Brass plated stool.

A long while ago I found this stool at my fave consignment store.
At the time I didn’t have any particular use for it but stools can be used for other things besides sitting…side tables, plant stands…

It was in rough shape but I left it outside for several months and it rusted even worse than when I first brought it home.

2014-07-07 15.54.23

Not wanting to get rid of it but feeling like I kind of ruined it my dad suggested I have it brass plated.  He has had several plumbing pipes chrome plated to make closet rods because he hates the cheap plastic ones.

If you’re not familiar with the plating process…they basically take a metal piece, remove all the corrosion they can through an intensive, multi-step process, then they apply the finish through several other steps.  It’s quite complicated. I called around to several plating companies here in Salt Lake and got all kinds of quotes ranging from $70. – $200.  Still kind of expensive for an old rusty stool but I had plans for it in my bedroom makeover so I decided to give it a go and went with the cheapest bid.

Here’s how it turned out:

PicMonkey CollageQuite a difference.  I had considered spray painting it but you just can’t get that bright, mirror finish with spray paint.  There’s also no way I could have achieved that smooth and glossy touch.



If you’re interested in having one of your own furniture pieces plated I would Google, “Metal plating” and then your city.  Keep in mind, many metal plating companies don’t typically work with the general public.  Most work with larger companies who send them bulk items so finding someone may be tricky.

Stay tuned to see where it ended up in my house.

New pillows.

I have some news.
We bought a new sofa.
And it’s not white.
You remember the leather sofa roundup I did a couple weeks ago?
Well I pulled the trigger, and by trigger I mean clicked a button, and bought one of them…any guesses which? It will be here next week.

I’m sort of shocked at myself that I bought a sofa online. That’s like picking out a mattress without laying on it first. What if it’s totally uncomfortable and not like the pictures at all? Good thing there’s a return policy.

In the meantime, I had to take one more pretty picture of the living room sofa that we’ve had now for about 10 years.


My sweet mom / seamstress extraordinaire made these beautiful new pillows for our new bed.  One side is some green velvet I found in Tucson over 4 years ago.  The blue and white fabric I found here.  All the pillows in our home usually get collected and end up in one big pile on the floor to cushion the fall when playing Power Rangers.  So for a brief second they’re living on the sofa.


My boys have been well instructed on how to correctly re-plump then karate chop a pillow after playtime.

New sofa and bedroom reveal coming soon!

Chatbook photo albums.

Once in a while I get head over heels obsessed with something.
Chairs, drink carts, Ben and Jerry’s…
My latest obsession is a “Why didn’t I think of that?” idea.


Before I start to gush let me first start off by saying I am in no way affiliated or sponsored by them in any way.
Now that I’ve made that disclaimer, have you heard of Chatbooks?
They are the most quick and easy way to make a photo album EVER!

Back in the day, 9 years ago, I got bit by the scrapbooking bug big time.
I would paruse scrapbooks stores and buy pretty paper, tools, stickers, you name it. I even subscribed to a scrapbook magazine and would study page layouts till the wee hours of the morning. The funny thing is it would take me an hour to complete one page. To this day I have 11 pages made of my first son. I didn’t even make it to his first birthday before I realized how impractical it was for me to scrapbook.  The time, the mess, the storage space.  Meh.  I have no photo albums made of our family or my kids.

Until now.


I made these Chatbooks completely with my cell phone.  All the photos came from my Instagram account (which if you aren’t following you should).  The Chatbooks app pulled photos from my Instagram account then I selected which ones I wanted to be printed in each book.  It literally took me less than 10 minutes to compile and order 4 books.


These books landed at my doorstep Monday and my little men haven’t put them down since then.  They have loved looking through the pages and reminiscing.


And get this…each book is only $6.00!

I’m thinking about ordering a set for each son to take with them when they leave the house (when they are 40).  Or, how cool would it be to use as a portfolio of all your projects?

Each Chatbook is $6.00, 60 pages, 6″ x 6″.
How can you say no to that?