DIY backyard PVC projects.

One more month until summer break is over.
Half of me is lamenting elementary school homework again but the other half is doing cartwheels to get boys back on a consistent schedule (that and if I hear my men say, “I know you are but what am I?” to each other one more time I’m gonna loose it).

Towards the beginning of the summer we had the wonderful opportunity of participating in another one of Home Depot’s Style Challenge again.  This time it was all about the Outdoor Games Style Challenge.  Our challenge…make an outdoor game out of PVC pipes from Home Depot.  Well we didn’t make just one.   Oh no, we went a little nuts-o and made three!


First project we made was a bigger and better version of our original PVC sprinkler / car wash.  This time we added another extension and made it a double.

PVC Sprinkler

Next up we put together a DIY PVC Volleyball water game.  It works best with a balloon.


Whoever gets the ball or balloon wet looses the point, the rule is simple (unless you’re playing with an older brother who tends to make up new rules as the game goes along).

The last DIY project we made … a PVC Water Balloon Catapult.


It marries three things boys love.  Speed, destruction and competition.  Put a balloon in, pull down the lever and let it launch.  A serious neighborhood hit.

Head on over to the Home Depot Apron Blog for our complete instructions on putting each project together.

home depot apron

Bedroom selections and finishes.

3 years is plenty long of living with the mattress on the floor, graffiti on the walls and a changing table in the corner.
It’s way past due for us to get our act together and create a grown up bedroom.

The room has transformed in to a color scheme of navy, green, white, gold and wood tones.
My sweet mom drove up from Vegas to help take over DIY’ing the bed, pillows and curtains. To say she is amazingly talented is an understatement.
I finally have momentum behind the room and baby it feels good!


Upholstered wing bed (inspired by Williams Sonoma Presidio Bed): 19% D.I.Y., 81% D.I.M. (Do It Mom).
Leaning floor mirror: Design Inspiration-Room and Board, DIY’d by Dennis.
Curtain Rod: West Elm
Navy Fabrics: / Green Velvet: Home Fabrics
Chandelier: School House Electric
Bedside Tables: Garage sale find, then painted green.
Bedding: School House Electric
Stencil: Stencils Online, Inspired by: Dwell Wallpaper.

Container gardening.

I’ve always been a wanna-be gardener.
Problem is my green thumb is more like a black thumb.
I swear you can hear plants scream when I come around so I pretty much gave up on the whole concept.


On a recent trip to Target, all their planters were 50% off…and they were all so pretty…so I decided to give my gardening skills another try.


 I loaded up my trunk,  hit up Home Depot for some plants and made my self a front porch container garden.


I even remembered a trick I cataloged in the back of my mind.  I think I tend to kill plants, not by neglecting them, but giving them too much TLC.  Ice cubes are a perfect solution for someone like me who tends to over-water.  You can measure the perfect amount of water plus the plants gets waters slower as the ice cubes melt which means less run-off.
(Listen to me talk like I’m an expert.  Ha.  This is all in concept mind you).

4men1lady2 weeks strong and so far so good.


The Mr. also tried his hand at a mini-backyard-farm in the form of two DIY planter boxes.
You may remember this Instagram pic from May:


Fast-forward to July and his experiment is going strong!


He planted about 5 different seeds and only the corn and pumpkins took root.

PicMonkey Collage

He’s the cutest farmer I’ve ever seen (although Chris on the Bachelorette is a close contender).
I don’t know what he’s whispering to those plants but he’s saying something…I spied on him the other day.

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