Reupholstering a sofa.

For over 10 years we’ve had this sofa.
It’s been a good sofa.
It was the first grown up purchase we made for our first Arizona home.
It’s the first place I sat and held my babies when all three came home from the hospital over a 7 year span.
This sofa has a lot of miles and a lot of memories.


Not our first AZ home but you can see more of it here.

Back in August (2014) I shared with you all that it was time for a new look in the living room.  We were done with our cream microfiber sofa hidden under the white custom slipcovers,
We settled on a leather sofa and were ready to pull the trigger.
When the leather sofa arrived it was a beauty but it threw the whole feng shui of the room off.
Out it went.

I continued to shop and shop but I just couldn’t find anything that I loved. I found myself gravitating back to the same sofa, but new.
Even though we bought the sofa over 10 years ago, it’s such a classic that many retailers like West ElmRoom and Board, and Mitchell Gold sell a version of it.
I figured, “why mess with a good thing?” and decided to have it reupholstered.
That way I could get the exact fabric I wanted and continue to use the custom slipcover we had made for it years ago if so desired.


Reupholstering a piece isn’t cheap. In fact many times you’ll pay as much, if not more, to have a piece reupholstered than just buying it new.
Not only do you have to pay for the labor but you also have to buy the fabric. You can find good, inexpesive fabric online if you’re willing to go through that process. Upholstery fabric is tricky.
Just because you see something online doesn’t mean it looks like that. You have to order samples, wait for shipping and do it all over again (in my case) to be certain of what you’re getting.

Calico Corners was having sale on fabric and upholstery at the time I was shopping so I meandered in there. (Not being paid to plug or mention them). That place is like fabric heaven. I could have spent 5 days in there feasting my eyes on all the lovely fabric. Unfortunately, you’ll pay a pretty penny for even the least expensive stuff. BUT, it is a one-stop shop. I found exactly what I wanted and booked their in-house upholsterer. 2  1/2 months later (yes it really did take that long because they only have one upholsterer who was backed up with projects) I had my sofa.


We paid about $1100. for fabric and re-upholstery…about the cost of a new sofa (+/-) but I got exactly what I wanted.


I chose a gray velvet.
It’s soft and neutral enough to work with what we have but dark enough that my three men can play WWF mania (which they have for 5 days straight) on and I don’t have to worry about it looking completely dirty.


I love how it turned out and am ready to change up the look for the rest of the room.
I’m looking for a mid century-ish coffee table (this one from Lulu & Georgia is too narrow so will be moved to another room) and the white ottoman will soon be for sale.
(Light from School House Electric).


In the meantime, we’re selling this chaise lounge for $175.


It currently retails at Ikea for $350.  Plus, Ikea sells slipcovers for it if you want to change up the look.
We are a pet-free home (unless you count fish as a pet…but don’t worry, we don’t let our fish sit on the furniture).
Contact me if interested smhinckley (at) yahoo (dot) com.

DIY Hanging Wood Frames.

I would consider myself a moody decorator.  I change out throw pillows, move furniture around, put different art up not just seasonally but sometimes weekly all according to my mood.  And why shouldn’t I? People dress according to their mood, eat according to their mood, style their hair a certain way according to their mood.  I get that going out and buying a new a new pair of jeans is a little different than buying a new sofa just because your in the mood but still…

Remember a couple weeks ago I talked about my hallway gallery wall dilemma? I came up with a new solution that cost me under $6.00 per piece.

before and after

I love hanging family pictures on the wall. They bring personality and uniqueness to a home. Instead of using traditional frames with glass again that will end up getting broken with three rowdy boys, I opted for something a little different…

I first needed some updated photos of my family.  I’m a wanna-be professional photographer.  The majority of pictures I take are with my phone.  I do have a DSLR Cannon Camera as well as tons of books and how to use it but I still shoot the majority of the time on automatic.  I find that when I’m trying to grab my camera to capture a “moment” I”m not worried about fooling around with lighting, settings, etc.

Last week I staged a very informal, organic photo shoot with my family.  No fancy outfits, no prep, just them, a white wall and my camera on automatic.  In fact, whatever they were wearing is what they got snapped in.

4men1lady 1

My seceret weapon to making my pictures look somewhat decent is free online photo editing programs like PicMonkey or my favorite free phone photo app Aviary.

family photo shoot without logo

Julia did a something very similar if you’re a fan of Photoshop.

I could have had them printed at a professional photography lab but remember, I’m a moody decorator.  Instead I went a really inexpensive route and had them printed at Staples on the Engineered Printing Paper (which I did here once before).  For $1.99 each they printed them 24 x 48.   That way if I get tired of them in a short time (or my 4 rowdy men find a way to ruin them) I won’t feel guilty having not spent a whole lot of money.

IMG_5474 with logo

The prints come on thin paper that is typically meant for things like blue prints.  To give them more stiffness and substantiality I used spray adhesive to attach them to a piece of poster board cut the same size.
Hanging wood poster frames are nothing new but I recently fell in love with them for visual uniqueness and affordability they give to a piece of art.
I was really inspired by these here, here and here.
Next, I picked up some window trim at my local hardware store for around $1.00/ft. There are a lot of other inexpensive options out there. After I put my projects together I kicked myself realizing the trim was almost the same dimensions as a large paint stir stick which is free…duh. (See my paint stir stick house numbers project). Next time.  I cut my trim down then used a Walnut shade to stain them with a rag.

with logo

To attach the trim to my picture I flipped the trim over (wrong side up), then the picture (also wrong side up) and aligned the picture on top of the trim securing with a hand held staple gun.


I attached trim to the top and bottom of my picture, only the front side of the picture.  Next I attached two eye hooks to the top of my trim pieces and tied everyday twine to them which holds the piece up.

IMG_5491 with logo

I never pictured three little men in my life pre-children but boy, I’m smitten.

IMG_5627 with logo

IMG_5628 with logo

IMG_5629 with logo

You can’t beat $6.00 for a custom photo shoot, print and framing.
There’s so much to love about this project but one of the things I like best is the price doesn’t guilt me in to feeling like I can’t be a moody decorator when I’m ready to change it out in the not too distant future.

I used the same inexpensive framing idea to hang this piece by  Light and Ink above my mantel.

IMG_5619 with logo

I followed the same process to put together this piece however, I used trim pieces on both the front and back, top and bottom of print to give it just a little more polished of a look.

IMG_5616 with logo

I sandwiched the print between two trim pieces then attached a wood screw to secure the trim and print together.
IMG_5622 with logo

Had I framed this print it would have cost me a pretty penny because it is an unusual size and it would have had to be custom.
For under $10.00 I was to just use trim, a 6 screws, a couple of eye hook screws and some twine.
Tune-in to see what mood strikes me to change my mantel to next.

Hallway re-fresh.

This is a Sponsored Post by Medallion Rug.  All opinions are my own.

Happy 2015! I can’t believe we’re already a week in! Wasn’t Christmas just yesterday?
I always love the time between Christmas and Jan 1st. We usually go to grandma’s in Vegas and just hang out.
It’s the time where I relax, take inventory of life, dream big and make new agreements with myself.
Then we come back home and I start tearing the house up and plan new projects.

This hallway space has been bugging for the past 6 months:


Only thing is…it doesn’t look like that. It currently looks like this:


And right before I took this picture it looked even worse.
The entire hallway was dotted with picture hooks all over the wall.

The idea of a hallway picture gallery was a good idea in theory but not good in reality with a house of 4 rambunctious men.  The hallway is narrow.  It’s also a jet way for 3 little men who run as fast as they can, arms fully extended like wings of an airplane.  In addition to that, if a door gets slammed pictures fall off the wall and broken glass is everywhere.  As you can see more than half the pictures have fallen off the wall.

The hallway needs some sort of art and I think I have something in mind that should work.

Let’s talk about this rug runner:


I’m am loving jute rugs right now.
They just look good.
From a practical standpoint…meh.
They’re not exactly the most cushy thing underfoot.
They also shed. A lot.
In fact, when I first got it, it completely clogged up my vacuum and I had to take the entire thing apart.
It sheds less now but there is still a considerable amount fibers all over the place that I’m constantly cleaning up.

I’ve been working with Medallion Rug again to find an area rug that will not only be beautiful but much more practical.  You may remember I have a Persian Rug from them that is in my kitchen which I love…


Medallion Rug has thousands of area rugs, new and vintage, to select from but they also have out of this world customer service.
Most people need a rug to fit a space that isn’t standard measurements.
I told them the type of rug I was looking for by way of style, color and size and within a few days they’ve put together a personalized gallery with my specifications.
It couldn’t be easier.  Here are a handful of my favorites…

Option 1

Option 2

Which is your favorite?
Stay tuned for the reveal.

To see more of rugs from Medallion Rug visit their site.