Revisiting the stair walls (again).

The shelves around the fireplace are finished, painted and 1/3rd of the way filled!


 I find myself gravitating more towards a minimalist look when it comes to my home, which this wall definitely was pre-shelves.  There’s enough junk-amalism that comes along with 4 boys that I need my decor not to add to the revolving mess.  Now that I have these shelves I’m trying to strike a balance between not junking them up with clutter vs. carefully curating them to look quiet, functional and interesting.  Make any sort of sense?

In other interior news, the walls going down our stairs are getting on my nerves (again).  Let me take you back through my journey of insanity…

4men1lady stairwell with logo At first the walls were stark white…too bland.
So then I went to the other extreme an added color. A bit too much color. This had Easter nightmare written all over it.
I then had to sand all the raised lips lines that the painted stripes created and repaint the wall. That was a lot of fun.
Next came the Birch Tree stencil in black. Wrong.
Alas, the Birch Tree stencil in gray appeased me…which is what it looks like today.

I’m always relieved when I see real life designers like Emily Henderson or Sarah Richardson have a vision, test it out, then realize it was a mistake.
This is apparently my “Test it out and that was a mistake” wall (for the 4th time now).
It was a fun fad but now I’m over it.
I want something fun there but not fad-ish.
A new banister would be nice too but for now, I think I’ll paint it and see what that does for me.

Here’s some inspiration that’s speaking to me from my Pinterest boards…






 I have planked walls all over my house and I love them.
If you gravitate towards minimalism but don’t want stark and cold, planked walls give the perfect amount of visual interest.

That’s what I’m leaning towards.
Now to break the news to the Mr.

New additions to the living room.

There just aren’t enough hours in the day.  Life around here has been adjusting to elementary school homework again, an exciting new job for the Mr., a not-so-exciting week long business trip for the Mr., me single-parenting it for the week, trying to catch up on that herringbone wall, dealing with the irrationalizations of a 3 year old, taking out my stress on the treadmill…and trying to enjoy the journey along the way.  I keep reminding myself that growth doesn’t come without transition and stretching.

In the meantime, I finding little pieces of Heaven rearranging furniture and finding snippets of time to work on home projects.


Progress has been happening with the fireplace shelves.


They just need a coat of primer, paint and books.


AND, a couple new accent table additions made they way to our house via The Company Store. Not sure where their permanent place will be yet but they are versatile enough that they could work anywhere.

The Company StoreI have a handful of go-to stores that I look at when I’m searching for just the right piece.  I’ve always thought of The Company Store as a place for bedding (which they have an awesome selection) but little did I know that they also have a fabulous line of home decor items as well.  I’m definitely going to have to add them to my shopping list resources.

Keep tabs on them by following them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Stay tuned!

*The Company Store gifted me this side table.*

Ch-Ch-Ch Changes!

Happy Friday Folks!
For being a short week this past week sure went by slow.
If you follow me on Instagram you’ve noticed that we’ve been up to quite a few projects around here.
Let me get you up to speed…

First up the master bedroom.  It’s almost done.


If you remember I fell in love with a wallpaper very similar to this but at $600. to do just one wall I knew that option was out.  So instead I had a custom stencil made.  You guys know I know how to stencil…I’ve used several of them in my projects. I tried rolling it, stippling it with a brush and even using a sharpie to fill in each one of the almost 100 dots on each triangle but the design was so intricate that the dots kept bleeding together.  I just couldn’t get a consistent look.  After 6 tries I threw in the towel.


I don’t accept defeat well.
On the flip side, I’ve learned if you keep forcing something that wasn’t meant to be it just backfires.
So I painted over the whole darn thing and went back to the drawing board.

Using a Sharpie marker to draw on your walls is becoming hugely popular all over the internet so I decided to give that a try.
Inspired by the tile design we did in our basement bath I decided to see if I could give that a try.



Time consuming yes.


This is where I die.
When I re-painted the wall prior to marking it up with a Sharpie I got the white paint wrong.
The shade was slightly more yellow than the other three walls.
Not noticeable in these pictures.
But noticeable enough for the Mr. to point it out.
If the Mr. can recognize a white paint shade variance then that’s noticeable enough to bug the critters outta me.
The creamy, yellow-y wall amongst three clean, white walls just wasn’t gonna cut it.


So I got the right paint and painted over the whole darn wall…design and all.
I’m a little insane.
I prefer to call it “particular, perfectionist or detailed.”
This morning I’m starting all over again and should have a final reveal soon.

In other news the leather sofa arrived!

DP0606201317072364M.tifWe ended up going with the Darrin from JC Penny.  I love, love, love it.  But there’s a problem.  Cue eye roll. The style doesn’t fit right with our living room.  As I looked at it I realized I was going to have to change everything else in the room (curtains, ottoman, chaise, side tables) to create a cohesive look.  I’m not up for that challenge right now.


I knew however, it would look perfect in the new basement living room.  So we schlepped  the thing down the stairs and tried every which way to make it fit through our small, 1970′s door opening.  $%#@! The dang thing wouldn’t fit!

So we’re sending it back…unless someone would like to buy it.  We actually got a “special” deal on and paid less than it was listed for.  But sending it back means we’ll have to pay a re-stocking fee, argh.  It’s currently listed for $2037. plus tax.  It’s yours for $1500.
*Update: Sofa sold.*

Last but not least…this wall is getting 5 new shelves.


Change is good.  Change is stressful. Change is usually worth it in the end. (Most of the time).

Stay tuned!