Personalizing with Painters Paint Markers.

I have been sponsored by Painters to feature their product.  I was given Painters Products to use in the production of this post.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

One of the perks of blogging is getting to try out new products and let your creativity take you where it will.
This week I had the opportunity to experiment with Painters Paint Markers.  You know those things that you draw with by holding it in your hand?  I’ve gotten so used to typing, tapping and dragging my finger over a screen to create images in some fancy program then have a machine design, draw and cut it simultaneously for me.  I almost didn’t know what to do with these Painters.


In the past, I’ve used paint that comes in the form of a marker or pen before but only on my walls.
This time I wanted to see how well they would do on canvas accessories which I found at Hobby Lobby.
Using a fine medium point Painters I drew a pattern on a canvas bag.


I was pleasantly surprised how well it drew on canvas material.

I then decided to try my luck on a pair of canvas shoes for my niece as a gift. Using a fine tip marker I carefully drew a pattern on the shoes.
I was nervous it would bleed and then I’d have to figure out a way to make a ink stain look like something intentional but there was no bleeding whatsoever.



What girl wouldn’t love a matching bag and shoes?


I had so much fun I decided to make all my little nieces a bag for Christmas gifts.


If you’re not good at free-handing or are planning a more deliberate design I would highly recommend sketching it out in pencil first then go over it with a marker.


IMG_4288 w logo

I even drew a simple monogram on a little zip clutch (yes, I went a little crazy with all these accessories).


I’m not an artist by any means but I actually surprised myself.  I can actually draw without the help of an electronic device…who knew!?  Painters markers allow you to give things an personal touch and I found that drawing designs became a hypnotic therapy of sorts.  Plus the Painters rock.  Really quality paint markers.

Now for some exciting news.  Painters is having a monthly contest between October – December where you can make your own creations using Painters. They are giving each monthly winner a prize valued at $500! The Style by Aisle with Painters Contest will have five different themes (August-December) which are based on store “aisles.” You can submit your homemade creations to the Painters site.  You can also download a coupon for Painters products on their site.
Happy Drawing!

DIY Halloween Shrouds

Today I’m guest posting over at Eighteen 25 about how to fool people in to thinking you’re a really good chalkboard artist.
Pop on over there to see how plus download my free Halloween Printable.
In the meantime, Halloween is right around the corner and I made some shrouds for my boy’s Halloween costumes this year.
However, I also found that they also make great decorations which I’ve draped on the chalkboard.


Cheesecloth from the Hardware store is the perfect Halloween embellishment.


I picked up some black dye from the grocery store to make it more spooktactular.  Orange, purple or red would also look great for Halloween.

PicMonkey Collage

This is the easiest project ever.  The hard part is trying no to get any dye on you (which is why I’m wearing my son’s shoes instead of my own). Following the directions on the Dye box, simply put the dye in to a bucket of water and immerse the cloth in to the mixture.  Because cheesecloth is so thin you really don’t need to leave it in for very long.  I found 5 minutes was plenty of time.


Squeeze out excess water and hang to dry.


You can use it for a costume, hang it around your chalkboard, embellish a fireplace mantel or hang as curtains.

Remember this fun project we did a couple years ago (and there’s another fun printable on that post)…


Spray painted pumpkins

Don’t forget to check out our chalkboard tutorial at Eighteen 25.

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Getting our shed organized.

This month we shared our shed makeover with you…

shed final with logo

We were so pleased with the turnout but it felt a bit like a partial makeover because when you opened the doors…


It was a disaster inside. I walked in to find something a few weeks ago and actually twisted my ankle tripping over my son’s scooter, ran in to a wall of boxes and pulled down some Easter baskets on my head.  Then I threw a minor tantrum…you know when you are so beyond annoyed and mad that you yell like a bear and start throwing things…yep.  That.

It was so beyond the point of needing to get organized.  We first cleared everything out and took inventory of what we had and what we could donate.


 One of the problems I have with projects is it takes me about an hour to hunt down everything I need before I even start.  Tools are literally scattered everywhere.
Basement, garage, boxes in the shed.

I spent about $50. on a couple of peg boards and assorted peg board hooks from ACE Hardware and covered this wall.


Best money I ever spent.
P.S. You can buy an assortment of pegboard hooks on Amazon for the cheapest price I’ve seen around.

Shed organization

There is something so gratifying and freeing about being organized and knowing where things are.  I’m ready to tackle the rest of my house.

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DIY Advent Calendar.


Framed Jewelry Board.


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Happy Peg-boarding!

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