DIY 2-Toned Planter Basket.

Last week I revealed my boys bunkroom re-fresh.
One of the projects I did was take some baskets, apply some paint and use them as toy storage.
It worked out so well I decided to get another basket, do the same technique but use it for something slightly different…


This DIY 2-toned basket was a great, inexpensive alternative to planter.


First, use tape to make a line where you want your paint line boundary to be.
Next, take a paint brush and paint.
It helps to use a swirling motion to really coat all the nooks and crannies of the basket weave.
I used some left over old paint I had however, ACE Hardware is having a sale on their sample pints. Have them mix up any color in a pint jar for only $0.99.
You could paint 5 baskets with that $0.99 can of paint!
Once dry, remove the tape and you’re done.


If you’re going to use a basket as a planter, it’s very important to use a liner so when your plant drains it doesn’t seep water in to the bottom of the basket.  Also, make sure to pour out any water that may have drained in to the liner after watering your plant.  If you don’t, the water may get rotten after a while.  Believe me, you’ll definitely notice.


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Happy DIY’ing!

Boys bunk room makeover with ACE.

This is a Sponsored Post by ACE Hardware.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Every year the decorating Gods come out with a color of the year.
This year it’s Marsala…which, by the way, I thought was some sort of fancy cocktail drink…little did I know it was actually a color.
It’s lovely and all but it’s trendy. Next year Marsala is going to be “so 2015″ and totally out. That’s just what trends do.
Which is why I say skip the trends and go with colors you love, not just the colors that have been deemed to be the color to use if you want to be hip.

As you may know I am a part of the Ace Hardware blogger panel. This month we get to feature the Clark+Kensington paint line, as a part of Ace’s 31 Days of Color event. Our assignment was to use a shade of their paint to give an accessory, wall or entire room a re-fresh. I decided to challenge myself to give my boy’s bunk room a little more personality and life.


(Photo by Allison Bills).

Last year, we went vertical in there in order to make more room for them and their stuff.  The room has been pretty monochromatic with its use of white, black and gray.  I love me a simple color scheme but the two men who bunk here are larger than life and needed their room to reflect that.  What better color to introduce life and energy than yellow?!  And hey, let’s just say I know my way around the yellow block.  It was pretty much the primary accent color in our Arizona home.

Decoratin with yellow by 4men1lady

For this project Clark+Kensington Etruscan Gold was my chosen color. Etruscan Gold is today’s 31 Days of Color “Color of the Day.”


PaintChips_650x650_0006_Etruscan Gold

A little yellow goes a long way.  Fortunately, Ace sells color sample pints for only $4.99.  You’d be amazed how far you can stretch a 14.5 ounce can.  Now I have to be honest, I had actually never heard of Clark+Kensington until I familiarized myself with Ace’s paint selection. To my surprise the paint was very thick, I mean uber thick, and it applied very smoothly. All of this means good coverage and fewer coats of paint.

The first project I tackled was adding some Etruscan Gold to some baskets I found at Home Goods.  Every kids room could do with ample toy storage and these baskets fit the bill.  But, the plain-Jane baskets needed more personality than their original state.

Painted baskets

I simply taped a line where I want to section off the color and used a paint brush to add the paint.  Because the paint is quite thick, one coat did the trick.  Here’s a tip for assuring good coverage in all the nooks and crannies of the basket weave…use a circular swirling motion when applying the paint.

Next project, adding color to some framed objects.  I spotted these wooden feather darts on Dot & Bo and knew they would look great framed.  I found the frame at Home Goods, took it apart and painted the mdf backer board with my Etruscan Gold to really make the darts pop.


As you can tell from the first picture, my paint brush left some heavy brush marks. I didn’t want to invest in a little roller just to paint a few frames but I became worried after I saw the brush marks that I may have ruined it right out of the gate. Fortunately, the paint self-leveled and I was left with a smooth surface. After the paint dried I used a hot glue gun to adhere the darts to the painted backer board.

I did a similar process with these vintage arrows I found on Etsy. I shared the tutorial in a previous post.


  I didn’t want to paint the back yellow again so instead I used some yellow Frog tape, which I picked up at Ace, to incorporate a touch of my yellow theme.


The last project I did was simply painting some old frames with my Etruscan Gold…

Painted Frames

IMG_5700 with logo

Voila! A gallery wall of desert themed items we’ve collected over time.  You can take us out of the desert but you can’t take the desert out of our hearts.



 Now this room is no longer mundane monochromatic…





To learn more about Clark + Kensington’s paint line at ACE click here. You can also learn more about Ace’s 31 Days of Color – running throughout the entire month of March – by clicking here. Ace will reveal a new Color of the Day there every day (you can even enter for a free sample of that day’s color!), and if you visit you can enter for a chance to win a $10,000 paint makeover or daily $50 gift cards.

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Vintage Library Chairs.

I’m smitten with my vintage tulip table that I recently acquired from a Vintage shop.


 While I’m still in the process of planning out the re-finishing process I’m already on to what kind of chairs to pair the table with.

Our current table is traditional wood farm house table (still for sale by the way) which I paired with some very modern white chairs.

IMG_5535ps with logo

I love the mix of traditional and modern.  My style tends to be eclectic (although I hate that term.  I once saw a space filled with 80’s neon and traditional furniture which they called “eclectic”.  The space was so awful that it ruined the”eclectic” term for me forever).  Anyhow, I love the juxtaposition of different styles, colors and finishes coming together…eclectic.

This time I have my eye on some vintage library wood chairs.


 To say I’m on the “hunt” is putting it mildly.  I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with these chairs.  I kid you not, I’ve actually dreamed about them twice in the last 2 weeks.  Our neighborhood elementary school has them sitting in the foyer and I swoon over them every time I’m at the school.  Every time I’m at the school I profess my love for them to which I get the strangest looks, as I should, but I know would be the perfect pairing to my tulip table.

I’ve searched high and low for 5 of these babies.  Etsy and Ebay have a few in the $250. range EACH.  I could buy them new but then what’s the fun in that?  The worn arms and faded seats have a story and give them character (like lots of naughty children waiting to see the principal kind of character).

The law of attraction brought me to a Barnes and Noble bookstore the other day while I was waiting for my sons soccer practice.  I turned from the magazines and behold…


A whole row of these vintage beauties.  My heart began to palpitate. I immediately took out my camera and shamelessly snapped a picture (the poor guy at the end of the row obviously thought I was crazy).  After that I made a B-line to the manager and nonchalantly asked how I could get my hands on some of those chairs.  After a lecture on how those chairs came from the early 1900’s and how lucky the store was to have inherited them that conversation came up fruitless.   So now it’s back to the drawing board.  In the meantime here’s some pretty tulip table / wood dining chair pairings that I’ll be swooning over…


Anyone got a few vintage library chairs kicking around that they’d like to sell?

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