Breaking the rules.

When we moved in to our last home in Arizona everything was brand new but totally “builder beige”. Ripping everything out would have been silly so instead we filled it with lots of color, pattern and texture. Then when we moved Utah and had the opportunity to remodel our home completely to our tastes I knew I wanted a much “quieter” space. Little color, lots of white and classic lines were on the top of my list. Don’t get me wrong, I love my space but I’m finding that I’m longing for a hit of something…a pop of something…and little trendiness…something totally unexpected…

Nate Berkus

Paint the walls with chalkboard paint then add floor to ceiling art…that’s a statement!


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White kitchens are all the rage these day. In a sea of white, how do you add personality?
Although lovely, this kitchen might have been a bit lacking had it not been for that bold backslash.

When it comes to kitchen cabinets it seems like we’ve seen it all.
Use vintage hospital cabinets for kitchen cabinets? Now that’s a new one and totally unexpected!
urban grace
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When pink is used in a room other than a little girls room it’s quite unruley…and SO successful.
Sometimes a neautrally quiet room just needs a large dose of pattern to bring it to life.
Arwin Bascle Project1
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Nate Berkus


  1. I totally agree – sometimes you have to shake things up! Love the stainless cabinets in the kitchen (but of course, everything Erica/Urban Grace does is swoonworthy). Looking forward to seeing what unexpected touches you put in your own home!

  2. Guylaine Côté says:

    You are right, for someone who don’t have design graduation but in love with it ,we always ask ourselves if it fits the rules so we did not express ourselves… (sorry, I am not good for writing in english)

  3. Studio One says:

    ‘A pop of something’… I can tell it’s March. I distinctly remember reading your blog when you were living in Arizona and got a case of the winter blues, needing a pop of some color in response to the many months of snow. White chairs turned red and were placed in the area with the striped walls. It looked wonderful! That, too, was thinking outside the box and it was fantastic. Really, to think outside the box, you need only to keep in mind that ANYTHING that comes through the front door in your hand, other than your children, are really just raw materials waiting for you to give them definition. You will know when it’s right… you’ve done quite well at this thus far!

  4. Thanks for the inspiration. This post got me thinking about shaking things up at my place.

  5. I’m needing a change, too, and I hope you can help! I decorated my formal living/dining area in gray and yellow using your AZ bedroom as my inspiration. The walls are Granite Gray and I even have a yellow dresser in my entryway. I want to add another color(s), but am totally lost! I can copy other people’s awesome ideas, but have none of my own! :) Any suggestions?

    • April, It has been said that every room needs a pop of bright red…no matter what the color. A small hit of deep purple would really be on trend right now. But the best advice I can give you is to add what you’re attracted to. So many of us feel sort of decorating handipcaped that we tend to want to decorate according to what the experts suggest (I’ve even done that). But remember, true success comes when you break the rules. Bring in a color…look at it, feel it with your senses. Trust your instincts and decorate with those things that “speak to you”. Best of luck…I hope you share how the process turns out for you!

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