shelf behind a small stack of coffee table books (so no one can see it and have to see the clutter). This ‘configuration is on a shelf under the television and is completely out of sight. Cheap, convenient – it works…

  7. i’m on the hunt too. can’t wait to see what you end up with . love the ones up there, but loving that idea of the drawer…although it probably won’t get checked off our to do list. better hope for buying one.;)

  8. Michelle, this post is fantastic. I immediately went and ordered #1. It is going to change my life! By the way, on its website they mentioned it was/is being featured in the March 2013 edition of Real Simple which, in my limited experience, means there’s a good chance of it selling out soon.

  9. I vote for #4! Love the look, and the fact that it doubles as an iPad prop/stand only sweetens the deal…

  10. YES — we were in the same boat…until I made this little command center with a DIY charger box


  11. I have the charging station from Pottery Barn–Bedford–and I love it! It hides all cords.

  12. We had our builder install a outlet behind our lower cabinets in the kitchen. My husband drilled a hole in the drawer and we plugged in one of those outlet extensions in our “junk” drawer to the outlet. So it’s a charging drawer/junk drawer.

  13. Mattew Inolpo says:

    I was on business the other week and the Hilton I was staying at had these ChargeAll phone charging stations Ended up buying one for my house.

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