DIY Window Boxes and a $100. ACE Giftcard Giveway.

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When we first walked through this 70’s rambler 4+ years ago it was pretty tired and frumpy.


Little by little we’ve given it a face lift to boost it’s curb appeal.

For our ACE Hardware project this month we had the opportunity to tackle a project using a tool from ACE‘s Primo tool line.  I’ve always loved window planter boxes and decided to make this a family project.  The bedroom windows on the house are quite high which leaves a lot of brick real estate below.


Window boxes were the ideal solution to break things up a bit.


For this project I used the Craftsman Magnesium Staight Finish Nailer.


_MG_6601 edited

I don’t know how I’ve lived without one of these for so long.  I normally am hammering nails in, smashing fingers and bending nails.  This tool sped up the process 100-fold!


This man even jumped in and learned some wood working skills.


I love them so much I’m planning on making some window boxes for our shed…tutorial coming soon.


Constructing the boxes was the easy part…working my green thumb and keeping the plants alive is going to be the real challenge.


Next up, replacing those 35+ year old shutters.

Now for the really exciting news…one lucky reader will get a $100. gift card to ACE to tackle their own spring projects around the house.


To enter, go to ACE’s website HERE and browse around then leave a comment in the entry form (below) letting me know what you would buy with $100.
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Good luck!

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This post was written my myself as a part of my affiliation as an ACE Blogger.  I was compensated for this post as well as other products by ACE.  All thoughts and opinions are my own and don’t necessarily reflect the opinions of ACE.


When Life Gives You Lemons…Make Corner Floating Shelves

We’re making good progress with my oldest son’s bedroom makeover.
Planks are up and painted, new closet doors have been ordered and I’m off to pick up some vintage school pieces I won at a school surplus auction tomorrow to decorate the room.
A linen closet on the other side of this wall is the reason there is this little jog of a space.

It’s a really annoying pop-out.  I almost wish they would have just made the linen closet bigger on the other side of the wall in order to keep the whole wall flush.  There’s just barely enough room for a twin sized bed.  If I wanted to put a night stand next to the bed it would be floating in the middle of the room in front of that nook.  Not exactly ideal.
My solution…when life gives you lemons make floating shelves.


Making them is not as difficult as one might think.  The wonderful carpenter I found on HomeAdvisor (who also installed the wall planks) whipped these up in no time.  First, put up two pieces of 1×1 (which will be the main support for the shelves).  Make sure to nail directly in to the studs behind the wall.


 Next, cut a board so it aligns with your two walls.  Nail directly in to the top of the board so it hits the 1×1 support underneath.




 For the bottom of the shelf, cut an identical board as the top one and attach it under the 1×1.



 Measure a face board that will cover the gap, the top and the bottom boards.


 As before, make sure you are nailing the face board in to the top and bottom boards.


 I filled all the nails holes with stainable wood filler.  It you look closely you can probably see where the wood filler is.  Because the wood filler wasn’t the same color as the boards it also stained up differently.  In hindsight I wish I would have not filled the nail holes and just left the holes undone for a more rustic look.


 I used Frog tape to protect the wall which worked great on top but staining the underneath was a different story.  Applying the stain without having it drip was really tricky.  Save yourself from having to do paint touch up and use two rows of tape or wider tape when staining the underneath.


Now that the shelves are up I really love the odd little nook.
And that, my friends, is how we turn lemons in to lemonade (or rather floating corner shelves).


The shelves are going to provide some much needed storage for that little bedroom.


Next up, a very blue wall…stay tuned!

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floating shelves

Boys Bedroom Makeover Update.

We have a game of musical rooms going on at our house.  The oldest two were sharing the bunk room.  Then they got on each other’s nerves. Soon they became territorial about toys, Dude Diary’s and real estate.  (I thought boys weren’t supposed to get caught up in this kind of drama).  The oldest moved out and started sleeping in the spare room (aka the junk room…it’s kind of like a junk drawer but on a much larger scale).

Unfortantely I lost my junk room.
Fortunately I lost my junk room.

Plans for this room got put on the top of the to-do list due to a brotherly squabble.

First the bedroom got cleared (no easy task).


The youngest (aka the angel) gave us a little Vanna White before-shot show off.


Planks, planks and more planks were installed using the same technique as we used for our stair wall.


The oldest boy actually liked the look of the unfinished boards.  I agree, they did look good but it gave an awful orange hue to the rest of the room.


So white they went.  I’m really loving “Silent White” lately by Clark and Kensington.


This other blip of a wall also got planked as well.  I experimented with staining the boards a Walnut but after I took a step back and looked it was just too dark for this small little room.  There is this small little 90 degree nook right next to the door.  I’m planning some floating shelves to give some added storage.

PicMonkey Collage

I’m really excited about the third wall.  The oldest boy really wanted some color.  I picked up a dozen sample cans of paint at ACE Hardware last month during their $0.99 sale and tested them all on the wall.  You may fall in love with a color on a sample card but if you don’t test it on the actual wall playing off the light in the room you can never really be sure.  I’ve got big plans for this wall.  It looks great in my mind but I’m hoping I can enlist the right help to pull it off.

I’ve also got plans for the 4th wall which I’m not quite ready to divulge…stay tuned.