A backyard bash.

The Mr. blessed our littlest man at church this past Sunday.
Afterwards we hosted our family for a luncheon on the back patio
(since the house is in a state of serious construction).
We spruced the patio up as best as possible
so hopefully people wouldn’t notice the peeling paint falling off the ceiling. 
We started with this:
We unpacked a few boxes stashed in the basement storage and came up with this.
The refinished table looks great thanks to Natalie.

Erin, from Designer Blogs made up these labels for me. 
She sent me the PDF then I printed them.

The star of the party missed the whole thing.  He did however, wake up in time to supervise clean up.

For a list of shopping sources see here.


  1. Everything looks so beautiful!

  2. beautiful job, LOVE the milk and cookies. The pic of the little man in the bumbo is PRICELESS!!!!!

  3. Your party looks like it was amazing! Everything turned out so pretty! Quite the transformation of the space, I love it!


  4. Aww, he’s adorable in that last picture. You did a beautiful job -I adore the milk and cookies!

  5. Honestly. You’re life is in boxes and your house is being renovated and you come up with a party as awesome as that? Well done Michelle. Love it all! The milk and cookies idea was adorable!

  6. My favorite decoration is the baby glued into that blue thing, chillin’ on the table.

  7. Mrs. EJ says:

    Very nice last minute party! Where on earth did you buy the milk bottles? I’m thinking of a milk and cookies party later in the year and think this would be adorable.

  8. Well done…everything looked so chic and pretty. And nice touch to add the mirrors (great way to save money on party decor)! Congrats, he’s such a cutie!

  9. The set up is perfection! And nothing beats a baby in a bumbo!!


  10. WOW I love how you set everything up! Your little guy is adorable! He looks so much like his older brother.

  11. Fabulous!! Where did you get the drink dispensers?

  12. Holy cow! Impressive party, Lady!

  13. This transformation is amazing! Love the milk and cookies!

  14. everything looks gorgeous!!

  15. Gorgeous! What a beautiful display. Love the bumbo pic at the end. So cute.

  16. I love baby blessings! Everything looked beautiful. Congratulations! Hope you’re enjoying your new home.

  17. Michelle, it looks like you had a wonderful day. Good to see Sai could be there. She is so sweet and loves to brag on her family. Can’t say I blame her. :0)

  18. adorable! and seriously, GENIUS with the jars and food, as well as the milk bottle/cups… care to share where you got those bottle/cups and your drink dispensers? (i LOVE that they are on pedestals!)

  19. welcome to the christian world baby! HE IS ADORABLE!

  20. Look gorgeous!
    And he’s such a cutie!

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  22. oh my gosh!!!! LOVE this!! Please tell me you submitted this to Hostess with the Mostess blog! Its exactly what they are looking for! http://www.hostessblog.com/

  23. It looks great. I love the labels, mirrors, table well just EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

  24. How fantastically fun!!!

  25. Wow! did you do this yourself? Man you are SuperMOM!!! Beautiful and beautiful baby too!!

  26. I absolutely LOVE this set up! And the milk and cookies idea…Fabulous! I am now considering that for my little man’s birthday party; how fun! Everything looks great; you did a fantastic job!

  27. Of course, it’s all beautiful! LOVE the milk and cookies. And love the idea of putting the salads in the jars with lids–keeps the flies away–genius!

    BTW, my Bomb Pops arrived today…I feel like I hit the jackpot!! Will blog about it soon!

  28. Wow!!! This just looks incredible!! I am absolutely impressed with everything you can do while still moving in, having a new baby and 2 other little boys and hosting this magnificent party!! MAJOR props to you!!

  29. Every Detail is absolutely Fabulous. I adore your style, and can’t wait to see what you do with the new house!

  30. It looks amazing! I really like the creative way to serve fruit and salad. So smart!

  31. WOW….everything looks great. Love the last pic ~ sooo cute.

  32. You always amaze me! It was so beautiful

  33. Great job on the decorations and the picture of Lil Man in his chair is PRICELESS!


  34. Congrats to you and your family!

    What a fun party!! :) I totally forgot about the cookies on the straw thing; one of our favorite places (Potbelly) did that with their malts.

  35. I love how you pulled sources from others and spotlighted their talents! I think it al went together splendidly! Wonderful job.

  36. GORGEOUS!!!! Nicely done! Can’t wait to host an adorable party like this!!!

  37. you are so clever – it all looked absolutely amazing.
    love your style.
    cheryl xox.

  38. Awww…love the last picture! My son is just starting to use that chair now and everytime he sits in it he looks like he’s in a horse saddle. Love it!

  39. I love it! Any details on the food and beverage labels you used?

  40. OMG seriously just adorable!! Everything about it is wonderful!!

  41. You’re amazing! I don’t how you could pull off such a good-looking party so soon after baby #3 and a move! (And in the midst of renos.) Totally in awe.

  42. LOL supervise the cleanup. OMG are your amazing or what? that was a very gorgeous throw together, labels and all. I adore those glass jugs? I need one!

    A Girl’s Next Best Friend

  43. congrats for; the baby, the first, the party, is the most niceee.
    kissesss pretty!!!

  44. Where did you get those cute labels? Absolutely adorable party!

  45. I am sort of dying over this party. Do you mind if I share in on my blog? let me know! :)

  46. Everything is gorgeous and that last picture is so adorable!

  47. I’m having a heart attack over this set up. My boys turn 2 and 3 in like 2 weeks and I want a cute party for them so badly. I saw this and LOVE it! Thanks for sharing!

  48. Would you please share where you purchased the milk bottles?!?

  49. Darling. I love that last picture especially.

  50. your salads in jars were posted on pinterest! what a cute set up!! love the drink containers, just bought one similar at safeway but yours are cuter!

  51. lovely! God bless your family and new baby! i love the party area you created and soo wanna copy the food in glass jars. not only is it unique it also keeps bugs out of the food during and outdoor party. i bet thats one of the reasons you did it, you seem to always think ahead.did the salt water taffy jar come from homegoods too or walmart? i just bought an orange glass drink dispenser tall rectangular shape with a gold nozzle that resembles a vintage skeleton key. but yours just made me feel mine isnt sooo cute anymore! that table is beautiful- lovin them chunky legs! the lil mister mister is adorable himself!

  52. Anonymous says:

    How beautiful! Where did you get those amazing oversize jars for fruit salad and lemonade canisters?

  53. jennifer says:

    where did you find the jars or the salads? love that idea…

  54. really gorgeous party! How do you find the time? Many Blessings to your little ones!

  55. How fun! Thanks for the post on where each item was found and LOVE the last photo!

  56. So clever… I just adore the mirrors outside!

  57. Anonymous says:

    just a small word of warning with the bumbo chair…im a paramedic and I have responded to call where a small infant was able to get out of this chair and fell off the counter..FYI…they are squirmy…

  58. LOVING this backyard party!!! I posted a link from my blog to yours showcasing your salad and cookies and milk. Too cute!


  59. Such a cute party! Can I ask where you found your drink dispensers and the glass salad containers? You have such fabulous ideas!


  60. Where did you find the jugs that you put the straws & cookies in? I have been looking all over for some.

  61. Anonymous says:

    Love the drink dispensers! Found them online at http://www.wineenthusiast.com/pedestal-beverage-dispenser.asp

  62. Hi, can u please email me where to get the salad jars & milk jars? Thanks.
    Kessler51@ optonline. Net

  63. Anonymous says:

    What size are the glass container the salad is in? 1 gallon or 2gallon??

  64. This party set-up is adorable. I hope you don’t mind that I shared one of your images on my blog today over at I Love Farm Weddings. Your salad jug idea is perfect! Beautiful party for your little man!


    Here’s the link to my post:

  65. What a beautiful idea bringing the indoors out. The food and drink looked absolutely delicious

  66. Wonderful party ideas, I especially adore the milk bottles with cookies! Featured this post (just a thumb with link here) as Article of The Week, hope you don’t mind.


  67. Wonderful party ideas, I especially adore the milk bottles with cookies! Featured this post (just a thumb with link here) as Article of The Week, hope you don’t mind.


  68. Wonderful party ideas, I especially adore the milk bottles with cookies! Featured this post (just a thumb with link here) as Article of The Week, hope you don’t mind.


  69. Wonderful party ideas, I especially adore the milk bottles with cookies! Featured this post (just a thumb with link here) as Article of The Week, hope you don’t mind.


  70. What a fun idea! Can you tell me what size jars you used for the salads?

  71. Oh it all looks so lovely! I shared your idea with the salads in jars on my blog today. Very clever! http://www.vixenmade.com/2012/09/10-clever-party-ideas.html

  72. kathleenpearson2013 says:

    Could you please e-mail me where you bought the salad jars and the milk jars?
    Thank you so much.

  73. Beautiful presentation! Thanks for many great ideas

  74. LOVE your ideas, especially the fruit and salad in the jar. Definitely creative, did you use thongs or a big spoon?

  75. Can anyone tell me what type of cookie that is on top of the milk jars? I all because I used to eat it a LOT a kid and I didn’t think they still made them!!!


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