Floor and Decor.

This is a sponsored post written by myself.

Please excuse the radio silence for the past week.
We went on vacation and 2 of my little men picked up a crappy virus.
We’ve been laying low and having lots of cuddle time waiting it out.
Suffice it to say I’ve been going a little stir crazy.

I did get a small break and got to slip away to visit the Disneyland of flooring stores (aka Floor & Decor in Draper, UT).


This store popped up in the parking lot of Cowabunga Bay in Draper recently and I had the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes tour before the grand opening this Wednesday, 7/30.
Holy Schmoly this place is huge!


75,000 square feet of tile, wood flooring, and other decor. They pride themselves in having the largest selection and being the lowest price leaders in the hard flooring industry with great customer service.


If you’ve ever shopped for tile, you normally go in to a show room, pick what you want from the display on the wall then place your order.  At that point they will normally tell you your order will take 2-4 weeks to arrive. Not here. They keep everything that’s on display in stock. They claim to have over 1 million square feet of flooring in the store.  See what you want, take it home today.  Much different than my experience with trying to buy flooring.


On a side note, how gorgeous is this honed granite?


Hello future mud room of my dreams.  That white veining…somebody pinch me.

They also have rows and rows of faux wood in a tile which is hugely popular.  I was hard pressed to determine if a lot of it was actually wood or tile.  And if you’re the DIY sort of person, they teach weekly workshops on how to lay tile yourself.


In addition to the ceramic, porcelain and natural stone tiles they also carry a gigantic selection of hardwoods from engineered to bamboo, pre-finished to unfinished.


If I could turn back the clock I wish I would have gone with this Montpelier Wide Plank Oak in my own home.


While I was there I was able to corner a tile expert and get some advice regarding the marble tile situation in my master bathroom.  He gave me some valuable insight which I can’t wait to investigate.  Stay tuned.


So here’s the exciting news…Wednesday night from 5-8 they are holding a networking event for Contractors and Pros.  This will be a great night for pros to get to know the store. Vendors will be there, the evening will be catered and get this…they will be giving away a brand new Dodge Ram Truck to one lucky pro!

Saturday, (8/1) they will holding a Super Saturday event.  Kind of like a huge block party.  There will be food trucks, members of the Salt Lake Real Monarch team, a BMX bike show set up in the parking lot and more.  You thought the Ram Truck thing was cool? They will be giving 200 people a chance to roll some dice to spell “FLOORS”.  If someone can do it they will win $1,000,000.

Floor & Decor is located at 12101 S. State Street although they do have stores all over the country.  Don’t have a store in your area? No worries, you can buy online.

Hope to see you there!

New art for my living room from Artfully Walls.

*This is a sponsored post written by myself.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I received product to review but in no way influenced my opinion about my experience.*

Finding the right piece of art can be tricky.  Most of the time picking a beautiful piece is first determined by your budget.  Hey, I’d love an original Van Gogh but…
And I’ll be honest, “I’d better be better damn sure I like for EVER if I’m gonna pay that much…” has gone through my mind a time or two.
So then you go looking for something you can 1)- first afford, 2)- something that speaks to you.
Let’s face it, art can be a pressure-filled experience but it shouldn’t be.

I recently came across ArtfullyWalls which is an online art store with thousands of pieces ranging from all styles and all prices.  I’ve shopped art and know how outrageously expensive it can be.  I was delightfully surprised at how affordable most of the pieces were.

I’ve been wanting a large piece of art to fill the blank wall above my fireplace mantel for some time.  Something modern but not just some personality-less colors blended together like so many modern pieces and be.  I came across this piece and found it fascinating.


It’s called Yellow Zebra by Kristi Kohut.


It’s a print of several cut up pieces of lined paper taped together by yellow washi tape repeated in a pattern.


It’s totally different than anything I’ve seen.  Everyone who sees it walks up to study it.  I realize art is subjective…not everyone likes the same things but that’s the beauty of art…
it’s a way to express oneself.


And it fills up my mantel space just how I wanted it to.  The great thing about ArtfullyWalls is that you can purchase just the print or have is custom framed in one of their many frame selections (which is what we did).  So convenient.

I also couldn’t pass up this 6×6 little bird on canvas (Bird on a Black Background):


When I saw it I was reminded of a mom and dad bird who laid some eggs in a next in our front yard tree.  The bird hatched and fell out of the nest.  Then the neighborhood cat (nicknamed el gato) got to the bird.  The little men and I rescued it the bird and put it in a bird house.  The mamma bird kept watch until the baby was strong enough to fly away.  Wherever el gato went, the mamma bird stayed right above it chirping a warning to alert the baby bird.  Admittedly a mushy story to justify an art selection.


It’s the perfect little addition to the bookshelves in the living room.

If you’re looking for art you should check out ArtfullyWalls.  They have thousands of selections in all styles that can be framed (or not).

You can also follow them on Social Media platforms Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest.

Vintage light fixture reveal with HomeAdvisor.

This poor stair wall has many identities over the past years.



But believe it or not, I think we may finally be done with this space (but don’t hold me to that).
I posted about the installation of the planks (part 1, part 2) a couple of months ago thanks to some help finding a great carpenter through HomeAdvisor.
The space was almost complete but there was just one more thing that would take it from good to great in my mind.


When we we renovated the home about 4 years ago I tried to think of everything we would have needed and wanted in this home.
Lighting is tricky…you know you need lights but what kind?
Cans? Pendants? Flush Mounts? Sconces?
Fast-forward to 2015.  The space looked fine and perfectly functional but from a design standpoint the stair well needed some visual interest.
I tried art but it seemed to make the space feel claustrophobic because it’s so narrow so instead I decided a light fixture might fit the bill.

I found this vintage barn enameled shade on Etsy.  It was perfectly imperfect with the dings, rust, scars and scratches.


My sweet Mr. wired it all up and got it ready to hang.  Only problem is the can wasn’t centered over the stair well.  I decided to call a few electricians to see how much they would charge to move it a few inches.
Enter HomeAdvisor.
If you’ve ever tried to find good help you know how difficult it is.  Trying to even get someone to pick up the phone or return messages feels like pulling teeth.  Bids are often all over the map and customer service is non-existent in many of my past experiences.  Then it’s always a gamble if the work will be up to par.

HomeAdvisor has been my best tool in finding good quality home improvement specialists.  You type in the services you need then it matches you with home improvement people in your area.  It’s like a dating site but for home improvement.

In my latest search I was looking for an electrician to move the electrical box in the ceiling about 10 inches then switch it to be able to accept a hanging pendant.  I called four people from the site.  One never called back, one was booked out a couple of weeks, one quoted me $250. (too high) and the last one was sent by an angel.
No literally, when he arrived he had a glowing halo above his head.  He was awesome (RELCo Electric).
How many times have you ever said that about someone coming to work on your home?
He was going to be late on the day of our appt so his scheduler called to ask if that would be all right or if I’d like to reschedule.
People. That is RARE to receive a phone call if they’re going to be late in this field.
He showed up right when his scheduler said, was courteous, knowledgeable, put a drop cloth down, cleaned up after himself, and charged me less than what he originally quoted (about $90.).


I shouldn’t have been shocked.  I read his reviews before I called him and they were all stellar.  That’s the best thing about HomeAdvisor is the reviews and he had six pages of them.

homeadvisor This one

You can get a pretty good idea of what you can expect by reading other people’s reviews.


To save money we opted to patch the hole (tutorial on that soon) and hang the pendant ourselves.  Drum roll…





I love how it turned out and I’ve gained a new electrician for life.

If you’re looking to hire some home improvement help you should first start with HomeAdvisor.
It’s free to use and the reviews are the most priceless piece of information you can get before hiring someone.

You can also follow HomeAdvisor on their site, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.