Turning 3.

Happy Birthday B!

bodie birthday 4-18-14

Hope all your wishes come true (despite the candle falling over).

I’m raising people, people.

The other day I was asked what I did for a living.

My reply was a “homemaker and stay-at-home mom”.

I was surprised that I gave that answer instead of my other go-to answer which sounds way more glitzy and interesting.
I was also surprised that I was slightly embarrassed that I had claimed that as my job title…as if it weren’t credible or significant?
What’s with that homemaker / stay-at-home mom stigma?

As a homemaker and stay-at-home mom I manage finances,
Plan, budget, shop and prepare meals 365 days a year  for a family of 5,
I am an expert homework helper (and homework these days is tough),
I safely chauffeur up to 7 kids at one time all while staying cool and calm under absolute mayhemic circumstances,
I administer 1st aid at a moments notice without faining at awful, horrific sights,
I earn extra income by writing and managing a blog, as well as do real estate research,
I do the laundry of 5, mop floors, do dishes, scrub toilets, vacuum, dust…the list goes on.
Point: totally credible and significant.

If I get the list done for the day I feel successful.

There are some duties to the job description that you can’t plan for.
Things less obvious.

They entail stepping away from the to-do list and sitting down beside the child to marvel at the sight of the garbage truck arm flip a can high in the air, with ease and dump a week’s worth of trash in to the top.
Every. Single. Thursday.
It’s a job description duty that seems so easy but is so difficult because it requires presence.
Humans don’t do “presence” well.
Let the moments to be present pass and you’ve missed the whole reward and purpose of homemaking/parenting 101.

The last child syndrome.

This boy.

He can make a mess faster than the Tasmanian Devil.

Then he’ll give you THAT face.


The last child gets away with a whole lot more than the other children.

Perhaps because they’re your last baby…and you know you’ll never experience the Terrible Two’s in that way again.

This boy can be mischief but he can do no wrong in my eyes.

What can I say?

I just love him.

I’d buy him a pony if he asked me to.

*Yes, I cleaned and sanitized the sink previous to bath time.* :)