A “bring in spring” mini-room makeover.

A couple of months ago this spare bedroom looked like this.

Room before

Granted, this room is sort of the “dumping” room, BUT, it doesn’t normally look like THIS.
Betcha I could have told you this was a promo for the show, “Hoarders” and I’m sure you would have believed me.

My Mr. doesn’t get bugged by much but when he does, it’s an itch that he just has to scratch.
Everything you see here was stuffed in the bedroom closet and he had had enough.
He emptied everything out of the closet then it sat. Like this. For 3 weeks.
Luckily a friend called from out of town and asked if they could stay at our place while hitting the slopes for some of Utah’s finest spring skiing.
Nothing like the prospect of a visitor to kick your pants in to gear and get a room cleaned up.
My plan was to do a mini-makeover. Nothing too elaborate because I have big plans to turn this in to my son’s room in the next few months.
Just something simple and nice to hold us over and welcome spring skiing guests.

First things first, de-clutter.
We filled 8 bags to send to donation.
Next thing…hit the Home Depot for a few supplies.

I bought a sheet of mdf which they cut to my dimensions and some spring cleaning products to clean that room up.
Next, build a headboard.
I know, I know. This was supposed to be a simple, mini makeover.
Seriously, I put it together in less than 1 1/2 hours and would have taken less had I not got fancy with nail head trim.
It was super easy, trust me.

DIY Headboard 4men1lady
Supplies needed: MDF cut to size, 1×2′s cut to the perimeter of the board (optional), foam, spray adhesive, batting, fabric, staple gun, drill, screws, nailhead trim (optional).
1. I first purchased a piece of mdf from Home Depot and had them cut it down (for free) to 40 x 40 inches. I also purchased 1×2′s and had them cut down in order to run the length of back of the top and 2 sides of the board.
2. I glued the 1/2′s with wood glue then attached them to my mdf board with wood screws. (This is optional. I only did this to give my board the appearance of being a thicker depth).
3. Next I used spray adhesive to adhere my foam to the front of the board.
4. Lay a layer of batting over the foam and then lastly your fabric.
5. On the back side of the head board pull the batting and fabric taut then staple gun it right to the board. Work your way from the center out.
6. (Optional) I used nailhead trim that comes pre hooked together. I’ve also used individual upholstery nail head tacks but they take some learning to get them lined up straight.
7. Using a level, I penciled in a straight line as my guide. With the nailhead trim you only have to nail in every 5th tack.

IMG_1564 with logo
I set it right on the floor and squashed it between the bed and the wall.
It looked worlds better to have something to frame the bed but it still left a lot to be desired.
I could see it really needed a bed skirt…something I wasn’t planning on…remember this was supposed to be just a simple, mini-makeover.
I could have bought one but this was an extra-long twin and those aren’t very common to come by unless you go to a specialty store and spend a fortune. Luckily I had some left over linen fabric so I decided to make a lazy-girls, no-sew version of a bed skirt.

DIY Bedskirt 4men1lady

1. Measure from the top of the box frame to the floor and add 1 – 1/5 inches. Measure all the way around the bed minus the top length.
2. To hem your fabric I used this iron hem tape. Simply put it on the bottom length of your fabric.
3. Fold the fabric up over the tape and iron on the fabric side to adhere. SUPER SIMPLE!
4. Next, line up the edge of the fabric with the floor and staple the top of the fabric right on to the top side of the box spring.
5. When you place your mattress on the box spring you won’t even see the staples or be able to tell that it is stapled on.
What I’d tell ya? Lazy-girls way of making a no-sew bed skirt.

Originally I was going to hem the bottom of the skirt that touches the floor because it looked like this. As I looked at it closer I actually liked this edging and decided to just leave it as is. Less work and love the look…win-win!
The last thing needed to be done was some serious spring cleaning!
This is the only room in our entire house that did not have anything done to it since we moved in over 2 years ago. Original paint, original 70′s light fixture…you can guess it was a bit musty in there.

Bring in Spring
Using Bounty paper towels I wiped down ever single surface from the dresser, light fixtures, light switch, baseboards and blinds. Next I washed all the sheets and bedding and used Ultra Downy to make everything soft and smelling spring fresh. Lastly, I sprayed the room with Febreze to neutralize the air. Just cleaning it up alone make the whole energy of the room feel so much lighter and better.

The last diy project I did for this room was really fun…

Ski's Makover with logo
I found these old skis at a thrift store a few months back for under $5.00. I spray primed them then hit them with Apple Red paint for a fun decor piece.
Ready for the reveal?

I call it Ski-Chalet-Rustic-Chic.
Our friend who was coming to stay was from the desert so all this ski stuff is foreign and I thought I’d indulge her with it.
Spring skiing is the best right after a spring snow and people flock from all over the world to ski the Utah Mountain powder so I decided to go with that theme for this mini-makeover.

I’m quite pleased how the headboard and bed skirt turned out. Simple and not at all overstated.

IMG_1634 with logo
My mom gave me this expandable luggage rack that was a welcome addition for guest’s suitcases.

Stock your guest room

A few niceties to make our guest feel comfortable.

IMG_1644 with logo
Don’t forget to lay our a few extra blankets.

IMG_1622 logo

Now, more exciting news…The Home Depot, P&G and I want to help you Bring in Spring in your own spaces!


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For more ideas to Bring in Spring, visit Find it at the Home Depot.

*I received product and payment to write this post from the Home Depot.  All thoughts and designs are my own.*

Home Depot Patio Style Challenge Sneak Peak.

I could just sing with glee that spring is finally here-(ish)!
It’s supposed to get up to 75 degrees this week (which is the temperature I imagine Heaven to be set at all. The. Time).
I was just about to put my house up for sale and move back to Arizona but then the sun came out and all was right with my world again.

This patio has been the backdrop for quite a few parties.
There was this fun soirée, then an all boys party, we can’t forget this fun fiesta and then I did this project
After all the fun parties winter inevitably hits and our patio becomes a cold, barren wasteland where junk hibernates for the season.
I’ve been freezing my hiney off trying to get this eye sore of a patio ready for spring…

IMG_1465 with logo

I had a little help in the motivation department.
I’m participating in the Home Depot Style Challenge again…this time it’s all about the patio.
(See my Holiday Challenge Reveal).
I can’t show you the full patio reveal just yet but I can give you a little sneak peak tease.
4men1ladyThe full reveal is coming soon.
In the meantime, anyone else have any fun plans to decorate their outdoor spaces this spring?

Reviewing my own house – kitchen cabinets.

This week’s plan was to go through every aspect of my kitchen and give you a full review…
then I had a little procedure done…
which took me out…
so the Mr. took off work…
and mom came to help out too…
so I took full advantage of recovering in bed while catching up on episodes of Survivor…
it’s been great…
(except for that pesky recovery part).
No need to be alarmed, all is well and fine.
I’ll share the full scoop with you soon.

On with the kitchen review.
As a refresher, we’ve been living in our 1970′s remodeled rambler for a little over 2 years now. Monday I shared my thoughts on counter tops.
Today we’re talking cabinets.

The prospects of remodeling a house is exciting when you’re in the pre-remodel stage.
You think, “I finally get to use all the ideas of been pinning!!”
You jump right in to things, line up bids, shop for stuff, talk to contractors…then reality sets in…and your big budget you’ve set aside looks like chump change in comparison to your wish list.

When it came to cabinets the first decision was what kind of door style we wanted.
I knew I wanted clean lines and a shaker style door.
Then we needed to decide on a cabinet style. There are three main choices.

Inset: Doors/drawers are flush with the cabinet frame.
Full Overlay: A minimal gap of the cabinet frame is shown between doors. Doors/drawers are meant to fully cover the frame for a seamless look.
Partial Overlay: The doors /cabinets only partially cover the cabinet frame.

Hands down, my favorite look is the inset. It has such a custom look. However, after gathering bids they were also the most expensive because every drawer had to be custom cut to fit the opening. After all my research I soon realized we were on Ikea budget.

At this time a neighbor gave me the name of a cabinet maker she used with a warning that he was good but very slow. Our construction was moving at a snails pace anyway so I decided to see what he had to offer. “A” was a one man show who worked out of his garage. He had a pretty good portfolio and promised impeccable craftsmanship (I think, there was a bit of language barrier). He also promised that if anything went wrong he would be there to fix it right away. When I showed him a picture of what I wanted, which were inset cabinets. he said “no problem”. In fact, he said “no problem” a lot. And the price?? Same price as the Ikea cabinets! Sold!



Now what I learned about someone who says, “no problem” A LOT and has reviews about being slow is that you will spend a lot of time hounding them.

“No problem” actually means, “BIG problem”.

The other thing I learned…put down a deposit but don’t pay them a cent until the project is completely done. I mean every last hinge is secure.

“A” did really great work despite him being flaky but that flakiness was enough to hold things up and caused big issues. I think he also learned he’d never do inlay cabinets again without charging a pricey fee.


We’ve only had one problem with his work and that is he used a skin overlay on the sides of the upper side cabinets which has come off every cabinet side. His promise about coming back to fix any problem didn’t hold. In fact, he no longer answers his phone for anyone and his voice mail is full. Not a good sign. We really don’t know what to do about the problem. If we were going to properly fix it we would completely replace each skin. But then we get in to the tiling issues. We could just put some more glue to adhere it but I fear that would be a temporary fix. We’re handy but this is one job I’d rather leave to a professional which means “money, money, money, mo-ney…MONEY“!

On a different note we’ve had some other issues with the inset design of the cabinets (which is no fault of “A’s”).


If there is anything even slightly sticking out of the cabinet or drawer when you go to close it, it leaves big gashes in the frame. Fine for adults who can be careful but try telling a kid to be careful…never happens. That’s not just something that can be easily fixed. It’s pretty permanent.


As a result, we have several gashes in a few of our cabinet frames.

That last thing that is sort of frustrating about inset cabinets is that because the door is flush with the cabinet frame you loose about a half inch of depth space. You wouldn’t think it’s a big deal but that 1/2″ is just enough that full size dinner plates and other larger dishes won’t fit.

Another question we get a lot is how we like having our microwave down low?


We actually made a space for our microwave to fit in the lower island cabinet not because it functions best down there, not because of design element but merely because there was no other place to put it. I personally think the easiest place to use and access a microwave is right on the counter but it sticks out like a sore thumb as well as takes up valuable counter space. It’s been just fine having it down below. The boys can access it easily (with adult supervision, of course) and it’s out anyone’s sight line. I don’t love it, I don’t hate it.

As far as the white…it’s been tricky. You all know that I love white but it’s constant upkeep. My white sofas are easier to maintain than white cabinets. If you want them to stay clean you have to wipe them on a daily basis (which I don’t, which means they’re always something dirty on them somewhere). Because cabinets get so much daily wear and tear the paint is rubbing off in some places which means they’ll have to be re-painted soon down the road. Ugh.

Cabinet style: Wouldn’t ever do inset cabinets again. Next time I would opt for full-overlay.
Cabinet maker: Would use a well-known reputable company next time that warranties their cabinets and work.
Color: White has been tricky but I would probably paint only the upper cabinets white and the the lower cabinets a darker color.

What kind of cabinets do you have? Are you happy with them?

Read our review on Calacatta Marble and Soapstone counter tops here.