Bathroom renovation reveal.

We have four bathrooms in our house.
I’ve shared our main bath and master bath with you…
the fourth bathroom will be revealed in a few short weeks…
today we are talking the third bathroom.
We’ve actually had this bathroom half-way functioning for the past two years.
The thing that hasn’t been functioning is that there’s been no vanity and sink.
The bathroom is small.
Very small.
We were going to put a pedestal sink in here but when it arrived even the pedestal sink was too big. So we sent it back and never did anything else further.
A few months ago I happen to be in a discount store and spotted a vanity for $90. It was the perfect color (white) and perfect dimensions.


The only things wrong was that it needed to be raised a bit with a kick stop (is that what they’re called?), it needed a sink and a counter (just the pricey stuff).

I bought a vessel sink online which I thought was perfect, but it ended up being too large. Then I waited too long to return it and I missed my return date window. Gah!



Who wants a sink?
$60. and it’s yours.
Email me (smhinckley at yahoo dot com).

The next hurdle was finding a counter top.
Granted, this was a small vanity and I needed a very small piece for my counter, but hot dang!
Stone counter tops are outrageously expensive!
Even just a remnant piece was enough to make me wait another 2 years so I could save up.
Then I woke up one night with the most brilliant idea.
You may remember several years ago I blogged about this old coffee table I found at a bookstore (of all places).


The top was a piece of Calcutta marble which I used and donated the base. I then placed the round stone piece  on an antique table in my old house.


Since moving it was collecting dust in the garage.

Ding, ding, ding!!!
Use that for the bathroom counter top!
I told you I was brilliant!

After calling around I found a fabricator who would cut it for me for $100.


I dropped it off and was told it would be ready in 4 days.

After two weeks of calling, no HOUNDING, the guy’s voicemail I finally drove my huffy puffy, angry self down to his shop to raise heck.
Apparently, I know how to make people fear me because  he said he’d get right on it while I waited (that was after he presented me with his 101 excuses). I ended up waiting at Target and buying all sorts of stuff I didn’t need to which I promptly went back and it was done!



IMG_0647 with logo

Because the bathroom is so small it left very little room for any sort of storage.
So we decided to make some more of my favorite wall shelves and hang them above the toilet.


Nailing 2-1×4’s and 1-1×2 from Home Depot we made the perfect little wall shelves.


A coat of spray primer and paint and they were done.

IMG_0668 with logo

IMG_0662 with logo

Using some pre-primed boards also from Home Depot we were able to make a frame for the bathroom mirror.


Just cut the top and bottom at an inward 45 degree angle then the two side pieces at an outward 45.  Glue then nail and you’ve got a frame.


IMG_0657 with logo

PicMonkey Collage

As this is a sponsored post, I can’t forget to mention some fab products…


I’ve stocked the vanity with Bounty paper towels (which makes cleaning up messes quick , Febreze (for when the lu gets smelling…eh hem…not so fresh) and Charmin toilet paper.
Funny story about the Charmin toilet paper. I’ve actually never used their brand until now and my son was using the potty when I happen to be passing by and he said to me, “Aren’t these wipes nice?” (referring to the toilet paper). Funny, he could actually tell a different. Apparently Charmin really IS that much more soft than the cheap, scratchy stuff I’ve been buying. I guess we’ll be making the permanent switch.


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*This is a paid sponsored post.  I was given product to review however all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. first, your bathroom looks great. I can’t believe that countertop is made from the marble you already had.
    for home depot, I’d use that towards new welcome mats and navy spray paint. not too exciting, but definitely some needs. thanks!

  2. I’ve got my eye on some power tools and that $200 Home Depot card would be gone before you knew it!

  3. I love your new bathroom that vanity looks wonderful. I have so many projects on the horizon and that $200 gift card to Home Depot would really help.

  4. Jennifer G says:

    What a great find on the vanity and the table top turned vanity top!! i need to get rid of my pedestal sink in master bath (who does that) and replace with a vanity!

  5. What a wonderfully resourceful idea! I plan to build an industrial bookshelf on casters to house all my crafting/sewing/art supplies. $200 to Home Depot sure would help!

  6. What a score for the countertop! That’s crazy you had to go through such lengths to get it done though

  7. We’re already planning on getting some stuff from Home Depot to make a soccer goal for our daughter, but this would also help us be able to make some more storage. We live in an apartment and I am tired of stuff just piled in places instead of in it’s own place, so shelves and cabinets would be awesome.

  8. I want to redo our bathroom and it’s actually the EXACT same layout and size of the one you wrote on today!

  9. I love how you reused that piece of marble! So fresh and it looks great! xo Kristin

  10. wow! absolutely beautiful! you have wonderful taste. thank you for sharing.

  11. Karlee Turner says:

    I’m so into white everything these days! My husband thinks I’m crazy because white and kids get a bad rap, but if you can do it, so can I right?!

  12. Karlee Turner says:

    I would use the $200 to makeover my master bath!

  13. Kristen F says:

    I love this redo…that piece of marble and the veining makes the entire bathroom so stunning! Gorgeous!

  14. Kristen F says:

    Oh and if I won $200 at home depot…I would be buying some lights! I can’t stand the funky ones in my rental!

  15. Looks awesome! Great way to “recycle” the old top!

  16. I would prepare a big boy room for my son.

  17. I love the bathroom, esp the tile and the new counter top. We built 6 of the same shelves this weekend. =)

  18. Such a cute bathroom, I loved how you made it work for your budget.

  19. I would redo our pink bathroom. We have pink wallpaper, pink sinks, and a pink tub. Its gotta go when you have a majority of boys in the house. :)

  20. Brilliant idea! My bathroom also needs an update and that gift card would be perfect!

  21. Selma Harris says:

    First want to say I love your blog. We will be remodeling our master bedroom bathroom this year and this post has given me some ideas! I love the look of it and I believe my hubby will also. Great thinking on the marble table turned countertop!

  22. A much needed lawn mower!

  23. Smart move with the counter top!

    I was curious to how you hang the shelves? I’ve hung the ikea ribba shelves which get screwed into the wall from the front, are these the same or hung some other way?

  24. I love the shelves! What did you use to hang them on the wall so they stayed flush?

  25. Love the bathroom. How cool to re-purpose the marble for your counter top!! Way to go!

  26. I would buy paint, paint and more paint!

  27. Love all your bathroom remodels! We bought a house that needs all 4 bathrooms redone and so far we are on 2/4…its a fun but frustrating process!

  28. Dee in BC says:

    I’d love to try to make a set of the shelves. a Home Depot card could make that happen.

  29. Using the marble table top for the vanity top was so smart! I love how it turned out.

  30. Very clever counter top! i love it.

  31. Finally another bathroom as small as mine…….I don’t feel so alone in the universe anymore! :-)
    Burning question – where do you have the toilet paper holder???


  32. I really, really, REALLY need to perk up my kitchen. It’s still sporting blue carpet. wah-wah. This would go to the kitchen fund and since it’s a gift card, it can’t be pulled away for yet another emergency. The bathroom looks great! I need a little vanity like that.

  33. Mariah S. says:

    $200 at the Home Depot would get wainscoting on my bedroom wall!

  34. I would fix up my laundry | mudroom. I need to redo the flooring and install a cabinet over my washer and dryer. It could also use a coat of paint.

  35. I love the idea for shelves! We are home (again!!!) today because of the snow and cold so this will be a fun little project for us this afternoon!

  36. Love it!

  37. Love the vessel sink! Too bad you couldn’t use it.

  38. Angelina Galloro says:

    What are the width of the shelves in comparison to toilet- about the same or smaller ?
    What type of wood ?

  39. Jen Woodard says:

    Buy a drill

  40. Funny about the toilet paper. My husband just commented this morning that Charmin is really worth the extra too.

  41. If I were to win a 200 Home Dept gift card, I would probably break down and finally buy a carpet cleaner instead of renting/borrowing one every couple of months. Living in an apartment, stains just start to creep though that you KNOW aren’t yours. Then add two dogs to the situation, and I think I have a valid reason to own one, haha.

  42. What a great use for that table top! Plus, I never thought to use those shelves above a toilet. Love it!

  43. Christi Boyd says:

    Love it!

  44. Kelly Lee says:

    With the extra $200, I’d finally make a headboard for my bed!

  45. I would get started on my own powder room project with $200 from Home Depot!

  46. awesome giveaway!!

  47. My outdoor lighting could use a facelift. I’m sure Home Depot could help me with that!

  48. awesome giveaway!

  49. I’d buy some wood and make those adorable shelves also! And some more materials for my guest bathroom renovation.

    I love how you recycled that bath counter top…. love it when you “SHOP” your own HOME !!
    I remember those ledge shelves you made before, I can’t remember how you mount them.
    THANK YOU and ENJOY your new bath, the config is JUST like our guest bath, gives me some IDEAS !!!
    Peace and Aloha~~~Janice

  51. We have a tiny bathroom just like this but minus the shower. Tiny, tiny! It needs an update. Thanks for the inspiration!

  52. Love the space–great idea to use the marble top!

  53. I’d love to update some light fixtures around the house.

  54. We need our bath renovated. The sink and base cabinet are really low. Oddly low. It’s weird ! I have to contort to brush my teeth.

  55. $200 you say? I would buy a paint sprayer!!! Or a miter box!!!! Or paint!!!! OK, I would buy a lot of stuff!!!!!

  56. Would love to have a chance to update my craft/guest room

  57. Organize my master closet!

  58. I would finish up our master bath!

  59. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I would use it to redo my kitchen floor.

  60. I’d make over my bedroom!

  61. I need new tile for my kitchen! Perfect way to,spend a gift card to HD.

  62. I would buy some things to get our garage organized… recycle bin, storage containers, etc…

  63. I love how you used the old table top to make the vanity! So smart! And I use the Charmine Strong (Red Package) at my house…LOVE it!! 😉

    Just stumbled upon your blog through Bower Power’s blogroll. Love what you have going on!

  64. Looks so great! I love when I have “light bulb!” moments like that :)

    I also love the floor in this bath!! Is it tile?

  65. L Robsinson says:

    I love the countertop – turned out great – I wish I had a piece like that sitting around in the garage – I could use one of those.

  66. Your ideas are great! Love the bathroom

  67. I’d love to try making the shelves! Great idea!

  68. Such a great salvage job on the marble! And a steal on that sink base too! Love the whole room.

  69. I’m new to following your blog, but love your small bathroom makeover. My comment for what would I do with a gift card to Home Depot – unfortunately, I’d need to be practically and put it towards a new snowblower or lawnmower – both of ours are on their last lets.

  70. We are also in the middle of a small bath remodel, those funds would definitely help buy a vanity! Love your shower, too!

  71. Paint, paint, and more paint…so much beige that needs to go!

  72. Love the new sink top! I would buy a chandelier for my daughter’s nursery!

  73. Jenna Pitt says:

    I love the marble countertop! It looks wonderful! And with an extra $200 to spend at the Home Depot, I would buy bathroom faucets and fixtures.. we are finishing up building a home and have PLENTY of things to spend it on! :)

  74. So smart to use that marble slab. Looks fabulous!

  75. LED downlights for our living room ..thanks for the chance.

  76. I’d use it towards our daughter’s room makeover!

  77. I am in the process of painting the entire interior of my house. So the 200$ would really help buy painting supplies!!!!

  78. I would love a vanity similar to yours!

  79. The bathroom looks amazing! I love all the white on white…looks so classic and timeless. One random question: where did you get the black photo frame that is up on the shelf above the toilet? Thanks!

  80. Shannon Rode says:

    If I won the home depot gift card I would buy paint and wood.

  81. This is a really great renovation for a small space. I love how you repurposed the marble tabletop for the vanity. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  82. lauren t. says:

    Such a cute vanity! I need a new vanity for a small space and have not found the perfect fit yet. it’s so frustrating.

  83. with $200 from home depot I’d work on updating MY bathroom!!!!!!

  84. Finally buy paint for all of the bedrooms that desperately need it!

  85. Betty Baez says:

    I would get a shelving system for my closet!

  86. Jennifer M says:

    I love what you’ve done with the bathroom! Using that old tabletop as a vanity was genius!

  87. Aaron Bean says:

    I would put the $200 toward a new vanity and mirror for my bathroom.

    I love that pop of green in the flowers in your bathroom. So nice!

  88. Love the counter top! Looks just like tile I picked for my vanity redo.

  89. Your bathroom looks fresh and fabulous! So clever of you to use the marble as the counter top. Well done, Michelle.


  90. I love this! One of the bathrooms in my house is almost identical to this one. Same layout and looks to be about the same size. The downfall for me is that it is my “master” bathroom. Oh well – I keep telling myself that I am lucky to have a “master” bathroom. I would love to replace the shower door and was wondering what kind/design you have? I currently have the kind with the sliding doors and the full metal surround including the metal towel bars inside & out. I’m not sure the previous owners measured correctly because the doors don’t open as far as they should (it’s a good thing I lost a little weight before we bought it :-) Anyway – I would be grateful for any advice you could provide.


    • Ours is called the full European style which has no metal anywhere except for the clips. A little water does leak out but I just wipe it up and it doesn’t bother me. I would rather see no metal. But, it’s not for everyone.

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