Happy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving friends!

On this day of feasting I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you to my wonderful online friends who keep coming back and supporting me through this creative endeavor I so love called blogging. The responsibility to be a good mommy, wife, house cleaner, chef, small business owner, etc. often fill my days beyond belief but blogging recharges my batteries and brings me great joy. So thank you for being audience to my passion.

I also want to thank a few of my wonderful sponsors who make it possible for me to continue to blog. Without them I couldn’t indulge in hording thrift store chairs, make pretty crafts and experiment with interior design in my house.


Thanks Cricut for making all my crafting dreams come true.  See my latest endeavors here.
In celebration of Black Friday and the Christmas season they are offering some awesome specials on the Explore machine.  If you’ve been considering one of these fab machines…now is the best time to buy.

Regular price is $365.99.
Black Friday Holiday Special: $214.99 + Free Shipping!

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Big thanks to Designer Blogs who continues to knock it out of the ball park with their amazingly designed blogs.  They do websites, Esty pages, Facebook pages, Websites, Etc.  They can also do ala carte items such adding a signature to the bottom of your posts or adding social media buttons.  Check Designer Blogs out for an update or a full blown re-design here.



When you find a good cabinet maker you’ve got to hold on to them.  Ryan Reeder saved our 3 year old cabinets from their original paint mess destruction (slight over-exaggeration) this past summer and re-finish job has held up marvelously.  (read more about that here).

He amazed me again when he did my friend’s kitchen this past month.

Check out the “C” family kitchen makeover…


cundiff before



mid process

Please excuse my camera phone pic. The color is so rich. She just went to the paint store, picked a swatch she liked and went with it.
I wish I could pick out colors that easily and have it turn out that great. It’s called Urbane Bronze by Sherwin Williams.
Check out Ryan Reeder’s website.


Attention ocean lovers…Art by Jesse Miller is that perfect gift to give someone this year.  Here are a few of my favorites:




Check out more of his work on his site: Jesse Miller Ocean Art.


Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


You can’t buy a rug without a rug pad.

Have you ever bought a rug without a rug pad?
It’s awful…your rug ends up sliding, bunching and shifting.  I can’t tell you how many sliding accidents we’ve had on sliding rugs over a slippery wood floor.
I’ve even tried those inexpensive rug pads that look like manilla fish net from a big box store and those are just as bad as having nothing under a rug sometimes.
If you don’t have a quality rug pad your rug is pretty much useless.

You may remember I’ve talked about this spot being command central in our home.


The space that cooking, talking on the phone, homework, family talks all happen.   Because I spend the majority of my day here I needed a cushy place for me feet to shuffle on.  I got a beautiful rug for this spot over a year ago but it slipped and slided all over.  I took it out, put it back, took it out, put it back over the year and finally realized what I needed was a rug pad under it.  Duh. But who wants to shell out money for something you don’t even see after you’ve spent a small fortune on a beautiful new rug?


The Rug Pad Corner reached out and asked if I’d like to review one of their rug pads.  I chose the Ultra Premium which is best recommended for over hardwood or tile.  Besides the fact that our rug would stay put, the thing that was the biggest selling feature was that it had a “GRI green label, had no chemicals and didn’t off-gas or smell.”  Love that.


Plus it was just the right thickness to offer some cushion under foot.


They custom cut their pads so it will fit your rug perfectly no matter what the dimension.


My old rug feels brand new not that it’s got a pad underneath.  Now I have cushion for my feet-sies, plus it doesn’t slide and there’s no chemical off gassing.

Click on Rug Pad Corner to learn about all the rug pad options they have.

I received a rug pad to review.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

Stuff for sale.

When selling your home and someone comes through not only wanting to buy your home but everything in it, take their offer!
Don’t be like me and think everything is going to fit perfectly dimension and style-wise in to your next home (as we did in our move to UT 3+ yrs ago).
It won’t.  I’ve been holding on to things all this time, trying to make it work but it’s time to let it go.
Time to sell, sell, sell.
If you see something you like, email me at smhinckley (at) yahoo (dot) com.
First come, first serve. I can’t hold anything unless I have payment via Paypal.  No shipping, unless you arrange.  Located in Salt Lake City, UT.

First up:
Vintage metal cart with casters $35.00. (SOLD).

IMG_1783 blank

I sprayed it red and used it as a bar car but it would be good as a nightstand, book shelf or utility cart.
Dimensions: L: 30″  W: 18 1/2″  H: 30 3/4″
Red cart: (SOLD).


Campaign side table, $35.
Top: black glass, legs: metal. (SOLD).

aDimensions: L: 16″ diameter, H: 18″


2 Milo Baughman-esque chairs, $40. each.


PicMonkey CollageGreen leather is worn and could use replacement.  Chrome frames are in good condition.  Dimensions: H: 30.5″, L: 21.5″, W: 23″


Plumbing pipe book case on roller casters: $35.



You actually wouldn’t be able to even purchase all the plumbing pipe hardware for that price so this is a steal.
Dimensions: H: 35.5″ L:25″  W:15″


This next piece is very special…antique Butler’s Tray, $75. (SOLD).

5 (1)


bulters tray

I found this at an antique store and fell in love with it.  I was told it was in House Beautiful magazine…whether that’s true or not who knows?  It’s fantastic with or without the famous label.  The hinges on the tray allow the tray to collapse flat and is also removable from the stand.  I paid a lot more than I’m selling it for because my son tagged it when he was going through the terrible two’s :/.  Nothing a book or plant doesn’t cover :)!
Dimensions: H: 24″ (to the top of the tray wall), L: 24 1/4″, W: 20″


Lawyer’s metal bookcase: $100.


The great thing about this bookcase is each shelf comes apart so this can be 1, 2, or 3 sections tall.




The glass cover swings out and up then slides in.  It also comes with 4 metal legs which you can attach (or not).
Dimensions: H: 53″ L: 33″ D: 11″  Legs will raise bookcase approx 9″.


I’ve wrestled with selling this vintage globe for a whole year now.  It’s unique in that the colors are bright and bold plus it’s HUGE, which you can’ really tell from the pictures.  I’m also selling the Pottery Barn-esque child’s farm table.  I had dreams of putting in the play house we I had planned to build last summer.  Now the leaves are falling and that dream has gone dormant for the year.


Globe dimensions:  H: 21″ (SOLD).
Farm Table Dimensions: H: 22 3/4″, L: 47 1/2″,  W: 30″. (SOLD).


Metal rolling bins: $45. each (SOLD).
These metal bins were used in bakeries to hold flour, sugar, etc. but I have used them as end tables, toy storage, and even filled them with ice and used them as drink coolers at a backyard party.


I bought them at an vintage store and actually “fought off” two other people who also wanted them..


They are just one of those cool vintage pieces that stand out and make you study them.  You can orient the lid so it can either slide front or back to remove.

PicMonkey Collage

Dimensions: H: 26″, L: 30″, H: 14 3/4″


Assorted vintage pull down maps $80.-$150.
I scored my first vintage pull down map at a school auction and used it in my boys room.  I liked it so much I bid on another one and won.  When I went to pick it up I found that I had won not just one but a whole lot of maps. Sa-weet!


As much as I’d like to hang them on every wall it’s time share the map love.  Here’s a sampling of what’s up for grabs…






After the 5th map the Mr. stated he was done being the human map holder.
So if you want one email me with questions or maybe you’ll have to come take a looksie…(I’m sure the Mr. will be happy to hold them up while you decide)!


Again: If you see something you like, email me at smhinckley (at) yahoo (dot) com.
First come, first serve. I can’t hold anything unless I have payment via Paypal or cash.  No shipping, unless you arrange. :)