Basement bathroom reveal.

I’ve always said that projects take double the time and double the budget (sometimes triple or quadruple).
Case in point.
Notice these pictures were posted last summer and I’m finally ready to post the reveal of our basement bathroom?


The toilet flushes, the water is hot, no leaks, we’re in business people!
Drum roll please…


Yep, you’ll notice we went with a vessel sink.
After much discussion and helpful input from many of you it seemed the majority were not fans.
Seems the consensus was beautiful,=yes. functional= no.



Well, hey, sometimes I have to learn things, first hand, the hard way.
However, after living with it for a few short months I’ve really had no complaints.
I haven’t noticed any more splashing or clean up issues than what I experience with a normal under-mount sink.


Next item of business…the vanity (or lack thereof). I really wanted to try something a little different. I’ve always been a fan of the waterfall counter top. I first experimented with it in my kitchen and love the dramatic look. I decided to forgo the expense and look of a traditional vanity cabinet and just have the counter be attached the wall and floor. Being as this is a basement bathroom and gets the least amount of use it didn’t need to have a whole lot of storage.

The material is a wood counter from Craft-Art. (Chris and Julia have also used this in their kitchen with stunning results).


Craft-Art is an online company that sells butcher block cutting boards and made to order counters.
We gave them our dimensions and the counters arrived in a crate on our door step.
You may be gasping at the thought of having a wood counter in the bathroom.
Take a deep breathe…it’s more bathroom friendly than you might thing. I’ll tell you more about the process tomorrow.


One of the other things that I have always wanted is a wall mounted faucet. I can’t stand the hard water mineral deposits that build up at the base of traditional counter mounted faucets so since we were building this bathroom from scratch we went wall mounted.


I have LOVED this Delta Faucet! Sleek and stream-lined.


The floor and subway tile are from the Tile Shop.
I shared this before so I’m repeating myself but to make the herringbone pattern we took one subway tile, cut in half long ways, then cut both ends at a 45 degree angle.


Funny story (NOW that it’s all over and done with)…we had a professional install all the tile in our basement. We had two installers working on two different areas at the same time, the bathroom and the main tile which meant there was no coming down for periodic inspections. The next day when it was dry enough to walk on I tip-toed down and realized the guy installed the tiles the other way. I hemmed and hawed for a long time. When they came back I had a box of donuts and milk and asked if there was anyway he could pop it up and install it the other way. He kindly said he would try but would probably break the tiles (all the while I’m sure cursing me in his head) but he did it. My hero!


The other awesome feature of this bath is this In2ition Shower head by Delta Faucet.
It’s a hand held shower faucet and shower head in one. When you pull down the hand held, you still experience a shower from the top head.


After looking at it you may wonder how you can get wet by a vertical stream of water?
Watch this video.

Awesome right?!

Bathroom accessories are all Emtek.

4men1lady 3

I first used Emtek when we bought our front door hardware and have loved their product ever since. All bathroom hardware isn’t the same. Oh no, Emtek puts out some durable stuff.


So happy to be done and enjoying the new space! Now to get some art in there.


Subway Tile: The Tile Shop
Floor Tile: The Tile Shop
Wood Counter: Craft-Art
Trinsic Sink Faucet: Delta Faucet
In2ition Shower Head: Delta Faucet
Toilet: Delta Faucet
Bath Hardware Accessories: Modern Brass Line in Chrome: Emtek
Door Knob: Emtek
Paint: Pure White by: Sherwin Williams
Medicine Cabinet: Restoration Hardware
Shower Curtain in Graphite Linen: Restoration Hardware
Striped Hand Towel: West Elm

*I was not paid anything to blog about any of these companies. I was give product to use and give an honest review. Thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*


  1. Ugh. This is so good. That sink and countertop combo just basically solved all of my problems for one of our bathrooms. It looks GORGEOUS!!

  2. Hi Michelle!
    I’m loving this reveal and am pretty much in love with this hole space. I love the shower insert and the different tile layout – definite interest here. The vessel sink is just gorgeous! I’m pretty much in love with the door to the bathroom too! Love it all!

  3. Love the how you cut the tile for that shelf and the sink and wooden counter looks amazing!! xo Kristin

  4. In love with the waterfall counter. Who says you have to be practical all the time?…that just makes life boring. Storing this idea away for when I finally get to tackle our 100% mirrored guest bathroom. Yikes! Great work, Michelle.

  5. This bathroom is gorgeous! I love everything about it!

  6. So great!! I adore the set up of your vanity and await (anxiously) tomorrow’s post on the topic.

  7. Gorgeous! Love all the details (especialy the vanity and shower niche!). Where did you find the light fixture?

  8. I really love you cut out the herringbone pattern from standard subway tiles! We have vessel sink in our powder room, and I actually find it pretty functional. We have to wipe the splash off the counter from time to time but we do that with undermount sink anyway.

  9. Christina says:

    I love the color of the door! It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Is it urbane bronze?

  10. Wow! My (rental) master bathroom is totally jealous of your basement bathroom! Love it all, especially the herringbone pattern! Swoon.

  11. nothing better than a completely new bathroom. really love the waterfall wood countertop…so easy to keep clean…no hidden corners. lovely design!

  12. Stephanie says:

    AMAZING!!! When will the basement reveal be?

  13. I have never wanted to take a shower so bad in my life. Looks awesome!

  14. WOW this bathroom looks incredible! Just curious – how is the counter mounted to the wall? I’d love to do something like that.

  15. Hey it’s grea Michellet! I think the vessel sink just depends on what kind you buy, how well the faucet is connected to it, with height, etc. Some people just don’t get all the components in sync with each other.
    I LIKE IT !
    Also with a GUEST BATH, I think one should do something FUN ! It’s a smaller space, and you SHOULD have some fun and experiment. Great job! Always getting ideas from you …thank you Michelle……now onto dreaming about our 2 baths that need reno ! :) Janice

  16. I love it! It’s gorgeous! So clean, so fresh, so beautiful! You did an excellent job!
    I love the vessel sink. Can’t wait to put one in our master bathroom…

  17. This is absolutely beautiful Michelle! That shower head looks incredible!

  18. Looks great! I love the herringbone pattern. I did a whole wall like it with subway tile in my kitchen, which I love!

    You may have blogged about it once, but I’m wondering what the process is about having materials donated to your projects. I see many bloggers redo rooms, etc and note the sources and products but they never talk about the process of having sponsors contribute to the space. Will you ever write about that? I’ve always wondered how people go about doing that and think it would be an informative post.

  19. It’s Beautiful Michelle. Way to go! By the way LOVE the vessel sink on that wood. Simply Stunning!!

  20. That tile…love it! The whole bathroom looks amazing!

  21. this bathroom is amazing! I love it so much! we have that exact type of wooden countertop in our powder bath, and it’s been fine in a bathroom!

  22. I stumbled across this post from a l o n g pinterest session, (whew, you know how that goes) and it is just in time! I have a maple butcher block counter from our previous kitchen island that I wanted to repurpose as a vanity in our bathroom. JUST talked to the GC & carpenter last week about having it waterfall down one side by the toilet, and they were looking at me like I was crazy! So glad I found this picture – it puts my vision into print! (Now they just have to figure out how to support it from the wall…looks like yours is holding up without any bracing on the back wall?! Or does someone usually stand there and hold it up all day for a nominal fee :-)?)

    Beautiful, inspiring and drop-dead gorgeous!

    p.s. Love the knobs too and so wish they were in our budget. Supercool.

    • Hi Marisa,
      You’re so funny! Yes, I pay my kids $0.30/hr to hold up the vanity. They complain but I tell them, “No holding up my pretty vanity, NO DINNER”! That usually does the trick. :) So the real story is, my amazing carpenter installed the wood vanity top. He bolted it through the drywall to the studs in the wall from under the wood top then it is all disguised by the tile. He is seriously a miracle worker. When I came up the idea I really thought it would be easy-peasy. But it was much more difficult than it seemingly looks. The floor and walls were uneven which meant he had to shave and sand everything down in different places. It was much more difficult than to just put a traditional vanity in. He really had to fuss and mess with it to get it just perfect. Live and learn. Please share pics of what you end up doing! :)

      • Hey Michelle
        Finally getting some pictures of our bathroom and wanted to share but I am not tech savvy and not sure how to post in this reply. It ended up looking fantastic and I am so grateful for your post. Without it my contractor & carpenter would still be laughing at me…now they are just plain proud of their fine work on the waterfall counter! :-).

  23. we are planning a bathroom remodel and want a wall mount vanity faucet also. we were to l d it will require a cutoff valve below the vanity, in essemanicone ce requiring double plumbing. it doesnt look like yours has that..but I’m no plumber. So is that something you know about?

  24. Hi! Love your bathroom! Can I ask what color grout you used in your basement bathroom with the white subway tile?

  25. Looks so lovely Michelle! We are taking on a master bath project and am digging the sink you used, but didn’t see a source – any tips? Thanks!

  26. Michelle- I am trying to figure out what bath tub faucet that is. Do you remember the name? and the shower knob …is that the one that comes with the in2ition? THanks!

  27. Hello! LOVE your bathroom- we are renovating our basement- bathroom included, and I am doing a reclaimed wood vanity with white vessel sink- looking for one not too big so to not take away from the beautiful wood – yours looks not to big on that small vanity shelf- can you tell me the size of the sink? SO apprecaite it! thanks!!

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