Best $30.00 ever spent.

  This year I broke down and bought an Elf on the Shelf.  How could I not after my boys kept coming home with the most magical stories about their friend’s “elves” popping up in different places every morning? What was I to say when they asked why no elves were coming to our home? Oh boy, I had to fight hard to hold back an eye roll. So a few mornings ago “Scritch” magically showed up at our house.  
And I had some very happy little campers.  As much as I loathed being one of the droves who has bought in to this trendy, holiday marketing scheme, little “Scritch” has been the best $30.00 ever spent.  
In case you’re not familiar with the Elf on the Shelf guidelines…
-He can hear us but he’s not allowed to talk back.
-He flies home each night to report to Santa everything he’s seen and heard (kind of creepy).
-Don’t touch him or his magic goes away. 
He’s become the most revered and feared person in our home.  
The other day I overheard an argument brewing in the other room.  
One boy told the other, “I’m gonna tell the Elf on you.”  
I don’t get half the respect that elf gets when the threat of being told on to mom is laid on the table.
I can’t tell you how much good behavior has resulted from the phrase, 
Do I need to have a talk with the Elf?
He might be staying year-round.

(Who’s got an elf story? Let’s hear ’em).



  1. I’m kind of happy to say that I bought our elf before he got into all the stores, it was still a well kept secret. My kids love it, my oldest was 6 or 7 at the time, now he’s 13 and he still likes the hunt of finding where “Elfred” is in the morning…our elf likes the same places yours does, and sometimes he has nothing to report to Santa and move everyday, a bit lazy if you ask me. I definitely don’t get overly creative like you see on Pinterest, we’re lucky if we remember to move him at all!!

  2. I think that, by far, is the freakiest thing ive ever seen. Being from the UK I have no clue what the Elf thing is… but if I woke and that thing had moved… id be traumatised… he looks scary! HAHA!

  3. When my kids were the age of yours (they are in their 20’s now) they got small stuffed animals from McDonalds kids meals. One was Babe (the pig from the movie) and friends. I would move Babe around every night in creative places and they were fascinated by it. I don’t think Babe reported to anyone however. They still talk about it from time to time and how they were convinced she was real.

  4. OMG, his expression is hilarious.

    My gf is doing this… I am quite impressed with all the scenes she has created for the Elf. Makes me chuckle.

  5. I’m with Nicola Thomas on this one, creepy. My kids to have asked about an elf because of friends but I keep telling them no! I might have to reconsider if I could get better behavior out of my three. And a clean room, I just might have to rethink this one :)

  6. Our favorite was the sprinkling of underwear on the christmas tree with the elf hanging from a branch – this gets a good laugh from everyone! Sneaky little Elf!

  7. I’ve been seeing this around but I didn’t know the story behind it. Thanks for sharing! I don’t have any kids yet but this would be something fun to do with the family.

  8. I have seen that elf all over pinterest and Facebook and I saw it at target but i’ve never stopped to ask or look up what the heck it is, although with the way I have been seeing it everywhere I figured maybe I should! That’s so funny.

  9. This is hilarious. I don’t have kids but my best girlfriend just told me about her elf on the shelf and marketing scheme or not this is an amazing idea to keep the Christmas greedies in check. I’m gonna tell the elf so he tells Santa. Brilliant!

  10. You got sucked in. :)

  11. We’ve had dear Elfonzo for 3 years now but this year our little guy secretly underwent major surgery. Head over to Pinterest and chekc out hacking your elf. It was so simple and only took me about an hour to make him totally bendable with Velcro hands. He’s so much more fun now! And yes, that little guy sure is powerful isn’t he?

  12. I don’t have kids, but heard all the elf stories in the teacher’s lounge at work. I talked some friends into buying one so I could live vicariously through their elf experiences. I had to buy myself one, just in case they don’t sell them anymore when it’s my turn with kids.

  13. Ha Ha. I do not have one. But You and many more have told me I need to go get one. I think I will!

    I am always threatening to call santa. But a elf in the house?! Someone is just brilliant out there. 😉

  14. We bought an Elf last year……After two days, my analytical and very preceptive four year old quietly told me that he “knew that the elf was totally fake” and didn’t really go back to Santa because he is “just a toy” but that he wouldn’t ruin it for the others. The others being my 6 and 8 year old who bought it hook, line and sinker.

  15. Cute post! I’ve seen them all around blogland and Pinterest. I’m still a bit astonished that one tiny little elf could cost $30.00! Who knew! :)

  16. I don’t think you got ‘sucked in’. I think you found yourself a very effective tool to keep children centered and focused during what is generally regarded as one of the most difficult and distracting times of the year. Warnings of ‘Santa sees you and he’s keeping a list!’ hasn’t nearly the punch of a little character who inexplicably moves about the house and ‘reports back to Santa’. If I were a kid living in a house with this crafty little elf, I would be towing the line like a little soldier to keep my act clean for the coming of Santa and his bag of gifts!

    Well done! He reminds me of a cat who has eaten the canary – full of guilty knowledge…

    Wishing you and your beautiful family a glorious Christmas – remembering the reason for the season.

  17. We jumped on board with the Elf this year too! My kids (especially the younger 2 boys) love it. Finding him in the morning is their favorite part of the day. The smiles on their faces each day as they discover his new, silly hiding place is worth every penny. This morning the boys discovered the “Scout” had toilet papered the bathroom. They laughed and laughed! :)

  18. We’ve had one for years. Our ten and seven year olds still love looking for him every morning. We don’t do any props though … too much trouble. The elf cones with a nice hard cover story book too. I find your blog hard to read on an iPad; pics are tiny and navigation is spotty.

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