Bookcart Makeover.

It’s official.
I’m opening up a store!
Okay, well not “officially” yet.
More of a “putting my intention out in to the universe” type thing.
So there you go universe. You’ve been notified. Make it happen.

When I attended the Amy Howard paint and finishes workshop last month she called herself a furniture rescuer.  She recounted a few experiences of “meeting” a piece of furniture for the first time and could see the potential right away.  In fact, I would not be surprised if she’s shed tears over furniture.  Sounded a little nutty but I could SO relate.  Furniture rescue and restoration makes me giddy.  The thrill of the hunt for something broken down, dirty and oogly gets my heart beating faster.  It’s the finding a unique piece that isn’t mass produced and turning it in to a gem…exciting.  So it’s time to turn my porch full of furniture in to a business.

My latest score is this vintage bookcart.


I first gave it a good cleaning with some Simple Green.

PicMonkey Collage

When I wiped it down the paint came right off.  Then I looked at the bottle and saw it read, “Concentrate”.  Apparently you have to dilute this stuff down. Can’t figure out the purpose of the spray bottle? Anyway, after you de-grease I would strongly recommend wiping down with water to make sure the cleaning residue doesn’t produce some kind of chemical reaction with your paint.


A razor blade is probably one of the most handy tools I have in my tool box.  Often times there’s sticker residue that you just can’t get off.  A razor blade takes it all off in seconds.


My spray paint of choice is usually Rustoleum but I like Krylon’s color selection a little better.





This one’s ready for the store!

Before and after

Acquisitions, Projects and Updates.

I’m on day 5 with a dinosaur of a temporary computer. 4 months ago we brought a brand new HP all-in-one touch screen computer from Best Buy and the drivers decided to fail last week.  They are telling me it will take 2-6 weeks to repair.  You want to see a mad woman you take away Pinterest for 2-6 weeks and see what kind of hell she raises.  In the meantime, I’ll be waiting 1.3 minutes for each email message to load.

On a more positive note, spring has sprung and my spirit couldn’t be happier. Utah had the mildest winter EVER and it was still too cold for me. I’ve come out of my winter cave and am tackling every project I can think of all the same time.

I’m currently working our dining area. I called 5 different places to get quotes on having the vintage tulip table base I acquired powder coated. It ranged from $45 – $150. I was going to go with the cheapest bid but I ended up going with the $65. bid simply because the guy I talked to was the most pleasant, most helpful and most persistent on the phone. Customer service will go a long way with me even I have to pay a little more.



I wish you could see up close just how amazing the base turned out.  I’m so glad I didn’t go with my cheaper first thought to just spray paint it.  I can work wonders with a can of spray paint but the powder coating process is in a totally different class.


  I told myself I would stop working on this until we sold our current dining table (here).  In the meantime, if you’re in Utah and need some powder coating call the guys at Full Blown Coating (not being paid to say that either).

You may also remember my post dedicated to my hunt for some vintage library / banker / jury wood chairs to go around the new tulip table.  Our neighborhood school had 4 sitting in the front foyer and I was love sick over them.  I decided to  surprise my boys the next day at school and have lunch with them but I strategically came about 15 minutes early to see if I could casually “pop-in” and say “what up Principal”.  After lunch I found her and I don’t know why but I was so nervous and bobbled all over my words as I un-eloquently spit out that I would love to have those chairs if the school wanted to ever get rid of them.   Well, it just so happened that she didn’t share my same love for them and had wanted to replace them for a long time.  I made a donation to the school, loaded up car and got the heck outta there before she could change her mind.


 Then a sweet reader commented that she found one for sale on Craigslist but it was 4 hours away from where I live. Luckily my mom was coming up for a visit from Vegas and would be passing by there.  Bam.  Another chair to add to the collection.  (Thank you Kelly!) I paid the most for that one at $50.

Alas, I had one more stroke of miraculous luck.  A school was auctioning off 3 more chairs.  I took them all for $16.

IMG_6144They are the three at the end.  The arms and legs are turned and more ornate but they still have the overall vintage, rich wood feel I was going for.  They are SO comfortable too for being a wood chair.


It’s hard to envision how they’ll look with the very modern tulip table but if it looks awful don’t be surprised when you see me selling them all…(ain’t ever gonna happen).  I went from seriously coveting these chairs to being the owner of 8 in just a couple weeks.  Ask, Believe, Receive.

The next little project I’ve been working on is coming to terms on how I acquired so many vintage school maps (13 to be exact).
I mean, what sane person does this?


My mom keeps telling me I need to open up a store which is exactly what I plan on doing.


In in the process of getting all these beauties photographed and listed in an Etsy store.  Stay tuned.

As far as my little men go…they too seem to have inherited my hoarding gene.
Their current obsession has taken over one of the shelves in the living room.



This kid is Kendama crazy (repeat pic from previous post).  These things are HUGE in Utah…has the craze hit your city?  My kids verse each other in the morning, at recess, after school, right out of the tub in their birthday suits.  There’s no shame in their game.  Here’s a cool video my little men love…

Treasure Hunting Tuesday – Etsy Art.

I told you about my gallery wall conundrum yesterday. I think part of my problem is that I don’t have a huge collection of art to choose from.  I want the wall to be an eclectic mix of color pieces of art and photos but it’s hard to find pieces that are also affordable.  I’ve been combing galleries and the internet searching for art…way out of the price range I’d like to spend.  Then last week I happened upon Etsy.  Duh! Of course, Etsy is a huge treasure chest of all kinds of art.  I hate to admit I’ve spent way too much time shopping for art on Etsy but here’s a few pieces that I’ve fallen in love with…
Blank Doc for Picmonkey1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Do you have any favorite artists that I must check out?

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