I got a little carried away…15 minutes before church.

Keep the scissors away from me.


  1. CUTE!!! (and wow, your hair grows out FAST!!) You look great!!

  2. You look fabulous with bangs!

  3. You are absolutely adorable, beautiful! Great cut! Janell

  4. I really want to see that black and white room behind you in the picture! What’s on the walls???

  5. So stinkin’ cute!

  6. This is very ca-yute!

  7. They really look good, and I’m with Josh and Angela your hair grows really fast

  8. Love bangs on you!! Super cute, and you did a great job :) :)


  9. I have to admit. I’m kinda diggin’ it. Good cutting girl.

  10. you pull them off soo well! very chic!

  11. Cute! I love them.

  12. Super cute!!!

  13. You look fabulous!

  14. I love it. I keep going back and forth about bangs. Maybe one day I’ll just whack them too. So cute on you!

  15. Very cute!

  16. So chic. Love them!

  17. Great Job Michelle! I love them…. I love that you are a woman that isn’t afraid to change it up! LOVE IT!!!

  18. Love you in bangs, you look fresh and perky and very today!!! Cute, cute,kathysue

  19. You at you!!! Stylin’ with the bangs… cute!

  20. I am just dying to know where you got that stripped top! Would you mind sharing?
    I promise we won’t show up somewhere wearing the same thing, I live in Tennessee. HAHA

  21. You look so cute, especially for church! :)

  22. You look fab ! I’ve had those bang moments too, but those bathroom stripes? I’m smitten.

  23. Tara,
    The striped top is from Forever 21…one of the most annoying places to shop (boy I must be getting old) but once in a while I can luck out there. Thanks for the compliment!

  24. Your adorable whatever you do. :)

  25. I love it!! You look fab :)

    I always get scissor happy with bangs… it happens.

  26. First… super cute! I’ve done the whole cut-my-own-bangs thing and it NEVER turns out that cute.

    Second…How does it look with your hair down? I think we need another pic. Love it up, just wonder abt down!

    Your hair DOES grow out fast… I was still getting up the courage to get your last cut. I did good, 8″ off in all – but not quite there.

  27. So cute!

    Recently discovered your blog, it’s always fun to find another Arizona blogger. Your home is beautiful!

  28. Love the bangs! So cute!

  29. Super cute!!!!!!!!!!

  30. You look great!!!

  31. They look lovely!

  32. Hey Michelle, who’s that gorgeous chick in the mirror???

  33. Love it!

  34. Love the new look. Hope you got a great reaction at church.
    Speaking of haircuts and stripes, this reminds me of a time when my husband gave my long hair a trim. I was wearing a striped top so told him to just follow the stripe. Unfortunately my top wasn’t sitting straight….good times.

  35. Bangs suit you so well! I love them!!!

  36. You look great. I love bangs

  37. I have such hair envy!!! Love it!

  38. Wow, Coming from a hair dresser you did any awesome job! Looks great, but you always look great:)

  39. You look great with bangs… after my divorce was final… I cut bangs too! Vicki

  40. Thanks Michelle! I’ll have to go browse through and see what I can find.
    And I can’t believe that I forgot to say before but your hair does look super cute! I think I was so focused on that top that I neglected to compliment on what the post was about. 😉

    Love your blog!!!

  41. LOVE IT!

  42. Perfect! If that had been me i would have mad a mess and missed church!

  43. I think they look great! Now how do you get your pony to look so cute with that bump? I cannot accomplish that look to save my life and it’s so darn perfect! Tell me, please!

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