Bags under my eyes.

Am tired, very tired.

Almost got to go New York City this week.

Been working on an exciting project, mum’s the word.

Unrelated, anyone know of a good contractor or handyman who can do any sort of house renovation in Salt Lake City?


  1. Randy. But he’s down in Castle Dale for the next year or something…

  2. Get some rest! Can’t wait to see your surprise project!

  3. Mum’s the word? You are totally doing something for tv…I think. ; )

  4. Hey Michelle, is the project for your dad? If so, what does he need? We probably know someone in every area.
    Let me know!

  5. Just found your blog and I’m instantly obsessed! About the contractor… you should ask my friend, Caitlin, at She’s an interior designer in Salt Lake City and I’m positive she’ll know someone great and affordable. Good luck!

  6. Hummm, Michelle, you got something cooking, What is it?

  7. My dad. He lives in Idaho but has gone to Salt Lake for jobs before. He did our bathroom and it’s the only time I’ve ever gotten EXACTLY what I wanted from a contractor.

  8. Sleep! We had someone do some great work for us. He is a contractor, but his real love is carpentry, especially unique or old houses. He knows everyone and could put you in touch with someone if he is booked up. He’s based in Provo, but routinely goes to SLC and beyond.

  9. Hi Michelle
    I found your blog through Kirsten with 6th Street! She has been helping me with my house.

    Your looking for a great contractor in Salt Lake City – I work with my brother who is a General Contractor and we do would love to help you out! We do any type of construction – renovations, single family, multi family, custom homes, etc…. I have remodeled parts of my home with my subcontractor base.

    You can email at for more info. No website, but I am working on a blog..not up and running yet.


  10. Hey Michelle! I’m not exactly sure what you are looking for, but Chris could probably help you in the rennovation arena. His days as a Construction manager left him with oodles of contacts and subs to work with! Have Jake give him a call or email him.

    New York?!? Can’t wait to find out what is up your sleeve.

    ps- your new bathroom is to die for. You are one talented lady!

  11. i know two AMAZING people.
    jake fugal.
    russ frame.

    email me if you’re interested!

  12. I know a wonderful general contractor in Salt Lake City. He does amazing work. He does everything from remodels, homes, commercial, new… you name it. He works with great designers and has the best contacts in the city.
    Let me know if you’d like more info. Email me at
    I love your blog by the way! Thank you!

  13. Call Eric with E&R Construction – honest, hard working and great to work with. They’re located in Salt Lake City and are licensed and insured. They do renovations, condo conversions, additions, you name it. or 801.243.5741.

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